Day 57oflockdown

Cigarette and alcohol sales may remain banned until 2021 - FMF CEO

Smokers have been warned to prepare to pay up to R200 for a box of cigarettes, as government looks set to extend the sales ban on alcohol and cigarettes beyond level 4.

2020-05-22 05:05:00 PM

Smokers have been warned to prepare to pay upto R200 for a box of cigarettes, as government looks set to extend the sales ban on alcohol and cigarettes beyond Level 4. | Day57ofLockdown

Smokers have been warned to prepare to pay up to R200 for a box of cigarettes, as government looks set to extend the sales ban on alcohol and cigarettes beyond level 4.

Durban - "Don't expect tobacco sales to be unbanned before 2021."This is according to Free Market Foundation chief officer, Leon Louw, who said talk of the Covid-19 pandemic being around for the next few months could mean smokers should prepare to pay up to R20 for a cigarette or R200 per box in the black market for months to come. 

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"Indications are that the ban on the sale of tobacco products will be extended beyond Level 4 of lockdown and into Level 1," he warned. Calling the tobacco ban "rushed and ill-conceived", Louw said the law of unintended consequences was at play. 

"As at the end of April, Treasury has lost in excess of R300m in excise duty from tobacco products, the illicit trade has been handed the market on a plate and is charging extortionate prices. People have not stopped smoking. Government has turned 11 million smokers into criminals overnight," he said. 

He said the significant results in combatting the illegal trade have been thrown away. "The future looks bleak for the legitimate industry including all of the informal traders and small retailers who rely on tobacco sales to make a living. This will be very difficult to combat in the future. The illegal tobacco trade has cost South Africa more than R40 billion in lost taxes since 2010," he said. 

He questioned claims that tobacco products increased the spread of Covid-19."Where is the evidence that tobacco products increase the spread of Covid-19, or why tobacco products are singled out when other goods are shared such as food, drinks or communal toilets? Why aren't they banning sugar since studies of Chinese Covid-19 patients shows that the death rate was three times higher in patients with diabetes?" he said. 

Recent research by UCT's Research Unit on the Economics of Excisable Products has proven the majority of smokers in South Africa continue to purchase cigarettes under the lockdown, and that they have simply switched their buying behaviour from law abiding, tax compliant shops that employ vast numbers of South Africans, to the illegal market, and often travel long distances to procure illegal products.

South Africa is only one of three countries in the world to have banned cigarettes during the pandemic, along with Botswana and India. According to Louw, the government has yet to provide evidence to suggest smoking has any impact on Covid-19. 

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"The World Health Organization has not released evidence or data on how smoking impacts the virus and has not taken a position on whether countries should ban tobacco sales. Even if certain studies attempt to make a connection between smoking and Covid-19, why haven't other countries followed their advice and banned tobacco?

"It appears that government has ignored the advice of its own Medical Advisory Committee. So what is the source of their advice? The public - smokers and non-smokers – have a right to know," Louw said. He added the government was also ignoring the mental health aspects of a sudden withdrawal of nicotine, which are well documented. 

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The govt has lost the plot here. These old ministers must retire now I can't understand their logic. Democracy is dying in a ditch somewhere in CPT Abramjee what the govt doesn’t realize when ban is lifted those that hv been smoking illiegal cigs will carry on as they will b cheaper and easy to get now that loophole is found. Money is tight so why pay R50 when u can pay R10 for cigs... govt is bunch of fools!!!

We are heading for big trouble in the country. South Africa a ticking time bomb. We are not going to buy. Will stop smoking Ba a pota jwale. Ba batla re tsube eng? Only country that has these rules.....communist at its highest Soon they will have 11 000 million illegal smugglers on their hands............

Fuck DlaminiZuma and Cele Only so Zuma can make more cash I can't say what I think, my language usage would be too rude... But that wasn't the initial agreement SA must be the only country that have banned cigarettes & alcohol during lockdown. Important revenue in a pandemic. Its utter madness GovernmentZA tito_mboweni CyrilRamaphosa DlaminiZuma DrZweliMkhize RonaldLamola MbalulaFikile zsaul1

True Story . Some white dude in our town has a drive thru selling Remington Gold🤣🤣 doesn't ask too much questions, just asks 'how many cartons?' baymenh Where? cheepest i find is 700 a box /carton Kak ⚠️ We have civil disobedience now, soon to evolve into more serious conflicts, should these irrational undemocratic laws not be lifted and the people of this country treated with respect as adults. Civil unrest is to follow not sure how you will be able to handle that

Kkkk so the government must not follow the rules because of illegal sales why are they not arrested like those that are selling expired goods This is bull Who warned them Warned by who, we will not allow this any further, its time the people stand up and fight for their rights, warning se masepoes Government hmm you mean Zuma Mazotti. Amalgamated and Cele

Ban cars, sugar, junk food as well. People share cool drink, chips and sweets. There's no logic to this. I've seen people share weed & cigarettes during Lockdown on roads. The very thing this was meant to stop. This a political and financial issue. Correction not Government but DlaminiZuma and Bheki Cele

CyrilRamaphosa tito_mboweni Ooh jinne, u guys want an uprising it seems like it. Hope u goverment people are ready hey! U proclaim to investigate internationally,if u did u would come accross countries who don't hav a ban who also has a large smoking population...just saying... Uhm... They were paying twice as much for a carton in the first week of the cigarette ban. I feel like you're getting your Breaking News from Facebook 🙄

maggsnaidu The fun will be if all smokers only by illegal smokes for 6 months after its legal to buy smokes. Can see the financial situation of the country screwed up even more TB has been around much longer than any disease and also effects the lungs but no cigarette ban....covid comes and suddenly there is a ban on cigarettes🤷‍♀️ oh wait only now someone stands to gain financially from illicit trade and they are in a position now to call the shots😱

maggsnaidu Fuckem Some people regard Cigarettes and liquor as more important than FOOD and Human LIVES. GP_CommSafety The more we pay is less money for food just lift the f$ing ban on cigarettes WAKE UP I'm quitting We will also begin to see Cigarettes Hijackers. No Nonsense Cigarettes Minister. Once you allow cigarettes to be sold and it becomes expensive,then we will start burying people killed because of cigarettes,you are importifying cigsrettes unnecessarily.

That would be good, my little boy will never get to taste that rubbish. Make alcohol and cigarettes most expensive CyrilRamaphosa PresidencyZA I see marikana season 2 This is the biggest lot of kak i have ever seen. This country will burn watch it. Start with the police stations because they are the real criminals in SA. I will not bow to CommunismKills or SocialismKills. Finish and klaar

its the anti christ criminals Good news. 👏🏽 We lead by useless cunz we well aware of this They don’t mind. I love all these people cheering this, as if its about smokes and alchohol. This is about a gvt that is removing your right to choice. Will you still be cheering when they band fast food because is causes comorbidity symptoms, or soft drinks. Wake up and smell the marxism

I see retrenchment's here Why does developed white first world countries not have a ban like this. Is it because they have competent ministers. Tell us CyrilRamaphosa DlaminiZuma Can’t we create a class action lawsuit against these dicktators? 😂😂😂 Cigarettes & Beer must only be allowed at Level 1. I personally miss alcohol, l miss my cigarettes, but l can sacrifice other people's live because of my selfishness

N what d government fail to understand, smoking and drinking didn't stop because of shutdown, some people opted to own brewing n illicit cigarettes made boom shame this politicians never had toys as kid to play with now they think authority is a toy, even if it is used badly Se poes we want our legal cigarettes

At some point you know, life has to go on right...!!! Do they know that they are missing out on tax income This would be suicide for the economy. They have already enabled the illicit market. Crazy! Please let the old people go on pension Mr President what have you got to say about this because it seems that Mrs Zuma have more powers than you

They dont care about lung cancer We on survival mode so cigarettes and alcohol are non-essential things and should be not sold until the covid19 ends So I'll Happy person if the continue to ban these two The ANC is making ALL black market sellers of booze and smokes MULTI BILLIONAIRE'S by Christmas !!!

bhekiceledlamizuma we are led. Fight against covid 19 needs sober people We will pay anything ....we are not your puppet dlaminizumamustfall Motivated that a fictional 2000 people submitted they wanted this ban. She can't even prove her data on this. Now listen to a couple more citizens, tax activists and economists. Allow legal trade and focus on the bloody pandemic.

People are going to start protesting and mess infrastructure if you treat them like kids. I have not smoked for 5 years but this is taking it too far in a democratic society. Court cases galore going forward. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO HUMAN RIGHTS?!!! I have the choice of what happens to my body, not the government's.

Who warned them about the price & where will they buy it cos the sale is banned? how this democracy working out SA It’s a numbers game: Well if y’all don’t die from virus at least poisonous cigarettes will do the trick🏃🏿‍♀️ Riots are going to happen Sy is fokken gesuip,en heel befok in haar kop That's absolutely ludicrous. There is NO JUSTIFICATION whatsoever to continue imposing the ban for a prolonged period of time.

Why is it starting to feel like they are pushing for riots... Because they can quash the uprisings and institute military takeover? I am sorry but the ANC have totally lost the plot with the alcohol and cigarettes !!! Certain ministers are pushing hidden agenda's !! 11 Million smokers are now criminals and “only” 19 000 prisoners are released. bhekicele_com where are you going to put them all ? By the way minister what are these prisoners doing to earn a living after release ?

dramadelinquent are you reading this my friend, I think I'm gonna die of depression, poverty or smoking rooibos 🤦‍♀️ Fuuucccckkkk thatttttttt🤣🤣🤣 Fuck some ministers are making real money😠

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Bheki Cele tight-lipped on unbanning alcohol, cigarette salesPolice Minister Bheki Cele says police will request receipts from people found smoking cigarettes in public and has remained mum on alcohol and cigarettes being sold legally during level 3 lockdown. | Day57ofLockdown Here's a bright idea for you MYANC - ban smoking in public until level 1, and make sales legal again- now you're going to spend man power on checking for receipts Unbelievable So if one bought enough before lockdown, you can’t carry it without proof of purchase? And what will happen if they don’t have receipts?

Dlamini-Zuma pushes for tobacco, alcohol ban to continue until Level 1 lockdownCooperative Governance Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma has told the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) that the sale of tobacco and alcohol should continue to be banned until the country reaches Level 1 of the lockdown. Gogo doesn't play.... SA is terrorised by an old bi**h... why don you give her a ventilator and sent her home! Somebody need to give this gogo a dick Rubbish

Informal traders join call for unbanning of cigarette salesThe South African Informal Traders Alliance (Saita) and a tobacconist have warned that the ban on the sale of cigarettes is fuelling illicit trade. CigaretteBanMustFall dlaminizumaMustFall Government should use brain if they have!!! Impose 3 to 4 times taxes instead of banning

Manufacturers can't produce, sell bottles to alcohol producers due to liquor banWaste pickers and glass recycling companies are facing the risk of collapse as the ban on alcohol sales continues. TheStar_news TheStar_news I feel bad for waste pickers who's real jobs are taken by illegal foreign nationals. TheStar_news Because they weren't on the brink of collapse before TheStar_news As predicted, the knock on effect of ill conceived regulations will hit the most vulnerable in our society the hardest. The poor.