Cici talks post-baby body, says she ‘resented’ hubby while she exercised

“I resented hubby because I had to do all the hard work after “WE” had a baby.'

2021-07-11 03:03:00 PM

“I resented hubby because I had to do all the hard work after “WE” had a baby.'

“I resented hubby because I had to do all the hard work after “WE” had a baby.'

Image:Instagram/CiciMusician Cici has taken to social media to open up about learning to love her body after being pregnant, saying while she has a long way to go regarding acceptance she has made progress.Taking to Instagram in a lengthy post to update fans on her post-partum body situation, Cici revealed she felt different about her body after having a baby. 

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“After having a baby it’s so tough to wake up in a different body than the one you used to have,” said theIqinisohitmaker.The star said she was also jealous of her hubby not feeling the same effects on his body even though people would say they were both expecting a baby.

Lamenting post-preggo problems, the star said she is getting back to the gym to work on snapping back but isn't going to put pressure on herself. “I resented hubby because I had to do all the hard work after ‘WE”had a baby,” she said“I’m not there yet. and I try not to be as hard on myself. The sagging skin, stretch marks, oh and the saggy boobs . But nonetheless, it’s nice there by motherhood” she wrote.

The new mommy is sporting a toned, firmer body after working on it for months and she looks stunning! Read more: Times LIVE »

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