China virus death toll rises to 56, total cases near 2,000

China virus death toll rises to 56, total cases near 2,000

2020-01-26 07:48:00 AM

China virus death toll rises to 56, total cases near 2,000

Fifteen more people have died and at least 688 new cases of the coronavirus have now been confirmed, according to the National Health Commission.

At least 52 people have now died in total in Hubei, two in central Henan province, one in Heilongjiang in the northeast and one in Hebei in the north.READ:Hubei's health authorities separately reported 323 new confirmed cases of the virus, which first emerged in the provincial capital, Wuhan, in late December.

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Chinese authorities have so far reported 1,975 cases nationwide.President Xi Jinping warned Saturday that China faced a"grave situation" as authorities raced to contain a respiratory illness that has caused the widespread abandonment of Lunar New Year celebrations nationwide and overwhelmed health facilities in Hubei.

The contagion remained centred on the Hubei provincial capital of Wuhan, which accounted for seven of the new deaths and 46 of the new confirmed cases, said the Hubei Health Commission.Wuhan and more than a dozen other cities in the province have been locked down in a rapidly expanding quarantine effort marked by transport shutdowns and other restrictions on movement.

The previously unknown virus has caused global concern because of its similarity to the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) pathogen, which killed hundreds across mainland China and Hong Kong in 2002-2003.It also has struck at possibly the worst time for China, when hundreds of millions of people are travelling across the country or overseas to celebrate the Lunar New Year holiday, China's most important festival.

Hundreds of military doctors have been sent to Hubei and authorities are rushing to build a pair of field hospitals to deal with the crisis as patients swamp local medical facilities.The virus has spread nationwide in China and cases have been reported in several other countries as far away as the United States, France and Australia.

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Close all international gates USA made virus.. More that 56 people are murdered per day in SA but here we are, worried about China 🤔 Praying for China This virus has been reported in several countries. With all the travel into SA what is our airports doing about it?

Coronavirus: More than 2 000 now infected; 56 dead in China | IOL NewsThe virus has spread to Chinese cities including Beijing and Shanghai, as well as the United States, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Australia, France and Canada. We must cancel all planes from China... Africa next, getting nervous.

Shanghai Disneyland closes over China virus concernsThe park and resort said on its website it would temporarily close from Saturday 'in response to the prevention and control of the disease outbreak and in order to ensure the health and safety' of its guests and staff.

No fever means screening for China virus may not workAirports and other transport hubs are screening travellers for raised temperatures — but that is unlikely to accurately detect the coronavirus Its one of the most quickest viruses. It runs to the brain matter and quickly deteoriarates bones. It doesn't even see muscles. Its more of a soil worm virus

China rushes to build new hospital for virus within 10 daysConstruction began as reports surfaced of bed shortages in hospitals designated to deal with the outbreak, which has now infected 830 people across China. Wish China 🇨🇳 e kaba heso Only in China can they such off tendelanani ni nga kha di ri mini ngoho.

China rushes to build new hospital for virus within 10 daysThe facility in the central city of Wuhan is expected to be in use by February 3 to serve a rising number of patients infected by a coronavirus. This can take years in south Africa They will do it with there commitment and know how

China to close section of Great Wall, other sites amid coronavirus outbreakA range of Lunar New Year festivities have been cancelled to try to contain the deadly virus.