Chapter 219, Elections, Mglisten

Chapter 219, Elections

Chapter 2.19: Corruption and the elections - a political podcast - The Mail & Guardian

In this episode, our political journalist Khaya Koko chats with our guests about corruption and elections

2021-10-06 08:30:00 PM

We're talking everything elections on M&G Listen's Chapter219 podcast series. Our journalists chat to guests about service delivery, corruption and everything you need to know about SA's political landscape ahead of the polls. Elections MGListen

In this episode, our political journalist Khaya Koko chats with our guests about corruption and elections

Chapter 2.19 – this is where you get the need to know about your political rights in the South African constitution, it is also the title of this special five-part podcast. The conversations between our political journalists and esteemed guests are about how bad, or good things have gotten since the previous local government elections, what state the municipalities are in, what politics have been like in local government over the past years, the political tensions in different provinces, and more. 

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Since 2016 was said to be a vote against corruption, what are the upcoming elections all about? Let’s take a deeper look at all the corruption stories over the past 5 years and what the 2016 elections really achieved. How has corruption affected politics and how will it affect the polls? Will voter apathy be a factor or is South Africa in for a possible clean-up campaign? And, what is the state of our democracy? These three questions are just a few of what our politics journalist

and his guests, professor Barry Hanyane from North-West University, and advocate Shelby Sekhoto from the Special Tribunal of South Africa, will chat about in this episode.According to a 2017 report by theTransparency International Corruption Perceptions Index

, South Africa has serious corruption problems, with a score below 50. How then, has the country been dealing with corruption over the years, and have things changed for the better or for the worst, if at all? Our guests will be speaking on the local government corruption cases that make it to the Special Tribunal, and whether the money going out or getting stolen is actually being retrieved by the state or not. The episode will also look at how deep the corruption really goes and how the state deals with them.

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