Cele says lockdown will only end early if we behave

Cele says lockdown will only end early if we behave

2020-04-07 01:22:00 PM

Cele says lockdown will only end early if we behave

Although sympathetic with citizens wanting to resume normal life as soon as possible, the minister says there is 'no need to rush' while people are still sick and dying of Covid-19.

Although sympathetic with citizens wanting to resume normal life as soon as possible, Cele said there was “no need to rush” while people are still sick and dying of Covid-19.He added that the primary task of those protecting citizens was human life, and that people survive “this terrible era”.

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The possibility of a lockdown extension has been on the minds of all South Africans as movement continues to be restricted to flatten the curve of the deadly pandemic.As early as the end of March, Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen said government should start planning for a lockdown extension.

Steenhuisen hinted at the possibility that South Africa had more Covid-19 cases than what is currently aware of.Health Minister Zweli Mkhize also warned of “the calm before the storm”, saying that low infection rates did not rule out the possibility of a much higher internal transmission rate than what was currently known.

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😡😡😡 Dear Mr. Cele ... MORE dangerous than alcohol abuse ... is being POWER-DRUNK ... TheThin41314045 Sounds like a maniac father Your SAPS are useless He not really good at anything in his life. He is overcompensating at our expense. Sounds like a threat to me. TheThin41314045 Tell that to the townships

People are not listening I believe its more important to worry about the ignorance of thinking COVID19 will have subsided by the 16th 🤔🤔....anyway 'If you want your alcohol back...' 🤣🤣🤣 _________M___V We actually DGAF what he says🚮 Cele’s arse !!! Who does he think he is ? Fidel Idiot, we have one of the highest crime stats in the world- what’s he been doing till now?

Ok...so that was the message to the nursery school 3 year olds. And the message to the big people is....? This one thinks we are his children Now he's in charge of course Sieg Heil, mein Fuhrer This tyrant will see his day! Cele, when can we expect the arrest of these two? If he has no pms or its not time of the month!

Is he the leader of this country? The godfather Tell them minister...if you behave like a kid, you should be treated like one😂😂😂 Is djy nou my baas? This Cele thinks he's a super Minister Fuck Bheki Cele... Lockdown 2020 Thug-In-A-Hat's defining moment. Exactly 100 years after Alcohol Prohibition Thug-In-A-Hat wants to repeat the same historical mistake.

His mommy's P He has to Respect us singabaNumzana Nathi Already Ministers Are Not Behaving It's not up to him. TheThin41314045 That’s not happening. Unfortunately, the government has put in place some rules that it cannot enforce for all. The country is bankrupt already Uzuma wamxosha entshotsha Ay Cele get in line and stop acting like a autocratic leader who answers to no one.

We are not u Your kids and not even related in blood, so stop to be a power hungry and act like a real politician and a great leader, Thanks Daddy! We'll behave, we promise. Fukwit! Behavior is relative and is dependent on personal viewpoints. The South African lockdown is based on social science. The Minister bases conclusions on personal viewpoints that are not scientific. That is the first step in anarchy PresidencyZA Abramjee CyrilRamaphosa

Behave in what. Whether we like or agree Minister Cele or not the ending or extension of the lockdown period will depend on HUMAN BEHAVIOUR. 😂😂😂 ai...i can put down R100 that this guy need some kind of counseling! I think he's been through a lot So, he’s in charge now is he ? Delusions of grandeur ! Minister don't know if ministers do not behave, will we all stay in lockdown?

So it up to him... Narrator: “Cele needed to STFU” When are we going to kick these people out? Seriously! bullshit Clueless Funny, I would have thought the health of the people would be the deciding factor. Are you saying that your boss will let you make the decision? I kind of doubt that. Le chap ithetha ingathi yehla emthini. Its like he wakes up unprepared and say shit.

Who is this man ? He speaks as if he is my father. 'If we behave' stfu. Give some people power and they want to control you like their livestock. BlackCulture_HM Africa needs women Leaders! ANC voters, remember this humiliation when you have to vote... Fuck him This wanna be dictator doesn't have the authority to make this call.

The 'only thing' that determines if the lockdown continues or not is the curve ay yena Tell him in his father's house, kwa yihlo wakhe ANC_EFF_anti_humanism the examples are everywhere. How can we behave, while ministers don't behave... Corruption it won't end Simple as that Come on Mabhekana! We've lost V-Mash already. Atleast open em bottle stores ke. This is no longer a matter of sobriety and drunkenness. It is now a matter of life and death😭

Tsek Cele fivaz_john Hyt geen fokken idee. Who said Bheki Cele akaseli? He understands that he is an elected official appointed by another elected official. Don't come here with your nonsense treating us like kids you wannabe gangster 🤬 When is Cyril going to smack this one on the nose with a rolled up newspaper?

We’ll have a drink on him tonight! 🍺 Kanti who is the President of the country? What a joke this country has become EMpangeni🤔🤔🤔basahlupha DaddyJamesBrown Are we back in Grade R now? Imagine if the law abiding citizens go on a peaceful march and tell him to FUCK OFF ! I’m in Sad truth!!! He must visit Northern kzn (Manguzi) n see what is happening here. Lot of people are roaming around, some give trade permits, you would swear LockDown is no more. Doctors, they will be dealing with large numbers of infected patients which is a rust risk if they're too many

Bluehawktactic1 What an power hungry idiot. Gates_Baloyi Call the cabinet and all ministers tell that to Stella ndabeni then arrest her, go arrestduduzi as well, cause if ordinary people misbehaving they get arrested like the wedding over the weekend and the prayer in church !! Fact He doesn't have powers to decide on ending the lockdown in any circumstances, non whatsoever

This is new age slavery, not different from what happened in the 19s. Who prosecutes leaders and Presidents? Whose word is right? Whose words are not fake news? They are always right and never wrong. The world is really coming to an END. 🤧 They must provide food and pay our debts it will be fine, otherwise is been selfish to prolong lock down. He's getting full salary and all the allowances including bonus

Consider yourself Grounded for real🎤 Tell Bheki the people are in charge not him Coz nifuna ukudakwa nje... Behave so that we can hv a normal lyf So Cele is the deputy president of the country bhanaC Power should not be given to some people. They totally abuse it. His political life should also end with lockdown. Really now!

Who doesnt this clown tell his colleagues to behave 🖕 Whose he? The President? They can't even deal with gender based violence but now ppl who are not doing any crimes they act towards them like their criminals and the real criminals are in killing spree out here Aye this uncle Ending early doesn’t mean corona just vanishes lol still 1600 people infected back to reality could hype the numbers so people are a bit retarded to think ending lock down will end corona 🤣😂🤣

This one is abusing us we are in an abusive relationship. He must start by disciplining his cadres if he wants to be taken serious. Tell colleagues, the Minister of Telecommunications & whatever, she contravened the law & socialized at a dinner party. Arrest her like all the other people you are proud that have been arrested or are parliamentarians above the law, what about leap-frog for her & the guests?

DaddyJamesBrown Na Na Naa Na I’m Telling Oom Cyril 😋 You Trying To Take Over His Presidency 🤭 BTW You Know What Thought 💭 Did With His Feather..? He Thought If He Planted Them Chickens 🐓 Would Grow lockdowneffect You guys are making as if Cele is the one to decide. Stop this bullshit for clicks.

Looks like Cele is father of the nation. He speaks we obey Dictatorship style I hate how he behaves like our father 😔. Clearly Covid-19 has given birds some voice and unlimited power over us 😞 O nagana gore ke mang ene? He thinks he's the president The new president of the Republic I think this was meant for Stella-Geneva Ndabeni-something 🤔

So he is the one that makes those decisions? True news paper companies are wilden He's abusing his power This hat wearing incompetent fool has no idea how to rally people around his way of thinking. He really thinks he’s a modern day cowboy. He think we are his children,ware tlwaela mus Delusions of grandeur.

He must tell that to Stella Papa Cele ! ✊ become appraised with how a Communist Utopia will be - govt will say u misbehave and u be required to behave . Next he be issuing the citizens “pass books” (dompas) I’ll behave when you sell us smokes 😂 You power-hungry despot! Don't talk to us like we are children... Leave that tone for YOUR party voters.

Shame, Sir Lerry Swart is having bad times with lockdown as he continues to harass and slander women on social media & needs to behave. Cele should tell him to behave too. He treats every women as if they are Cornelia de Wet cant_compete im_immaculate66 tnonfire the_anni3 Good What in the name of fragile masculinity?

....and he ended by saying ' no kissing in Mzansi ' ThembaJef Minister Cele, I urge especially you, the police and defense forces to have the COVID-19 test done as a matter of urgency. Someone reshuffle this minister please 😂 I have lost respect for lobaba Gestapo now What does he mean behave Nimtshele ukuthi uyanya! 💩💩💩

agreed. 3 months my prediction Can the police do that in Ennerdale because people are still walking around and driving around like there's nothing 6 This Cele likes power and excessive means of force he is just been constrained by our Constitution otherwise we would have been in trouble. Minister,I think the citizens of the Republic are now enjoying the lockdown

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 We don’t take orders from him. We do behave man nxa Isn't Cele a minister of police? He should just leave minister of presidency to update us, not him. 9 days left,this one thinks he's special. Lol. Entlek whose the boss? How early? Only for the rich, we can't stock up like them ,,you have a bar in every province ,in your government house

Unamanga usebonile ukuthi sekuzosuka impi. You are too old mr Cele ramalokot Is CyrilRamaphosa PresidencyZA who is in charge of this country - get rid of this TYRANT!!!!!! Instead of breaking food shops you break shops that sell alcohol. says Cele. No form of stealing can be justified. What were you implying to the residence when you addressed them.

How is it that we allow this person to talk to the public this way? I think a lot of people are getting sick of his attitude. Who does Cele think he is to dictate the terms of the shutdown? The next opportunity SA gets we need to vote these idiots out of power!!! kathrynlane3 He is loving this. He must also behave and know his place. He think that he controls South Africa. We are the ones paying him salary through tax that we pay monthly.

He’s enjoying this lo baba ne This one misses apartheid So catch those criminal breaking into properties at night and help themself to whatever they like as well someone said in so many words they will go and help themself MosalaChalale This old man have us exactly where he wants us 'by the balls' This poes

Some people have wine cellars and couldn't care less. This guy doesn't see us South Africans as adults. The arrogance in this statement is ridiculous if not appalling. 🤣🤣🤣 He's not the president, does he think he's talking to unprofessional people So Cele is the president now? I'm lost😂😂😂!!! Tell Us How Will Corruption Ends?

Bheki Cele think we are his kids yazi😂😂 I thought that call is supposed to be made by the President Lockdown will end in 9 days period This fool thinks he is talking to kids Dictator Oh really now 🙄 why didnt we think of that and how did he come up with such a brilliant idea. Mr obvious It's up for, mxm

It's not too to him. His friend is cabinet are visiting each other.... and he has that to say to us? genbheki_cele is power tripping, he has no respect for us he forgets who pays his salary. Good can he talk to his friends. We are all being as good as gold but have seen some dreadful footage of humans behaving badly. P.S. perhaps it's time to have different rules for different provinces and people?

It’s not up to him!

Cele welcomes decrease in serious crimes since COVID-19 lockdown - SABC News - Breaking news, special reports, world, business, sport coverage of all South African current events. Africa's news leader.Police Minister Bheki Cele on Sunday welcomed the general decrease in serious and violent crimes, attributing this to amongst other factors, the prohibition of the sale and movement of liquor since the COVID-19 nationwide lockdown. Bullsh*t. GBV is sky rocketing 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Is it first of April? It's because we are confined to our houses not because of liquor... Eish Sau hypothetically the state of emergency is lifted in 5-weeks, will crime spike?

Decrease in serious crimes due to unavailability of alcohol: CelePolice Minister Bheki Cele has attributed a decrease in serious crimes to the unavailability of alcohol. its not unavailaility of alcohol wena moron, its the presence of cops all over, criminals are scared Wish it could stay like that forever. 😞 honestly think bhekicele_com is not1 of d brightest ministers. Hw cn u conclude dt crime hs been minimised by closing sale of alcahol. primary student wd differ & tll u dt ds pendemic hs nt only affected stock exchange bt also criminals. Imagine money heist in this empty roads

Bheki Cele: ‘I wish alcohol ban could be extended beyond lockdown’Police Minister Bheki Cele has given the clearest indication yet that regulations prohibiting the sale and drinking of alcohol during the lockdown will not be relaxed, even remarking that he wished they were extended beyond this period. Ndosi I am with you on this one. I wish bottle stores and tarvens to open until 6pm. It will reduce chaos caused by drinking. Accurate On behalf of the SA people we think 💭 you might as well take this old madala! He’s always outside plz fix him ke problem motho nou

Murder, rape, assault and other serious crimes decrease during lockdown: Bheki CeleMurder, rape, assault, hijackings and robbery cases have dropped significantly during the nationwide lockdown, police minister Bheki Cele said on Sunday. Don't worry Mr Cele Evin gangs are scared of doing anything they lock them selves at home. damn, so people rape errrday? Salute to SA Army, SAPS, traffic Officer all the law enforcement officials for your availability... people are really afraid of you in visibility✊

Less booze during lockdown means less violent crime, but GBV calls still pouring inCele lamented the consistently high number of gender-based violence reports, saying he has called for the reinforcement of FCS Units to assist in aiding domestic violence during lockdown. You mean it has nothing to do with the police being more visible mr cele? Covid19SA 🙄

Lifting Covid-19 lockdown too early could have disastrous consequences, says asset managerGovernments around the world have imposed lockdowns in a bid to contain and manage the spread of the coronavirus Not as disastrous as extending it. CoronavirusInSA Covid19SA