#BusinessGrowth! Lerato Kganyago celebrates Flutter by LKG’s first billboard

'This is an emotional moment for me.'

2021-12-01 07:21:00 PM

'This is an emotional moment for me.'

'This is an emotional moment for me.'

access to pads.Speaking of her venture to end period poverty in SA, Lerato said she felt that while many people ignored the issue because it did not “fit into the aesthetics” on social media, she is determined to make a difference. “Every day about 300-million women and girls around the world menstruate. Millions can’t afford to maintain menstrual health. We’re fortunate to be able to play a role in the eradication of period poverty in SA, one home at a time.”  she wrote.

“Sanitary pads don’t get you drunk or high, aren’t glamorous or fit into the aesthetics on your page, that’s why some of you think what we do is a joke. But for millions of South Africans, it’s not — period poverty is something which many struggle with as part of their lives!”

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