Business Maverick: Australia’s gender pay gap problem worst in peak earning years

2022/06/27 08:25:00

The pay gap between men and women is widest between the ages of 45 and 64, according to a new report.

The pay gap between men and women is widest between the ages of 45 and 64, according to a new report.

The pay gap between men and women is widest between the ages of 45 and 64, according to a new report.

, with the country home to one of the world’s biggest gender pay that women are reluctant to negotiate their salaries due to a general lack of confidence and the “social cost” of being seen to be pushy and unappreciative of what they have been offered.President Joe Biden rebooted his effort to counter China’s flagship trade-and-infrastructure initiative after an earlier campaign faltered, enlisting the support of Group of Seven leaders at their summit in Germany.

Australia was No.15 on the World Economic Forum ’s global gender gap index in 2006 but dropped to 50th place in 2021.It’s fallen from 12th to 70th in terms of economic participation and opportunity for women in the same period, despite last year ranking joint first place for educational attainment.This type of knowledge allows for the confidence to have critical discussions to make our voices heard as women.The pay problem is accentuated by the fact that in every age group, no more than 50% of women were in full-time work in 2021, yet more than 90% of managers are working full-time.This means women are missing out on management roles, according to the report.It will consist mostly of private sector investments, with some funding from the US Development Finance Corporation and Export-Import Bank and other commitments from foreign governments.

Men over the age of 55 are twice as likely as women to be in management positions.Most banks and other financial institutions these days offer access to various educational tools such as budget calculators and even free online programmes.In the 55-plus age group, women hold about 28% of CEO and senior executive roles, according to WGEA.They are paid on average A$93,000 less than their male peers.In the 45-55 age group, the average gap is A$81,000.The many stokvels in South Africa are proof of this and there are now industries that cater to this market.An unapologetic old boys’ network is costing Australia billions Policies that focus on equal access to workplace support for men and women are important for correcting the gap, WGEA director Mary Wooldridge said in a statement.” Expectations have already been tempered.

These include gender-neutral parental leave policies, childcare subsidies support, and flexible work policies.Workplaces must also enable career progression for part-time workers, she added.“My biggest worry is that I wouldn’t be able to budget down to the last cent, due to the rising cost of food,” said Thandi (not her real name), a single parent supporting two children.Millennial women currently working will take home just 70% of men’s earnings by the time they reach 45, if current trends continue, according to the WGA.BM.

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