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Julius Malema, African National Congress

Broadcast takes on social media in the world of politics

Live TV broadcasts of political rallies, funerals and press conferences, may be more decisive than social media in shaping mass debate in South Africa

2019-09-11 05:00:00 PM

To get a glimpse of where this all ends, we should only look to the United States, ground zero for these kinds of changes in the media and politics. The endgame looks depressing.

Live TV broadcasts of political rallies, funerals and press conferences, may be more decisive than social media in shaping mass debate in South Africa

.Malema knew full well that his rambling speech (he continued with his usual anti-Indian conspiracy theories and screeds against Gordhan, while repeating Zuma’s wild claims of ANC spies) was being carried live on the very same channels that he warned his audience about. 

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Few viewers — seeing no one on those channels fact checking Malema, or offering a counterpoint through sober analysis — could be faulted for believing everything Malema said. But he was also exploiting the tendency of South African television news to mimic US counterparts and their overuse of analysts, and colourful commentary by reporters during “live” crossings. Little actual reporting gets done.

News channels in South Africa now regularly cross live to political rallies, press conferences, and especially funerals. During election cycles this is not unusual, but it is also now common practice outside of election cycles. South Africans or those interested in South African politics can on any random morning tune in to the likes of Malema, Zuma, Ace Magashule, or Supra Mahumapelo (the latter two are Zuma acolytes) giving their spin on current events. At the Zondo Commission (which is conducting public hearings into “state capture” i.e. state corruption), along with Zuma’s wild claims of spies and suicide bombers sent to murder him, he admitted to his role in the establishment of news channel ANN7 and

The New Agenewspaper. Both media organisations are owned by the infamous Gupta family (allies of Zuma) and both contributed to the break-down of boundaries between truth and fiction in South Africa. Those two channels made it difficult for journalists, and for South Africans generally, to easily demarcate between reporting and propaganda. But if we thought fake news ended with ANN7 and

The New Age, it has been disheartening to watch and read elements in South Africa’s mainstream media entertaining the wild claims Zuma made during his bizarre state capture commission “testimony.”But for all Zuma’s supposed smarts, it is the EFF that appears to benefit most from this practice of live broadcasts. The live crossings to the EFF’s rallies or press conferences are usually done during news program giving it added legitimacy.

The EFF, formed in 2013, happens to be product of the social media age, unlike other older parties, and is also representative of what is generally decried as the post-factual era in South Africa. When he was still a member of the ANC, Malema was a firm supporter of Zuma, and he played a major role in delegitimising the country’s news media. One of Malema’s deputies, Floyd Shivambu, punched a journalist outside Parliament. South Africans are so plagued by amnesia they forget this.

To get a glimpse of where this all ends, we should only look to the United States, ground zero for these kinds of changes in the media and politics. The endgame looks depressing. This kind of practice on TV contributed to the election of Donald Trump and the sullying of American political discourse (already damaged by only representing the ideological views of the two main political parties).

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For all the Russia talk (especially on MSNBC), cable news played as decisive a role in Trump’s victory as anything else. Media executives call these kind of live TV crossings of political rallies, “free earned media.” That is publicity you get without paying for it. In political campaigns having your rallies covered live for free on 24 hour news channels, or even better on local, free to air channels, is gold.

According to Newsweek, Trump. This amounted to hours and hours of free airtime before the elections. As theNew York Timesreportedin March 2016, Trump earned $400 million of free media in just one month (February 2016), “about the same amount late Republican Senator John McCain spent on his entire 2008 presidential campaign.” Once Trump became the Republican nominee, networks like CNN, MSNBC would cross over live to Trump rallies. These were carried without any commentary.

Theagain:Mr. Trump is hardly absent from the airwaves. Like all candidates, he benefits from what is known as earned media: news and commentary about his campaign on television, in newspapers and magazines, and on social media. Earned media typically dwarfs paid media in a campaign. The big difference between Mr. Trump and other candidates is that he is far better than any other candidate—maybe than any candidate ever—at earning media.

Later some networks tuned away, and some channels promised to cut live coverage of Trump political rallies, but the damage had been done. (In one case, CNN, in March 2019, only cut unmediated coverage of a Trump rally after Trump compared the massive rally to the Oscars ceremony and led chants of “CNN sucks.”)

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