Brazil's Bolsonaro going to UN meet despite being unvaccinated

Brazil's Bolsonaro going to UN meet despite being unvaccinated

2021-09-17 06:43:00 AM

Brazil's Bolsonaro going to UN meet despite being unvaccinated

Brazil's unvaccinated President Jair Bolsonaro said Thursday he will attend next week's United Nations conclave in New York, effectively defying city authorities who recently announced a proof of vaccination requirements for all attending leaders and diplomats.

It will be"a calm speech, very objective, focused on the issues that interest us," added Bolsonaro, who said he would discuss Brazil's approach to the coronavirus pandemic, its agriculture business, and energy.On Wednesday the New York mayor's office wrote the UNGA laying out the guidelines, including that delegates must show proof of vaccination to enter the debate hall -- a move that raised questions about Bolsonaro's in-person participation.

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The letter signed by New York City's health commissioner said the UN debate hall was classified as a"convention center," meaning all attendees must be vaccinated, just as other people participating in some indoor activities in the city.Hours later the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said he could not impose the requirement on heads of state.

Bolsonaro, who had the virus last year, has said he would be the"last Brazilian" to get vaccinated.Brazil, with a population of 213 million, ranks fourth worldwide in number of vaccine doses administered, according to research group Our World in Data.

But the president until now has refused to get the shot, claiming that he is already immunized because his antibody rate remains"at the top." Read more: eNCA »

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Clever guy! I still remember this... Why should he vaccinate? He is not sick, is he? He is going to a meeting not a COVID-19 test center. Give him a bells Leadership ✊🏾 So if you are are unvaccinated what danger do you pose to the vaccinated people How many of them at UN who were not vaccinated? Give us break down please.

You're making it sound like being unvaccinated is the new Covid 🤔

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