Bonang Mohale | Put African Bank back in black hands | Citypress

Bonang Mohale | Put African Bank back in black hands

2021-09-20 07:20:00 AM

Bonang Mohale | Put African Bank back in black hands

As the Reserve Bank exits its curatorship of the bank, Bonang Mohale shares the arduous journey into existence, its decline and a future transformed.

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Police minister travels to KZN Midlands in hopes to calm tensions ahead of local government elections

National Police Minister, Bheki Cele, is expected to visit the KwaZulu-Natal town of Plessislaer following the murder of a ward councillor candidate last week.

I support Bonanf Mohale’s call. We want it back. Black Consortium and its affiliates like Black Management Forum, Black Business Council,NAFCOC etc,they need to do introspection why black businesses they don't stood the taste of time in its existence,due to lack of running businesses with morals,ethics, consequence management.

You mean like VBS? What happened to VBS... 🤔 black hands, white hands - it should be competent hands of a human.. Viva EFF!!! For once this professor is talking sense. I have heard him on numerous instances taking nonsense about Zuma's 9 waste years You tell those terrorists that I am back strong as an ox. Duck them & their BANKERS GANGSTERS.

Are they again try to kidnap Hillary Clinton in the white HOUSE with rifles & South African Banks join the Terrorists in retrieving their Clinton RANSOM. Wow the American chaos in South African Banks A day & a half 15 guys with assault rifles,an IT system & 20 explosives jackets in an American primary school in American soil.12 children from different countries,2 teachers & an black oldman captured slapped strapped with explosives jackets.1 guerrilla took saved them.

I entrusted Dennismayson7 with my money since I took rush of investing my money with he platform, and since then I've recovered all I lost to scams. Get in touch with Dennismayson7 and get a good mentorship and safe trading. Do you see this child. 12 of them from globally strapped with explosives jackets in American primary school.RANSOM of £850 million was demanded from the Sultan & a get away private jet. The money was then robbed by a bank management & CEO in South Africa.

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Then they cut with Mxolisi Ngcasana who is the National Director of Public Prosecutions. RANSOM of kids strapped with explosives jackets in American soil. This kid & UBS BANK & South African Banks. Don't cry when we have another VBS type of scandal What must we do if the CEO of Standard Bank & the Senior Management of Nedcor bring GANGSTERS to point guns at customers & staff then declare that conduct as a BANKING PRACTICE GLOBALLY. Must we go back to WAR & blast the SUV that collects their kids

The security guard in Harrison & Fox Street Standard Bank was shot by the same BANK CEO GANGSTERS . THE BANKING STAFF OF NEDBANK SIMMONS & main street were pointed with firearms by the Nedbank senior management GANGSTERS. The people of STANDARD BANK CARLTON CENTER & Standard Bank Southgate nearly got shot. A blood bath when banks a put in black hands. 5 guys walked in with the CEO to rob me the BANK staff was threaten with guns by the banks CEO GANGSTERS

It will die like PESPI COLA. Black senior bank management finds UB BANK & OLD MUTUAL BANK. What did they do with drug DEALERS, DEALERS in precious metals GANGSTERS. To a point of hurting that Standard Bank SOUTH GATE BRANCH MANAGER. Bonang should say what he means give me African bank tuu Let us first talk abt VBS

A lot of FRAUD was written off African Bank. Consultants who then worked in the defunct African Bank & were involved in Fraud, Money Laundering & theft sprang to other banks occupying senior management posts. The DEMISE of the ongoing FRAUD in South African Banks Eish! Black hands have shown us isipoki in VBS.

Rosemary Ndlovu puts on a show in court | CitypressRosemary Ndlovu was the star of her own show – posing for pictures, then becoming a hostile witness – during her court appearance this week. Mduduzi Nonyane attended the proceedings. How wish I come across this opportunity long ago, it would have been huge now. You've corrected that step now, thanks for your good works LindaStouffes 🙄🙄🙄 the planned slaughter of 6 people over a period of 6 years proves that she knew the difference between right and wrong. 6 years/6 murders. There's a lot of planning involved in that. Alas, the media wants us to think she is 'sick' because of her gender. My first experience happens to be a failure but i never gave up cause i knew it was going to work out for me trying continuously, fortunately i'm smiling today by getting involved with peterniecy

When African Bank was bankrupt +3 years ago where was he. No maan you just want to loot. he means MYANC hands, i doubt blacks will benefit Like we never learned ka VBS! KasiEconomy Futile exercise long as incompetent WMC controlled leadership in the ruling party appoints on instruction of their handlers incompetent blacks to undermine the ability & intelligence of Africans. Ask yourself why African bank is stagnant yet new Capitec is exponentially growing.

What about white south africans? This is racist! Complete mess And what will happen after that anothevVBS SAGA VBS. Nightmare. Anc won't allow it because that move will improve black lives That sounds like a good plan, seeing how they destroyed it previously.

Redefining images around black hair | CitypressNikiwe Dlova’s stylistic portrayals are creating social awareness not only about the versatility of black hair, but also the black experience, writes Janice Phiri.

Eshhh this name. E kare 'Somhale/Somizi Mohale). FOR IT TO BE LOOTED LIKE VBS BANK.!!!!!! Ramaphosa stooge? If black people want to succeed in anything they should first decide if they want to fight corruption without taking any sides. My first experience happens to be a failure but i never gave up cause i knew it was going to work out for me trying continuously, fortunately i'm smiling today by getting involved with peterniecy

Any business in black hands will fail as the majority black leaders haven't got business ethics. I was referred to him by a friend online and I thought is a scam ...but I was moved to try and here I earned.. just want to share this to people too. Micheal_addy_

All Blacks too good for Pumas; put one hand on Rugby Champs trophyThe New Zealanders made it back-to-back wins against the men from South America, out-scoring them five tries to one.

Springboks coach Jacques Nienaber ’sincerely apologises’ to the nationJacques Nienaber admitted he was worried about the ’massive challenge’ of facing the AllBlacks after a ’very poor’ Springboks suffered back-to-back defeats against the wallabies. RugbyChampionship AUSvRSA | IOLsport AllBlacks Springboks wallabies sport How wish I come across this opportunity long ago, it would have been huge now. You've corrected that step now, thanks for your good works LindaStouffes

Constitutional Court says Zuma cannot pick and choose when to cooperate with the law | CitypressConstitutional Court dismisses former president Jacob Zuma application to rescind contempt of court. Simza_396225 The long and short of it And the ConCourt can pick and choose when to use the constitution and when to divert from it? If that is so,we will all choose, simple as that 🤷😳