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Microsoft founder and philanthropist, Bill Gates, has committed to assist African countries with mass-based testing kits for the coronavirus.

2020-04-05 10:06:00 AM

Microsoft founder and philanthropist, Bill Gates, has committed to assist African countries with mass-based testing kits for the coronavirus. via SABCNewsOnline

Microsoft founder and philanthropist, Bill Gates, has committed to assist African countries with mass-based testing kits for the coronavirus.

COVID-19 vaccine update:Meanwhile, Australia’s national science agency said on Thursday it has commenced the first stage of testing potential vaccines forCOVID-19, as it joins a global race to halt the coronavirus pandemic.Pre-clinical testing by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), comprising injecting ferrets with two potential vaccines, was underway at its high-containment biosecurity facility near Melbourne.

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The first phase testing would take around three months, CSIRO’s director of health Rob Grenfell told Reuters, adding that any resulting vaccine would not be available to the public before late next year.“We’re still sticking to the optimistic 18-months for delivery of vaccine to the general consumers,” Grenfell said from Melbourne in an interview over Skype. “Now this, of course, may change. There’s a lot of technical challenges that we’re having to go through.”

Grenfell said scientists were working at a “remarkable” pace, reaching the pre-clinical testing stage in about eight weeks, a process that usually takes up to two years.“So, this is the speed that’s going on at the moment.”More than 1 200 000 people have been infected with the novel coronavirus across 207 countries and territories, killing more than 64 000. Australia has reported around 5 500 cases and 34 deaths.

Confirmed coronavirus cases around the world:Grenfell said he expected human trials of one of the two vaccine candidates being tested to begin later this month or early next month.CSIRO said its testing would cover both efficacy and evaluating the best way to administer the vaccine for better protection, including an intramuscular injection and a nasal spray.

CSIRO was the first research organisation outside of China to successfully develop a lab-grown version of the virus to enable pre-clinical studies on COVID-19.In February, it confirmed ferrets reacted to the coronavirus as they shared with humans a particular receptor on their respiratory cells that the virus binds itself to.

“If we can stop that virus binding to the ferret receptors in the respiratory system, there’s a very good chance it (vaccine) will work in humans,” Grenfell said.Moderna Inc is the closest publicly known facility to human testing, announcing plans to start a trial in Seattle last month.

The U.S government has cut deals with both Moderna and Johnson & Johnson, and is in talks with at least two other companies, to produce massive quantities of vaccines.Israel has begun testing a COVID-19 vaccine prototype on rodents at its bio-chemical defense laboratory, a source told Reuters on Tuesday.

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The very captured SABC Lol. Batho ba bangwe bakwa ka letlalo. BillGates AFRICANS DON'T WANT YOUR HELP help your country if you really care Mxxxm He should rather stay away. Most people in Africa see him as the 'antichrist' because Conspiracy theorists have found a way to associate the Nobel man with this pandemic. I just dont get it. Just read the comments. So pathetic

gibbs_mk italy and iran need that more than us here, we still safe..thank you mfullard2 No need leave Africa please, he should focus his energy & his ' special kits ' to Spain, Italy, Iran, China & oh yes the other country in dire situation called USA. Africa does not need more infections. alfred_cabonena AdvoBarryRoux iamSivN ChangeAgentSA BlessingsRamoba

Angry at the way the disease is spreading exponentially in US,UK than africa That's why they want to arrest us for sharing this information Can’t he help Americans first...where he resides...that would be “brain smart.” Wonder if they gona slip in thryr nano,GPS trackers in the facsine. News24 is trash. Can everyone stop deciding life impacting decisions based on tweet feeds. Stop reacting Just observe and see where everything is going, stop pretend you have information while you know you don't. Stop reacting

He want us 6 feet deep that one Hence 10 000 field workers to go around the country testing people! Fantastic, I bet these kits won't be Microsoft branded either however here is your chance EFFSouthAfrica to match testing kit for testing kit, branded or not. You should be rolling in the dosh now as illicit tabaco trade is surely thriving with the ban.

Please don't apologize for reporting on him tomorrow, siyacela assomblif. So u want to help africa with lowest cases? Who asked for assistance? Who's currently struggling to control of COVID 19? Why AFRICA? Did he asked AFRICA if we need assistance? Why is this making headlines at all media houses.? Can he answer quick the above questions? Did you ask AFRICA if this is necessary?

No one is willing to kill him for this? NPP_GH Serwaa_Amihere BillGates Sambryanbuabeng Please we don’t need anything from Bill Gate. Tell him to start from his homeland USA. They have the highest confirmed cases. The only thing he can do for Africa is to give us Fair Trade with the West. Please test those kits and make sure they aren't infected....I don't want no chip in my body .

Asiwafunk He can go and assist his people, if he is so kind why doesn't he create jobs for African people instead of investing in coronavirus and deseases? Sies. We don't want his assistance we are not his charity case why don't he focus of helping his own country which high number of death.... we don't want your help sir keep it, help the countries with high risk of death.

Why? Africa go to Italy & Spain and USA Wow No weapon formed against SA shall prosper in Jesus name... This one must stay away from Africa I wonder why yey the USA can't contain it. He can't even help his fellow country people 🤔 AfricansAreNotLabRats Why Africa? Has he responded? In exchange of what? No: someone tell him that Charity begins at home

Bill gate wena hmmmmm ke o batla face to face We don't want his infected test kits! BillGates and his gatesfoundation are about to kill Africans! They already have challenged testing services. Can he improve those first?! COVID19 coronavirus No for Africa. Go geve Us,Italia,Uk people lot of case MbalulaFikile come this side n ur News24

xandatoto Why, New York does not even have kits. He should do it for Americans first! We don't want that Nonsense here, he can take the vaccine to Italy, UK USA, we have African potato, Mhlonyane and Mhlafusha as our herbs - keep that rubbish out of our country Gates How does testing help when you do not have a cure We don't wanna be tested he must start with ITALY Thina we are fine sihlala la waya waya asiflayi

xandatoto Millions of pple nids testing in Uk why cant he donate them there? xandatoto There is a lot more needed on Africa than this we can order from china 😂 bill give us toilets and software lol Hell no mfullard2 No thank you can take your kits to the UK, USA and Italy. They need them the most.

peterndoro Im not shocked by the sabc .. im ashamed Why africa and not Italy? Africans Beware No to this testing. Isolation makes us not to strike We DONT NEED YOUR HELP!!!!! Take your kit and help other European countries. Why the sudden interest in Africa... 😳? South Africans don’t want those what if the kits contain the virus already. Why is this men so helping Africans?

The kit has to be tested for Covid19. It wouldn’t be smart to fully trust someone who advocates for world depopulation. Mass destruction. Much thanks indeed He must tsek tht nigro May those kits be tested before use as i dont trust. I think here in SA we can make our own kits and send all over Africa my opinion

I smell a rat. Bill hold on to your corona virus test kits. High sick numbers are in Europe, if you mean well start there. Akasaphithizeli nalo Bill Gates, he all over the place. He must VOETSEK!!! He needs to be checked brainwise Go assist in America....They need that help Re xap. Fuck him Depopulation at play

Tell that son of a bitch that we don't want anything from him Nah pshinyo 😏😏😏 Be careful of those testing kits,they might be contaminated with the virus, DON'T TRUST THESE GUYS,its not racial,its a fact.he is the one Bill Gates who started about vaccines,now their doctors wants to test them in Africa first,what mercy is that.

The only headline that wasn't misleading today... Start in Europe baba Please allow him to keep his assistance... we appreciate his intentions to assist but please keep it! We don’t want it Bill Gates must help Italy and USA they struggling Americans needs help more than Africans, if he can start saving his country first, that will be a pleasure for us

Why African countries can our health department please find cure for HIV and Corona we are losing our loved ones and kids who are the future of a Nation. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH NOW. No I don't need his vaccine. I have umhlonyane, intsizi, iboza, so futha. Phola Mhlekazi Those testing kits must be tested first for covid

What are you BillGates getting in return sir? I know you wouldn't go those lengths for nothing. Why bother yourself about Afrikans anyway? Kodwa lobaba wama gates The mass testing is meant to achieve what exactly? Tell him that... Honestly, I don't trust this guy Test yourself Bill He must first assist European citizens, then we'll talk about AFRICA later. Bill Gates is no good news for AFRICA

TimModise Will Africa return them back? Never. FactNamibia Africans must refuse handouts from people who don't like them nor care about them This guy must die as early as possible Lol he is more enthusiastic than trump Fosek. 😭😭😭Ooh Africa u have on leader's all of your leader's just sold u down on the drain and u are on your own u need to be awake awake 😭😭😭

He must start with his family first before thinking of us😴😴😴 Testing kits can be used to infect negative people He should instead start with America. Its so overwhelmed with the virus!! This is how Bill Gates think of us and the people of the world wake-up🐑🐑🐑🐑 they want to kill all of us for want to have N.W.O. ⬇️⬇️⬇️😭😭😭

This one wants to kill us, and a useless media house like sabc can’t see this. Propaganda state broadcasting We didnt cry to them for vaccines . Why don't the help Italy and other EU countries. As for now we are fine . French Docs said this cause they new it was coming . Why during ebola they were not so much obsessed even during swine flue.

He must help Italy and US first, after that he can come to Africa. khwezi_shange God will destroy Bill Gates and his cohorts because they take the Africans God's people for granted. We don't need his assistance or anybody's assistance finish en klaar! Africans are a praying nation so he wants to see that our God is Alive he must just this...otla se bona

This ☝️ came with terms and conditions to test that vaccine on Africans. Africans, we need to be smart. The HPV vaccines trials funded by BillGates in India resulted in casualties and mortalities. That's why his foundation was kicked out of India. Refuse to be Guinea pigs This one is a problem! He must just go to nearest hell with his kits.. Africa is fine.

Why? Charity begins at home, we have few cases of Corona here in Africa less than hundred passed on we don't want his filthy masks We dont want Bill Gates Testing kits they'll be laced with Corona. He must help us He must stuff it up his ass...his no good They must use those Vaccines to Pravin, Cyril and Noah. We don't want those things

So as Africans we can't do anything for ourselves, we have to get donations each and every time there is a crisis. What has our leaders been doing all this time. Why are we doing science and maths when we still can't produce anything. We understand Bill is a Philanthropist but I’m watching CNN & they say they have shortage of PPEs, Test Kits etc and COVID-19 is wrecking havoc at home yet man is obsessed with helping Africa. What’s the catch?

He must leave us alone. We will rather use natural herbs from our forests. Oh hell noo No thanks. What is the agenda Why is Bill Gates not helping America which is currently overwhelmed by Covid 19? Why is he obsessed with assisting Afrika? The Bill man is always worried about Africans? Something is fishy here

No wy he want to help us .....while European countries need help to ...or he's done helping them now he want to help Africa man this man got some issues not to help us😰😰😰😥😥😥😥 He must go to hell with it Soon will boycott all dis lockdown thing nd fill de Street if dey keep playing on earth we've been donated testing kits while we can afford one🤔😷

I think he must bring his assistance in the form of cash, if you know you know😉😉 💩 Why Africa first while people dying in numbers in Europe? Why is he doing that? Akanyi perhaps We don't want them I'm scared the testing kit is actually giving people the virus directly. You mean South Africa in particular..?

You mean to kill Afrikans up 80% or more?😏 Again same test kits that were found positive of corona virus The man who wants to depopulate us all of a sudden wants to save us, wake up African child. These people thought they would have achieved their goal of killing Africa that's why they are busy making a follow-up on their mission in the name of donations

Thanks but No thanks how can we trust this man test kits CyrilRamaphosa you are not accepting this offer of BillGates BillGates cant save thousands of Americans who are infected and dying every single day from this disease yet he wants to be the 'jesus' of Africa with a hidden agenda to destroy African people. Keep your kits and vaccine to yourself Bill Doors!

As South Africans we don't need your help. Voetjek j bill hoe jou naai se test kits, j kani eers n virus hou van jou windows, kyk uit by jou window hoe vrek jou mense. God is hier in beheer. Anyone remember those doctors in Africa who were infecting people with HIV back in the 80's? I cannot find that article anywhere in the Internet now. 🤔

I don't trust Bill Gates and neither should any other African. Why this man can't just save dying USA I mean charity begin at home Let africans ask for help Ooooh wa nyela who said we need his help but hai our Buffalo head Pres will welcome this rubbish Bill gates was just doing well with Programming and his IT skills..🙄.

Jesus please save us from this guy 😨 Well we appreciate his help but at moment what he tries do doesn't make sense where he lives ppl are dying like flies I think his attention should be in USA now! that's common sense to me unless the is an agenda behind his help?! Him and his family must get vaccinated first, take the vaccines to New York, Italy and Spain then Africa

conspiracy theory Why are you giving attention to this man? That's all I wanna know. We have the youngest population in the world and they want to change all that because we now know most of youths in Africa are Far left wing We don't need his help!!!! Who send this bloody Gates to come and torture us? Is he mad? Is his generation mad? Who send him?

✋ enough now with the accusations. hawuu Any solutions? Those who accepted it must use it I'm not getting tested and i'm not wearing a mast mina.. Kampane ba mpolaya Something fishy with this fellow Am not convinced it's for good cos no thank u Bill Gates Why not help US citizens and European countries first?

TINA5H3 T&C No! We say no! Help your country man...they seem to be really really struggling... Don’t America need these?🙃 Now we going to die. I don't want a musk mina. These whites want to see us dead. Why don't they help us with money. Those testing kits must be returned and taken to italy maan fok. I wouldn't be suprised if these are contaminated with the virus.

WHY is he so hell bound in helping Africa, why not help America first?🤷 This just doesn't make sense!🙆 I saw a video on YouTube, a black American pleading with people to stay home as he was watching live, dead bodies being loaded in a van. You could hear from the guy's voice There is no assistance we need here!!! America has over 1200 one thousand two hundred death daily... give help there were it's seriously needed

One great man once said 'It is not from the benevolence of the brewer,the backer and the butcher that we expect our meal, but from the regard of their own intrests' Now we have trust issues with the West, whatever they are trying to offer to Africa will be regarded the devils move!! You left the research part where participants(Africans) may be needed.

J knew this was coming. After an egg was thrown on these goons' faces when Africans showed no interest in being used as testing subjects to the vacines.This is a plan, a conspiracy movd to infect the same africans so that they will at last shccumb to the virus & accept the vacine Pliz stop this scam bag

You'll find they're infected already Haven't we learnt from this🤷 They disappointed that Africans immune systems are much stronger than Europeans and Asia's Apparently those testing kids are already positive, so that they can inject us with their shitty vaccines.... be woke Africans Giveaway will solve things quick.. tell him we can drop our account anywhere 😊

Some of us don't want them What's his problem this old man As africa i dont with him.our lockdown campaign we running at the moment will help us and we should stick to it Would it be right to ask our media and NGOs to put a vigilant eye on Ramaphosa and his cronies if indeed an agreement to work with this American psychopath has been signed. Ask the man questions till he cracks

So his no longer bringing vaccine.. Goodness me! Ubani othe sidinga usizo lwakhe. It's the US and Europe that needs help. If he doesn't know what to do with his money he must bring it to me I will show him how to spend it. They are going to infect us with those bil gates kits. I'm sure they are contaminated with coronavirus

Some bloody Presidents think this is funny, it is clear we are being led by people who don't know the power behind United Black Nations. He must keep it ITALY🇮🇹 ---11596 Deaths China🇨🇳---3314 Deaths Spain🇪🇦---7716 Deaths USA 🇺🇸--- 2988 Deaths AFRICA (Whole continent)🌍- 23 & the world want to Start vaccine in Africa. We are not lab rats for once our leaders do the right thing

We don't want it in Africa Please We don't even want a visitor from overseas. Lest we forget... The drama around this is so funny. We don't need his help , he can fuckoff Assist yokunuka No thanks akaqale kubo That old man must now vanish, he has overstayed his welcome on the planet, he's a threat to humans. We don't even need his kits.

Shouldn't he help his folks kubo Spain & Italy Why not commit to Italy Should have read'Mass killings' Sithule nje siyabuka Nonsense Even Medical Practioners uses animals to test vaccines,... Nothing new on the Agenda here...!! We don't eat from the Satanism plate But Italy, Iran, UK, USA need this vaccine more than Africa

Ore tlwaela masepa this one Africans did not ask and do not want his assistance. Really? I'll stay home Lets hope he does not hide his fake vaccine in the test kit. He can shove it. Bill Gates ulala aboniswe nge Afrika... iyoyikisa nyani lento yakhe, lukhona unyawo lwemfene. No We don’t need his help. Why not help America?

Testing kits? Some have been found to give false positives, some sent to the UK were found contaminated with the virus. In exchange for what? Testing kits for Guinea pigs We knw this guy intentions and wishis, can you interview the president about that. The link below is the link of what Bill gates said about his vaccines that he will give to ppl

He should not be allowed, we are not testing dummies, he should go to Spain and Italy and France and America So that's the price tag Can someone tell him to assist USA and the European countries first...they have more cases and more higher death numbers than African countries Why Africa, Europe needs ut the most moes.

He wants to reduce the population with Corona Virus and South Africa is the starting point. I done trust Jack Ma and Bill Gate...they both step down as Leaders of their companies and after that thr was COVID-19 and both of them want to help so bad.. As far as I know south Africa is broke ..they even want to go to IMF for Mr Gate that's where you can for the vaccine...we are cool my g..

We're fine...he can assist USA.... Why do we need test kits from Bill Gates, can't we source they directly from China? Test kits okay bt not vaccination test centre Is he an African ? SABC U R not Ashamed, how can U even promote this Guy? There R many issues that deserve our attention NOT this EVIL ONE.🍺

Let his support and Albaba man start in Europe and America who are highly affected by 5G and Covad-19. Gates khasiphe imali sife sityebile nathi qha People alert of testing kits a vaccine from Bill Gates foundation to Africa, they contains Covid-19 and a chip to truck and spay on you 24/7 using 5G network they are busy covering of for Covid-19. Research for more information and be educated about all this mysteries.

No he must go and assist Italy Spain and USA. To you bill gate The African culture dictates that if you give me food, have it first to show there is no poison in it, He must help his own country. Haai suka🤚🤚 These white people think we are that generation of Mandela Media is so biased. Why are you not saying 'but twitter is not happy' 🙄

Because Bill Gates sees Africans as lab rats. BillGates which country or continent with the biggest number of CoronaVirus infections and CoronaVirusDeaths? All South Africans amaxoki This guy is tone deaf. Wonder if he has had this virus he wants to vaccinate others from. His old and loud in promoting his new Microsoft product ie. Vaccines. If only the lord would save the world from 1 self righteous GEEK. His arrogance is annoying in a global crisis.

People who can't count how many days into the lockdown we are are offering their opinions on issues way beyond their grasp. It must be a trip helping an ungrateful world. Why are they not assisting countries with more covid19 infections and deaths? They are really obsessed with spreading the virus through testing kits and masks.

World Mafias don't just assist without expecting something in return Bill Gates akame kancane tuu 🤷 BillGates help Italy, Spain and USA. Keep your shit A big thank you to Bill Gates. SABC NEWS...PLS STOP SELLING US KAK.... Our own SABC news broadcast will not do anything about what we are saying at this moment, we need the national broadcaster to be the voice to the voiceless and help us save the lives of Africans

Can someone who said wants the help from Bill Gates raised their hands please! Who said we need them help? We ain't fools, we already overseen their plan You forgot to mention: Research 👆🏾 Is now Africa a test Lab. NO NO NO NO BillGates what are you doung Didn't you read the reaction of blacksekfentitledprotectedRACISTS the don't WANT WHITE HELP ai ai keep your help man RaceRelations_ CyrilRamaphosa PresidencyZA

With due respect to South African government you can test who ever you want to but not my family and I’ll make sure that all of them are not tested Ai To the doomsayers without proof of nefarious intentions by Bill Gates, I want to say when I grew up there was a person known as Phungukani maZulu, who was kidnapping school kids with the intention of decreasing the number of Zulu people. That was a myth with no basis in truth.

The comments here show how ignorant people are. Please do some reading on his foundation you will realise how much they help people in africa already His vice satan this one Mthura08669003 my solution is simple ,lets not give this old man any media attention ,he must talk with himself then we move on ..hes not our God nor our Doctor

Do you mind telling us your source of statistics about covid in Africa? We don't want you sir please nd your kit Let him give us money, we will source it ourselves. Charity begins at home, Sir! He owns the Coronavirus Patent. Wake up Africa. As for South Africa, go look at what Ramaphosa is saying CyrilRamaphosa he is in agreement with bill. Tests kits and vaccines are coming. Wake up Africa, Stand up and fight.

China, Italy etc.... Sicela uluhlonitshwa bandla. Akuqale kubo eMelika We are not lab rats America has the highest number of infected people a d still rising Why don't he start there first BillGates why is so much interested in Africa and leaving his country and Europe? did any of African leaders who turned to him for help?

We know his intentions in trying to help Africa. This man is evil. Don't we ask why? Why Africa? Africa it's not a lab and we ain't lab rats vaccine Over 600 died in the last 24 hours in the USA he should help them they are also short of medical kits Bill Gates must keep those Tests away from Africa, Europeans and Americans are Dying Left Right and Center and He is not concerned with his own people; Bill Gates wants to fulfill his ominous outlook of Africa where Millions are killed from the Virus. The Elite are Chancers.

I am sorry I don't trust his intentions. There's something to this for him! Why is he so keen? Hes a good man. Has done alot to fight malaria in africa too He must help his fellow western powers, they are the most hard hit by this virus! But he mustn't bring his shit of vaccination to Africa😠😠😠 We don't want Gates assistance. Thank you! Proudly African

I'm watching and waiting to see how our leaders respond to this? That's nonsense we don't need his assistant here in Africa , want I know it's all president's are involved on this and some politician ... this men is a demon seriously He is up to something this one. Nothing for free in this world. The truth is that these guys want to destroy Africa.

I am more suspicious of the media than I am of Gates. Bill Gates is assisting many places including Africa, yet the 'Headline Technicians' know what will provoke and trend. Nc nc We fvcken don't need it, testing kits is now worse than the virus. I dont trust this evile man🤔 Mthura08669003 WE'RE GRATEFUL & FULLY BEHIND HIM JUST AS LONG AS HE KEEPS DOING GOOD EN KEEPS HIS VACCINE(s) VERY VERY VERY FAR AWAY FROM AFRICA SIMPLE. WE GONE AWRIGHT! 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

He is fake No ways he can shove it where the sun barely shines!!!we are not their lab-rats!!!! Apprehensive where vaccines or gates are concerned? iyazikhipha kancane kancane le ndoda kimi Sabc is trying to spin and soften our minds to receive vaccine from this chap Test kits nd vaccines can be used transmit this virus, I'm just saying it's a possibility

Since when did Africa was declared his Laborotory? The scourge is in USA, Europe, etc, why target Africa? Something is not adding up. Charity begins at home Afrika rejects those testing kits! We dont need his help Of what use will that testing kit be? Africa must wake up & never to allow this BillGate achieve this his delivish business move! Let him help America first! Let him help italy! Let him help other nations first! Africa is safe! God is on our side, we don't need him!

His Microsoft Windows keep freezing and needing an update . He can't keep viruses off there but he thinks he can vaccine the world. Pathetic AfricansAreNotRatLabs Mthura08669003 Those testing kits are infected already Conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy..aaaiii

He must start in USA. Why Africa? Coronavirus is not intense in Africa as compared to Europe & US. But on the other hand he knows that corrupt rulers have been waiting for someone to do that, they (corrupt rulers) only want to keep Africa in a state of dependency. Is Corona the first pandemic since the beginning of time?Why did he not help with others,was he broke then?

EWallet the money not maskssssss We don't need it he must give it to Italians why so much assistance for Africa? UK, US, Italy are worse affected extend a helping hand to them first. Let him assist his fellows in Italy and America,in Africa we are okay and safe!!! God and gods of Africa are with us...let him keep his wealth and everything and we keep our Africanity,we miss uncle Bob in times like this and Zuma.

Contaminated test kits. He is on a mission to depopulate Africa...his obssession with Africa worries me. He must be stopped!! Charity begins at home Bill must commit to help his Americans and leave us alone we greatfull for all he has done in the past but for now can he focus on helping his people thank you

Haibo! He must go help in Italy! China! USA! THEY NEED IT MORE THAN AFRICA!! Why must BLACK PEOPLE always be guinea pigs of all the nonsense WHITE PEOPLE come up with! Please leave AFRICA alone, whites have done enough damage!!! Pls...We dont need his Help... Is he a doctor now? This one wants to kill us

What's wrong with this guy mara😩 his obsession with Africans 😭 Did they ask for help he must go and help Italy and Spain Ya neh. Remove the word philanthropist on the headline please Why is he so obsessed with helping Africa... This man must understand we don't need his help Hao We don't need his assistance, he can take it and shove it where the sun doesn't shine. Africans aren't genie pigs

Bill can keep his kids. We are doing just fine You mean that guy who once said that there were too many people in Africa? Coz if it's the same dude you can tell him I said to take his aid and shove it where the sun don't shine. ramsayshonge No Let him keep his demonic money. He just wants to push his 5G agenda in exchange for the vaccine and chip into Africa. We are tired of these power hungry clowns. America and Europe need help too. Can’t they just stop with their nonsense. Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

We don't want them, take to them to america. They need it the most. He must first assist Europe and America coz that's where currently this Virus is destroying. kabelodick I never trust anyone who is a friend of my (African) enemy, never. If Gates is a enemy number one of Africans then I guess our continent is led by enemies of their people. Simple as that.

We are leaderless we don't want this it they must start with those who are mostly affected, is this the same gay who was worried about the growing rate of the population of African? Now he will be depopulation of Africans American people dying because of corona. He should assist 🇪🇸 🇨🇳 🇺🇸 🇮🇹 B4 assisting African countries. Thanks for your commitments Mr Bill Gates

Who asked him ? We don't want the 'Testing Kits' Let him assist his country and his neighbouring first before he comes to Africa. Charity begins at home so let him start at his home dey will send dose contaminated test kit to Africa 2 spread dis virus!! as they are dissapointed by the slow rate of the spread of de deasese DearMrPresident

In exchange for using us as test subjects for his 'vaccine' right? Why is Gates so obsessed with this Corona thing. TB, Aids and Malaria kills more people in Africa than any other disease why can't he assist with that Uzonya moes I have no issues with his philanthropic work but I do ask myself...why the sudden interest in Medicine and yet He's not a health professional and his fortune was not made out of the pharmaceutical industry. Why doesn't he put money behind medicine and keep quite

vaccine We dont want his kits here . I smell damage control Yah let him help but no vaccine

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Bill Withers, soul icon behind ‘Lean On Me,’ dies at 81Withers also found love from hip-hop artists eager to let samples of his hits power their raps, including Jay-Z, Tupac Shakur and Blackstreet.

'Lovely Day' hitmaker Bill Withers dead at 81Bill Withers, the man who gifted the world with hits like 'Lean on Me,” “Lovely Day” and “Ain’t No Sunshine,” has died from heart complications. He will live on through his legendary and classic music ! What a loss....thank you for the good music you entertained and left us.....RipBillWithers 1st it was Ellis Marsalis & now Bill Withers!😭😭

Soul singer Bill Withers dies at 81Bill Withers, the Grammy Award-winning singer known for songs including 'Lean on Me', 'Ain't No Sunshine' and 'Lovely Day', has died at the age of 81. 😭 there wont be sunshine when you gone Rest in peace ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ So sad. He lived in my home and our hearts for as long as I remember. I have beautiful and much-cherished memories. Will have my own private music wake. Resting in peace with celestial choirs. RIPBill thanks for good music

Soul singer Bill Withers diesAccording to a statement released by his family a short while ago, Withers died of heart complications. Aint no sunshine when hes gone. RIP A legend

Soul singer Bill Withers, 81, diesMay his soul RIP💔 News24 Rest In Peace. Bill Withers News24 I grew up to his music... MHSRIEP