Banks must keep hand sanitisers at ATMs: NDZ

Banks must keep hand sanitisers at ATMs: NDZ

2021-01-13 10:19:00 AM

Banks must keep hand sanitisers at ATMs: NDZ

Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, explained the latest Level 3 lockdown regulations.

Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, and Home Affairs Minister Aaron Motsoaledi are giving an update on the changes to some of the regulations, restrictions and enforcement.JOHANNESBURG - Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, says financial institutions must provide sanitisers at ATMs.

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SUMMARY:Ramaphosa's address on adjusted level 3 regulations"The one new regulation is the one about the banks. It came to our attention that people, especially during the festive season, queue at ATMs but there is no sanitisation. The regulation now is that every bank or financial institution must ensure that there are sanitisers at the ATMs."

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Lol gone Imagine a South Africa that is cash free no cash no coins all digital. A country free of corruption as all transactions can be traced and verified. No bribing corrupt officials. In Soshanguve Crossing, there are no sanitizers at all CapitecBankSA Atms ....But Well done to FNBSA, they always have one , even on Sundays. And I think they should also encourage people to sanitize AFTER using the Atm.

If not automated, wouldn't last an hour before getting stolen. More people are now moving to using drugs and sharing needles as the alcohol is ban. HIV rate is increasing while they concentrating on sanitizing 😭 10 months later ... Has she gone bonkers? She is dom They will dissapear kodwa 🤭 Government departments are worse I was passing HomeAffairsSA JHB CBD and OfficialSASSA this morning the queues were and there was no social distancing or even someone to coordinate the queue.

Watch the push for no cash at all soon. No way Hosea! Hita yiva moes Then our banking fees will go up..Haibo!!! StandardBank got this right from the start Standardbank got this right from the start. A year later - we mentioned this things before even a first hard lockdown 🤔 I cannot believe you utter such stupid ideas. Its practically not possible for as many reasons as the number of pebbles on your beaches... Like you carry your own mask, carry your own sanitizer.

Gogo it’s time now 2021 This Role don’t suit you please retire now. We need fresh Vibey generation And taxi's? DlaminiZuma we need sanitizers for our ears to cleanse our ear canals that is stuffed with your Bull💩 rules we hear everytime. And we need sanitizers for our eyes to cleanse it of the dumb 💩 rules we have to look at via media. Go smoke a ZOL

In as far as sanitisers in PRIVATE MOTOR VEHICLES is concerned, it is NOW automatically unlawfull & unconstitutional for the Minister to issue regulations. Only the owner may make the decision. GET IT MINISTER!!!!!! Fool Liquid soap is not hand sanitizer. When are us citizens going to take some sort of responsibility? Why is it always big business

What about SASSA? Maybe you should send your troops to monitor those lines and enforce social distancing. ancshouldfall you all are just infringing on our human rights and making up regulations to push your own agendas!! fokanc Wondering why this is only raised now. I always have my bottle with me there. Seems like common sense because people come from all over to use that. Banks knew this. They can't be that naive.

The banks, in my opinion, do not have the capacity to comply with the ruling at the many remote ATM. My prediction is that they will simply close these - driving more and more people to the malls where they have a physical presence. Yes Infact, it should be the step on kind so as to avoid physical contact with the bottlee

Too little too late? ✅ How long does the minister believe that the hand sanitizers will last at the ATM? Should the banks employ a huge team of people constantly checking every ATM to see the sanitizer has not been vandalized or stolen? Surely, if sense prevails, everybody carries their own sanitizer. Totally agree

No need to sanitise.....Just keep you hands off the atm’s.....the money is for the people not the ANC....... This one wants most ATMs closed so that more people can queue at fewer ATMs spreading the virus eveen more Stupidity Wat hppns wth cash ppl use. Wen covid + won't it transfer 4rm the moni. Does NDZ evn use her brains wen 4cing her borrowed power on ppl who gave it 2 her. Start thinking ANC taking our rites 4rm us wth these regulations. Who makes citizens criminals 4 a mask & criminal record

I would prefer wipes so that we can wipe the machine before ues. Ok so my suggestion... unless the bank has a security guard there to sanitize don’t run the risk... close the atm down. My question is this : how do you ensure customers use the sanitiser before using the ATM? How will this be enforced? This is another pipedream....

Y’all are worried about such when there’s people losing jobs people dying and y’all care if there’s enough hand sanitizer at the ATM. See why y’all need to leave power cause you be acting dumb and stupid for real. 😂 Nedbank in my area and Absa bank have sanitizers at the ATM with FNB partially included reason the security at the door sanitise when you go in and come out guess that is also good so DlaminiZuma you are slow with this it's happening already at some banks ATM not all

What next, how long will that last before been stolen Who thought of this? That person is brilliant! 🙄🙄🙄 People who care so little about themselves by not personally sanitizing after being in contact with a public keyboard and money shouldn't complain if they're policed. Guards will probably to be employed to see that they use it and not steal it. Sad population of mindless thieves.

And the SASSA offices and traffic departments. Thousands que here. Pls give us your take on this And what about the ATMS not situated at banks? Malls, shops, petrol stations? Ai and yew only saying this now? Please Clearly she knows nothing about amaphara apha eSouth Ahhh...😄 What is the use the will still does Senitizers

That's not news 🚮🚮 Are you serious...? This idiot! Ask her to fund it fron her own money or stolen money.... Comrades Good suggestion: tell the ANC et al, to keep their hands clean ..... howThey suggest it let them give you the solution.. That’s what has been in place in Botswana since the pandemic started..🤔

This gogo doesn't think before she speaks, does she know the hand sanitizers will get stolen if left alone at ATMS? What about OfficialSASSA ? +27 73 737 7618 message me on WhatsApp if you want to make up to $8000 weekly on bitcoin investment without sending your money Go to the post office I want to see something?

This idea is never wrong... sigh