Bad bosses to blame for a third of employee resignations in SA

Bad bosses to blame for a third of employee resignations in SA

2019-10-09 04:45:00 PM

Bad bosses to blame for a third of employee resignations in SA

Managers who claim credit for their employees' work and favour some over others are being hauled over the coals in a new workplace survey.

Some of the comments shared in the research highlighted inadequate leadership in SA's workplaces. These included:“I resigned from my previous job because of the owner that handled people like trash. I didn’t want to leave, and I loved my work, but he never gave me leave or cared about my wellbeing after everything I did for his business.”

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“Very greedy, steals sales & takes credit for other people’s ideas. Loves playing mind games & playing people against each other. His way or the highway.”“Incompetent, lacks management skills, absolutely no vision, no planning skills, cannot delegate or structure.”

“He loves to swear at people, is a bit short-tempered and he is always right, even when he is wrong. We call him Mr Always Right.”“My boss is very autocratic and is reluctant to change and involve others in the decision-making process. He fails to create harmony in the workplace.”

“Not dealing with work or personal issues has its consequences, so it is no surprise that 27% of employees say they have nightmares, 18% seek mental health support and 12% drink heavily because of their boss’s behaviour,” the survey authors said.“It also might explain why over 50% of employees never want to socialise with their boss.”

More than 55% of those surveyed said they would never invite their manager to a personal life event such as a wedding or birthday party. Only 9.3% said they would. For those who said they would invite their boss, a wedding came out tops at 64%. The reason? 40.8% said they liked their manager on a personal level.

Only 16% reported that they were friends with their boss, with nearly half saying they would actively avoid their boss outside work. The majority said they wouldn’t discuss their personal lives with their boss. Read more: Times LIVE »

Most bosses are a law unto themselves, sufferfrom inferiority complex, are so multi skilled to an extent that they think they know better than specialists in complex areas such as medicane and engineering. Most bosses are a law unto themselves, sufferfrom inferiority complex, are so multi skilled to an extent that they think they know better than specialists in complex areas such as medicane and engineering.

And bosses to blame for all employee recruitment.. MrMathsa Those bullies There is bosses that will suck you dry for there own benifts than when its increase time you not performing well SeedAforika Some of these people came on twitter and expressed how relief they felt Most of these so called bosses know nothing about business!!!they are only there because of these BBE and they are connected with people who are in top positions.most of them didn't go to business class,so they don't know how treat their employees...'talking from experience'

Toxic people drain the life of you. They change you for the worse and use every weapon to make you feel worthless. You can fight or take flight. Whatever you choose you are scarred. Yoooooo True. I had to resign. I couldn't go to my supervisor or the manager cause they were the problem. My supervisor literally made me stand on my feet for 11hours shift while i was pregnant high risk and also a stretched ligament. They all racist bullies

napemoholola Racism 😡😠 Not all bosses are bad though. I worked under fantastic human beings in my corporate career. Of course there are many assholes than descent bosses in corporate world. In the Public sector is worse, they put idiots as managers TsipaA Everyone hates the boss. That's way it is. If you take this article with any amount of credulity, you suffer from a victim mentality and are probobly a shit employee.

I testify like lambo doors raise up!!! 7777777UI Ask MYANC MPs HlabirwaNgwato Eish......i know that experience as a stat and no prize for guessing skin colour. A third is an underestimation. 'Bad Bosses please read this'. The problem in SA is that people are appointed into management/leadership positions due to technical skills. Human relations & business skills are undermined. Most incumbents are not even taken through stringent recruitment and assessment processes

In most cases the companies have good policies in place , it's always the middle management that creates a stink in the workplace I've personally experienced that and know what I am talking about Oh I think it’s much higher than that. Boss quality in sa is in severe decline. Abi_Maila It is true I know a gang that can kill your boss if hired. Please DM for a free quotation .

Some people think being an arsehole is being a good boss Bosso ke mang? You can also add the 'reason many companies under perform' Nothing more painful that working for an idiot lol... They don't even give you that luxury breath to resign they fire you only to lose the case if contested Satans people who raise hell at work.

I’m on the verge of becoming a statistic 😩

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