As fertiliser shortages persist, peecycling – recycling human urine – is grabbing attention | Businessinsider

2022/06/20 10:42:00

Proponents say human urine can be a safe fertiliser for growing any kind of crop.

Proponents say human urine can be a safe fertiliser for growing any kind of crop.

The need to find alternative sources for fertilizer have become urgent as chemical fertilizer shortages from the Ukrainian war threaten countries globally.

A field of sunflowers near Bloemfontein.Thousands of US flights cancelled or delayed as labour shortages trigger more travel chaos Business Insider US , Share Almost 800 flights scheduled to operate on Sunday have also been axed, Flight Aware data shows.Financial Times reported, which has led to public venues being closed and the reintroduction of mass testing., carried by rats infested with plague-carrying fleas.

(Getty) Fertiliser shortages caused by the Ukrainian war are driving up global food prices.A researcher in France urine is a nutrient-rich alternative and less polluting than synthetic fertilisers.Cancellations come after 1,700 flights were axed and 8,800 delayed on Thursday.A non-profit in the US, the has a flagship urine-recycling initiative in Vermont.VCG/Getty Images Last month local authorities bussed hundreds of people who were close contacts of Covid-19 cases to the Olympic Village in Chongli after Beijing's most populous district ran out of beds in quarantine facilities, the FT reported.For more stories,.For more stories go to www.Researchers say human urine – or peecycling – could be a liquid gold alternative to chemical fertilisers.A painting titled"Carting the Dead" by French artist Jean-Pierre Moynet that depicts a cart of bodies that died from the Black Plague in the 1300s.

Fabien Esculier, a researcher at the OCAPI research program in France, told Euro News that urine is a nutrient-rich alternative filled with nitrogen, phosphorus, and think I'll need to stay here for seven days, but no one has told me any details," he said.Esculier said human waste is less polluting than synthetic fertilisers, which contain ammonia.The need to find alternative sources for fertiliser has become urgent as chemical fertiliser shortages from the Ukrainian war threaten countries globally.Airlines are continuing to cancel thousands of flights this weekend as passengers travel for the Juneteenth holiday on Monday.According to analysts at , Russia exports nearly 20% of the world's nitrogen fertilisers and – combined with Belarus – 40% of the world's exported potassium.VCG/Contributor/Getty Images The new outbreak and closing of public venues in Beijing took place just days after they had reopened following a month-long closure.Because of Western sanctions in response to Russia's actions, many of the world's farmers have been cut off.More than 6,000 flights were cancelled or delayed across Friday and Saturday, according to data from flight tracker Flight Aware.The most common symptoms of the bubonic plague were large, pustulant boils (buboes) in the groin, neck, and armpits.

A non-profit in Vermont in the USA, the Rich Earth Institute, has been working on alternative waste management options for over a decade and has a flagship urine-recycling initiative.The Institute has a research division that studies how urine can be used as a fertiliser to grow crops.A further 781 flights scheduled to operate on Sunday have also been axed, with American Airlines, Delta, Spring Airlines and China Eastern among the carriers with the most cancellations.It also offers community members the chance to rent urine-collecting portable toilets for public events.In a video produced by researchers at the University of Michigan about peecycling, Abe Noe-Hays, a co-founder of the Institute, said using urine as fertiliser is a better approach in comparison to synthetic fertiliser because it is sustainably produced."There's no doubt that urine can be a safe fertiliser for growing any kind of crop," he said.This bacteria is the cause of the Bubonic plague, also known as the Black Plague or Black Death.

One area of research the non-profit has been looking into is the effect of pharmaceuticals in urine and whether that would negatively impact crop growth.In a study conducted from 2014 to 2020, the team found that while there are some pharmaceuticals detectable in crop tissue, the levels are extremely small.The New York Times reported the organisation collects the urine of around 200 local volunteers to be used for research on a number of farms in the area."We're in a moment where chemical fertiliser has more than doubled in price and is really representing a part of our system that is way out of our control," Noah Hoskins, who uses the urine in hayfields at the Bunker Farm in Dummerston, where he raises various animals such as cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys, told The Times.He added that he sees"strong results from the urine" and wishes the institute could provide more pee.

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