Anti-vaxx mother and daughter contracted Covid-19 and died 2 weeks apart on the same hospital ward

Anti-vaxx mother and daughter contracted Covid-19 and died 2 weeks apart on the same hospital ward | @BISouthAfrica

2021-09-18 09:15:00 PM

Anti-vaxx mother and daughter contracted Covid-19 and died 2 weeks apart on the same hospital ward | BISouthAfrica

Sammie-Jo Forde, 32, and Heather Maddern, 55, from Northern Ireland, died within two weeks of each other after refusing the Covid-19 vaccine.

:"This has just shattered my world. I've lost my daughter, my best friend." He said Forde, who had four children, and Maddern were"very, very close"."They worked together, they lived together, and they died together," he said.

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"I never, never thought in my life I would bury my daughter," McAllister told the BBC, adding that he did not believe she had any underlying health conditions and was healthy until she contracted Covid."These people who are not taking the Covid-19 injection - they're not thinking of the other people that they leave behind," he said, explaining he didn't know why they refused the vaccine. Alan Chambers, an Ulster Unionist Party MLA, who knows the bereaved family, told the

Belfast Telegraph:"It's such shocking news, Sammie-Jo had four kids. Sammie-Jo was such a good mum to them."As care workers, the mother and daughter would have been eligible for the vaccine from January 2020 onwards.The tragic deaths come as

CDC data shows that those who remain unvaccinated are 11 times more likely to die from Covid-19 than those who are vaccinated. Read more: News24 »

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BISouthAfrica BISouthAfrica Would you ha e used the same headline if this happened (and similar did) before the vaccine? You are trying so hard to keep to the narrative and manipulation of people to get the vaccine. novax BISouthAfrica This article is in bad taste. BISouthAfrica 😂😂😂😂 Still wondering if News24 is a brainwash machine?

BISouthAfrica When you haven’t taken the jab they call you an anti-vaxxer When you die from Covid and you haven’t got the jab they call you an anti-vaxxer So what do they call the people that die from taking the jab? And what do they call people that have taken the jab? BISouthAfrica BISouthAfrica With same vigour please report jab fatalities

BISouthAfrica And many more vaxxed have died since getting the jab.... BISouthAfrica People talk such crap about the vaccine killing people they know. Just because someone dies who had the vaccine does not automatically mean the vaccine killed them. BISouthAfrica 😂😂😂Good luck BISouthAfrica Vax or no vax we are all going to die one day 🤨

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BISouthAfrica Play stupid games win stupid prizes BISouthAfrica BISouthAfrica Oksalayo, anti-vaxx society will not be deterred by your propaganda, misguided, manipulative reporting antics. BISouthAfrica Did they tell y’all that they are anti-vaxx before they passed? 🤔 BISouthAfrica BISouthAfrica Thats so sad 😭

BISouthAfrica This has been happening since the 10 people who came from Italy brought us the Covid-19.

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National State of Disaster regulations remain necessity to fight Covid-19Ramaphosa also said government must work on how some regulations can be weaved into government policy.