ANCYL provincial leader in custody after alleged rape | Citypress

ANCYL provincial leader in custody after alleged rape

2021-12-05 09:30:00 AM

ANCYL provincial leader in custody after alleged rape

What started as an ordinary caucus meeting held by the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) at the University of SA in Pretoria turned ugly after one of the league’s senior members was arrested for alleged rape.

Enter recipient email addressIn his statement, the man said he was resigning from both positions so he could focus on the case. Photo: FileNEWSThe man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has since resigned from his full-time job in one of the Gauteng government departments after a charge was laid against him.

After the rape charge was laid on Friday, the man handed himself over to the SA Police Service in Sunnyside, where he is being held. He also stepped down from the ANCYL provincial task team with immediate effect. The alleged rape took place on Tuesday.

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Just can't keep their tools in their pants. sbahlesonke0 come this side.. we want to see a poster supporting the women raped by your fellow cde please tog... Cc Cfiso_RF ranaperefilwe1 Just ANC things... What does ANCwl say? Do they believe the alleged victim? Should society expect ANC members to protest outside court in support of the alleged rapist as we've become accustomed to with the ANC, Limpopo recently did it as was the case with Jacob Zuma (Kwezi) and Mamkhize was handsomely rewarded with GP legislature post.

All men will end up in jail!This is not a laughing matter.our 20years exe's may come forward and claim that we raped them 20 years ago. Awu! Where is Nonceba Mhlawuli?

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dumingo33 These are the real rapists Everyone seems to be getting Raped on social media. What’s happening. Where is Bathabile Dlamini? She issued statement on Jub Jub🤣🤣 Rocco_Matome Then you come and tell us that ANCYL is the bright future for this Country? TebogoMoloi16 Not surprising at all, this are bunch of criminals.

ANCYL ended in Julius_S_Malema era.and it will never be restored. Ladies no matter how difficult it maybe please report this monsters asap. This is what women should do after being raped, open rape cases klaar not announce on social media Ya ne... Your leaders that you love so much. Nwabe2 😂😂😂Political sabotage this one

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