ANCWL drags ANC to court over 'rigged' election | Citypress

ANCWL drags ANC to court over 'rigged' election

2021-09-19 11:00:00 AM

ANCWL drags ANC to court over 'rigged' election

ANC Women's League blames Thembinkosi Nciza, the ANC regional secretary in Ekurhuleni, of influencing provincial secretary Esther Nhlapho to sway the results of the regional executive committee.

Just when the governing party thought the dust was settling on the local elections candidates’ list disputes, a group of disgruntled ANC Women’s League (ANCWL) members in Ekurhuleni has dragged the party to court.The 31 members accuse the party of failing to intervene in the ANCWL’s disputed seventh regional conference in June this year, according to an urgent application lodged in the Johannesburg High Court on September 3. The members claim that the elections were rigged and, despite the group’s dispute lodged with the regional, provincial and the national executive committees, challenging the results, nothing was done.

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ANC a i safani. Why is ANC fighting itself instead of its leader? He simply is doing an awful job Shame on you anc is not ancwl? What a CIRCUS Father God we believe in You next when ANC elect new thiefs on their conference plz boom the venue to protect SA. They are bewitched they can't change so plz God make them your 2022 business or let them kill each other, Thank You God.

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Damning report of an ANC in turmoil | CitypressThe ANC electoral committee, led by veteran Kgalema Motlanthe, this week presented a hard-hitting report to the national executive council (NEC), identifying divisions among the CR17 and radical economic transformation (RET) groupings, regional secretaries who had gone rogue and gangsters who had taken over the ANC in areas such as Tshwane. Mrs lethica001 i really appreciate your all your efforts with the little startup of R4000 with all joy over me after withdrawing R17,850 you can check my media for testimony i told you i will recommend everyone in South Africa to trade with your team you're the best thank you niehaus_carl ? Ahh this one 😒

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What’s in City Press: Damning report of an ANC in turmoil | Ndlovu puts on a show | CitypressGood morning! This is what you can expect in your City Press today Morning, Registered? Got you: ANC has been like this for more than 15 years now. Didn't they see? The factionalism and gangsterism isn't only in the ANC branches. It permeates every branch of government, from admin clerks in Home Affairs to cabinet ministers.

Island_Tribe17 ....all this years elections where rigged and the dead came back to life, now that there is factions court is the only solution? Bring back the dead, Lesilo rula bafung. Tha ANC takes the ANC to court. The ANC brand name is so strong nobody wants to leave the ANC. But they don't mind harming the ANC.

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'You're killing the ANC': Kgalema Motlanthe warns NEC over factionalismYour factionalism is killing the ANC. This was the stark warning ANC heavyweight Kgalema Motlanthe gave the party's national executive committee (NEC) this week. That's what we want , ANC killed and finished He is the one who said ANC must die He too once belonged to a faction in 2007.He allowed people who were way beyond the required age of the yl to continue to be leaders bcos they belonged to his faction.He established the task team to exonerate him.Factions and ANC same what's up group.

Huh ANCParliament GovernmentZA CyrilRamaphosa Our_DA SAElections2021 if you’re considering voting ANC in the upcoming elections ask yourself if the ANC has bankrupted itself how can they run a country? Think before you put these incompetent fools in charge of your future! Just close shop or drop them under 50%

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ANC top brass agrees to deal with councillor list disputes even after electionsThe ANC national executive committee has confirmed the party will deal with disputes about its lists of would-be councillors even after the November 1 local government elections. And who must believe that because every local government election year we facing this problem (people's choices vs deployees). ANC is scoring an own goal and they'll live to regret it one-day Hahaha MYANC is a CORRUPT organization.... Organization is Damaged and I doubt it will recover....

errolbsk What the.... Now where does these internal fights leave people of SA? Ziyakhala ! Trumpets all over the world. ANC is finish 👀 Imagine voting for this madness, it only means that they will finish the whole five years fighting for position instead of service delivery. Abram237914521 ZIYAKHALA MANJE

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