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ANC welcomes extended lockdown period, DA says will create an economic disaster

2020-04-10 06:11:00 AM

ANC welcomes extended lockdown period, DA says will create an economic disaster

The African National Congress (ANC) has welcomed the announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa that the lockdown period will be extended.

His decision followed an extensive meeting of the National Coronavirus Command Council that was held on Wednesday as well as consultations that the he held with various social partners earlier in the week.Most of the existing lockdown measures will remain in force until the end of April.

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The ANC says it fully concurs with the President that ending the lockdown too soon risks a resurgence of the infection rate.“We commend the people of our nation for their discipline and compliance since the lockdown was announced two weeks ago.” Read more: SABC News Online »

DA must first win a SA democratic election before they make contributions on economic growth So let people contract the disease and die than loose money , you know what DA pack it now nxaaaaa WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO STUDENTS? CZ THEY SAID THAT THE UNIVERSITIES MIGHT REOPEN ON THE 20TH OF APRIL. Pls tell DA to sit down

That's all DA cares about. shows the kind of disaster we will be faced with if they were the governing body. Is the DA really worried about the economy or are they challenged by having to obey the president? DA is always opposing Meaning the DA chooses economic instead of the health of poor black south African?ok

The biggest tragedy will be to loss of lives not the economy. People should come with better solutions than telling us about economy meltdown as if we don’t know. We care about people at this stage, not what it will do capitalists who only cares about their profits. That's why the DA isn't making this decision the real man is he knows what's best..... ❤

It's typical of the DA, the whole world is under lockdown, not just SA. People who care more about enriching their pockets bayadika🙄🙄 Can u have life these days without money..but u cannot make money without healthy life.. If I had my way, the DA would be relegated to museums only, just to remind our grandchildren to be careful and not allow the reincarnation of apartheid.

Lol, what a joke of a political party Can the government give us a little stipend, even just R1000, these weeks about to be long DA must tell us what their plan would be; their indifference to 'the people's' lives will be exposed. DA must be called out of order here we are faced with life and death. This extended will create more than problems.sometimes when you want to make a decision consult people from the villages because are the ones who vote

People must consider safety precautions on this virus. Safety plan should be generated in all organizations. Only production companies can operate. This virus can be controlled. Rather than bursting at home while looking at the economy crumble. Politicians deciding on Money or Lives Opposition parties should give better solutiond, not point out what's obvious... The president is trying & I'm sure he's consulted a lot of stakeholders

To DA. Money is more important than life. Look what is happening in Western Cape Con19 disaster DA showing their colour 😡 Fear not . our Redeemer Jesus Christ on this the day of our redemption. Thank U Lord that because U died for us and rose up 3 days later defeating death we will rise up after this and prosper like never before.

Oviaasly they will bcz they live in luxurious homes DA respect wealth than health of the most disadvantaged society in this country tebogomotshabi_ That’s why we will never vote for DA Kanti ngobakuthiwe utjhwala abasadayiswa labantu be Our_DA babuthathaphi bona. DA is not from Africa. Dont mind them And what DA IS XPECTING TO BE DONE?

And people will be saying but DA it is mostly your constituency that brought this virus in our country. I guess that will be the death of the it. Please DA consider your stance or the consequences will be dire for you. This was expected from the DA it was just matter of time. The impact that this covid-19 will have on the majority is higher that that of the minority. The DA does not care about the economy they found something to say.

Socialism versus capitalism,and the winner will be known after next year’s elections DA so the economy before life. Use that slogan for you campaign To us majority life before everything else lives matter samkelemaseko DA are worried about their WMC not really about the economy in general The DA simply does not value human life, its always profits before life. There is no economy without a healthy workforce.

DA doesn't care about the life of South Africans.. They know that it will affect the black communities mostly bcz they lack resources and the white people will quarantine themselves in their farms and suburbs.DA doesn't value lives, they're only here for money like the old days I don't get the anti DA bashing. Ramphosa completely acknowledged the lockdown would create an economic disaster. Any 7 year old could understand that.

The Our_DA only cares about money but if all the slaves die of Covid_19SA who is going work the fields and on the production floor to produce products they need to sell to save the economy? If it was up to DA we would have worked till the last person died of Covid-19 So True. samkelemaseko We kno de 27th long wknd would've meant people travel everywhr n increased risks, look out for May Day wknd as well. Economically,April had 9days or so, with a possible long wknd disruption. Possibly a week or 2 to STIL b added n flu season is not helping LockdownExtended

Zuma once said:”The role of the opposition party is to oppose the ruling party “ That's why DA is an opposition... They duty is to oppose even things that make sense😂😂😂😂 Better go play ur R3 Everyday ke payday lotto cos mid month they say - sorry.. perhaps half a pay I may have to agree with DA on this one. We cannot have taxi industry operating and yet have auto spares closed. Obviously some taxis will brakedown and where are they going to get spares to them back on the road so that SA citizen can access public transport.

Nostradamus said; There shall be a Loan from IMF and guess who will be in control of said funds.... just spend the next 2 weeks thinking up a name for this ImfGate Saga That's why DA will always come 2nd! U let them go do what ever they want at end they will make u suffer bcuz at the end when they sick they come running to you for help. Now they talk as if they going to their own planet mxm

I wonder what would have happened if sa had a proper lock down. Certain people don't seem to care. Thanks Mr President for choosing life on behalf of the economy,we are really proud of you...keep up the good work together with commanding council. Which disaster they are talking about economy can be fixed but people of South Africa they are not the be given another chance of living if the virus killed them so we are safe at homes our government is very wise this extension will going to give people the life

DA vele prefers economy over our lives. Bayahlanya DA must go to hell, we're talking human lives here DA never cared about the people .... here's proof Duh DA and your point is? What is DA doing to help? This cry baby mxm According to DA Economy Human life Now its time for people to see the kind of people to vote for

... Ndo vhea vhutshilo na lufu phanḓa haṋu.... Ṋangani-ha vhutshilo uri ni kone u tshila inwi na vhana vhaṋu Let them roam the streets It is really sad that the DA uses this crisis to score cheap political points. The country is suffering financially but as the president stated south African lives matters more.

I agree with DA everyday talking about Corona and people died but we don't get any update of their funerals😎😎😎 That's a disgusting stance from the DA. Im a DA voter but I think the DA's stance on this is wrong. Money is one thing, lives are another. Yes, this will create hardship for a lot of South Africans (myself included) but how much much is a life or thousands of lives worth? Can we put a price on that? Obviously not.

Goodbye DA It's money or your life you choose. I think action should be taken about the companies that refuse to pay people ... they say no work no pay .... they even force people to work.. act as if nothing is happening How to survived in this lockdown This coronavirus is not only going to severely damage world economies, but claim the jobs of some high profile politicians, MbalulaFikile Stellarated David_Makhura are unlikely to survive!

How do we sustain ourselves during this extended period of this 'Lock down.' Health before wealth, it's a no brainier! Maybe we need to teach iDA about the Hierarchy of Life. samkelemaseko Please forward this Short message to DA ANC is leading us to the slaughter. Well, whether we like it or not, lockdown is a reality, not only in SA but worldwide. The alternative is burying hundreds of thousands of people.

We already knew moss DA ayisafani ever since Mmusi left it. Lives or Economy? Our_DA and money🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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DA claims ANC is committing fraud by illegally authorising trading permitsThe party called on the City of Tshwane's administrator to urgently take action against the ANC's councillors regarding the matter. So only white companies must make money? 🤷 Nothing new of the ANC, they are used to this 💩💩💩, most of informal trader's are foreigners If you anc card carrier you can become a CARRIER

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