ANC veterans to rule on Ace Magashule stepping aside | Citypress

Committee of ANC veterans close to finalising party policy on the ‘step-aside’ clause after NEC meeting to discuss Magashule’s futurewas postponed.

2021-01-24 08:30:00 AM

Ace must ‘follow DJ Fresh, Euphonik’s example’ Those at the NWC meet said the comment that even deejays were setting a better example than the ANC was met with “silence”. Phosa & Motlanthe to lead veterans committee on guidelines for ‘side-aside’ policy

Committee of ANC veterans close to finalising party policy on the ‘step-aside’ clause after NEC meeting to discuss Magashule’s futurewas postponed.

The ANC is edging closer to making a final decision on its “step-aside” policy after a committee of ANC veterans, led by former treasurer-general Mathews Phosa and former president Kgalema Motlanthe, reports back to Luthuli House after being tasked to assist the top six with working out the guidelines for the implementation of the contentious policy regarding ANC members who face criminal charges.

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At least two meetings of the national executive committee (NEC) have ended with members divided.There’s more to this storySubscribe to News24 and get access to our Read more: City Press »

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Just step down ALETTAHA So we now need other people to decide if it's morally wrong to still be 'working' and 'affiliated with' a party when there are allegations of rape, theft and corruption against you. I think one should know the answer if one has a conscience Finish him. Once you mrntion veterans, those are disgruntled factional over 60 yrs cadres, some were working with the apartheid government, now they emerge as veterans.

Ace is out already.....i can sense that from this weekend God bless you!! You're indeed a God sent to planet Earth, I never believed in her until I got my 4rh payout Charloteamelia7 I bless the day I found you Miss Charlote Amelia you’ve become a blessing to me and family Charloteamelia7 Behind every successful person there is alway a man/ woman trade with Charloteamelia7 is the woman behind my success story😘 thanks for giving me hope... Once again trade with Charloteamelia7 💯 guaranteed

Our Ace is going no where VusiSambo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ace thought by throwing Oom Carl under the bus will help him, little didn't know that the hunt for him still continues. VusiSambo Power is a destructive drug in the wrong hands. ANC = corruption theft and self gain tax evation 💩💩nothing more nothing less

Ace isn’t going anywhere because the ANC failed to apply it’s constitution when it comes to Rama. South Africans it will end in tears... Keep putting these people in power... But that would take a modicum of honour now wouldn't it? I don't know why they are taking so long to get rid of this tsotsi. They have so many forums for this, hay!