ANC's head of elections Fikile Mbalula tells people to vote EFF

This was not even the first time that Mbalula made this kind of mistake.

2021-10-24 07:21:00 PM

This was not even the first time that Mbalula made this kind of mistake.

Members of the EFF poked fun at ANC elections head Fikile Mbalula after he appeared to tell his followers to vote for the opposition.

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At times the account tweets weird selfies ….they are slipping up these Comms people. One day Athi will do the same 😂🤣 Its aint a mistake he if EFF We will recover from all this blunders, we forge foward Top South African investigators are working with the American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) after a security concern that the international terrorist group, Islamic State (IS), might be planning some co-ordinated attacks on the count

For now we need to forget about Mbalula South Africa is surrounded by terrorists, our county is going, my predictions are becoming reality and am scared. Ethiopians are here for a reason and nothing to do with kidnapping stories, below it's the truth, we are at war. SO what? He also tells ppl to be proud of being unemployed.. Work is just too hard and stressful...

HONORABLE President CR22 Ramaphosa Expected to arrive here Riverside View Diepsloot any moment MbalulaFikile GautengANC MYANC CyrilRamaphosa PresidencyZA RonaldLamola eNCA CR22 Newzroom405 SABCNews METROFMSA BetterSA CR22 Honestly, it was intentional. VoteEFF, it's a harsh tag, it wasn't him telling the supporters to vote eff buy was following a harshtag

Julius_S_Malema You're A G.O.A.T CIC It was never a mistake. Li fighter u MbalulaFikile

DA’s John Steenhuisen urges voters to shun ANC, EFF and independent candidates when casting their ballots“Forget about all the small parties that don’t just have the numbers to properly represent you, and certainly don’t have the numbers to keep the ANC or EFF out,” said Steenhuisen. He must really think voters are stupid😅🤣 Who cares what vuligate says? His party is dying quickly

👀 VoteEFF He did nothing wrong,, his vote was going to be a secret but now he can't hold himself any longer... He is going to vote for eff. He knows very well where he belong He scored another own goal, eish Mbaks MbalulaFikile Whe the name EFF mentioned he pee his trouser this one. BobbyMohanoe Razzmatazz 💚❤️🖤✊🤣🤣

You know the time has come to take the cell phone away from Seniors. When they are a danger to themselves For correction its not a mistake its a good call

'ANC is f***ing up' SA, but EFF, PA no better, says Joburg mayoral candidateLufuno Gogoro has been in the ANC, EFF, PA, and Adec, but says he simply wants to implement the policies the ANC has failed to do. Who does one vote for then.... It is a very difficult decision to make.... Even i do not know who i am voting for on 1 Nov, if at all. He must just first take a bath From being a political “rolling stone” to mayoral ambitions. He should have told the ANC that he wants to be a Mayor, not a supporter. We VoteEFF in the LGE2021 because we want LandAndJobsManje

😂😂😂 It was not a mistake, he saw RED. Mbalula is not alone on this issue. VoteEFF Mr President must be furious Dankie Mbalula Naturally the guy is daft What a insult to leadership, empty tins always makes the most noise. “Mistake”? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Ao shame, he is tired shame, he is not the spin doctor they thought he is...

WATCH | Malema pokes fun at people attending EFF rally in ANC T-shirts'We are happy to see that even members of the ANC have arrived because they know where to find leadership. They have no leadership, they have abandoned their own people,” said Malema 😷 Those are eff members pretending to be an ANC members....🐘 Chowed the VBS so all the same.

He iz alright anc is having its last kicks of dying horse Thanks Mr Fix Prudy_SA Bathong 😂 its not a mistake anymore...rather a freudian slip... Can't blame him. If you are tired of Corruption lies and empty promises of MYANC vote EFFSouthAfrica or MyPAConline For the second time?😂 Hz a EFF member that one and when ANC loses power hz going to his friends

Fokkol for brains...😂😂😂 Fighter this one This one since frm day 1 he's been confusef nje. Musanda 🤽‍♀️⚽️🐜=🐀💣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🎓🎓🎓🗳🗳🗳💅🏽💅🏽🌹🤝🙏🙏💃🏾

ANC is on the Right path now, Motlanthe tells disgruntled votersFormer president, and head of the ANC's electoral committee Kgalema Motlanthe believes the ruling party is on a better path now than it was in 2017 - when he said it would have been best if it hit rock bottom and lost the national elections. Yahhh some ppl have got a nerve Mothlante Mbeki sekushoda u Tutu He knows deep down his heart that he isn't telling the truth. Motlanthe is very intelligent but he has put it on hold just before making this statement.

Musanda just clear your glass to see there are no clouds here it’s just that vhangani Is tired of covering your lies 😂😳🤷‍♀️it Wii take you how long to see that huna tshimbevha infront of you sir remember bad habits itshinya good ones:- vhangani is playing with red 🐜 =🐀💣💣 EFF? Mistake ke mistake. So you never made mistakes twice weni.

I said this before that🇺🇸 said the the native that works inside house is not as good as the native that works in garden 😂🧙‍♀️:this usually happens in gals life you tell your friend about two guys who hitting you at the same time and friends would say follow your heart mngani 😂🙈 Mara ndizwamini zwaushumela madzangano mavhili ngatshinga tshithihi asivhurengisi naa? Arali hovha hune vhafuwi vha village ndovhanditshidopandela vhangani ngauri ufhedza maanda a musanda thisVenda proverb that says you only throw what is in hand but not what is in your heart😳🤷‍♀️

MbalulaFikile must just come out and be himself. He is in an abusive relationship kwa khongolose. His energy can be better used to build a future. VoteEFF One hopes he is not not accused of being affiliated with them and accused of Fairy Tales. Guess kubhadliwe, we hope. 😂😂😂😂

ANC is on the Right path now, Motlanthe tells disgruntled votersFormer president, and head of the ANC's electoral committee Kgalema Motlanthe believes the ruling party is on a better path now than it was in 2017 - when he said it would have been best if it hit rock bottom and lost the national elections. Who pays for the shit they already created? Should we? F that. If the ANC was serious Cele would be gone along with his CSP MYANC CyrilRamaphosa I wonder how he got to this conclusion. Imagine saying this 💩when you are accompanied by the same person that spent R431m to sanitise schools that were closed. They do this so that those in their circle still have access to BS tenders.

Fighter Mbalula is one of us😅😅VoteEFF Dankie Citzen Dankie fikile The bottom line is he admires what he sees in EFF campaign trails he's knocking at the EFF door ANC under Ramaphosa is finished He saw a leader in cic many years ago before many of us realized this great pan africanist. Voting eff is a real and permanent solution to many problems facing African people in our country

I have a good feeling about this Mbalula knowing that ANC will not win The two parties are one. His Blood is Red, VoteEFF It's not mistake yabona kuthi njampile seqena saba khuluma mbalulafikile 😂 This is a signal,he is about to jump ship🚢 MYANC what is this?

LOOK: Cyril Ramaphosa tells supporters ANC wants to win back Nelson Mandela Bay metroThe rainy weather did not dampen the spirits of the people of Gqeberha when the ANC’s president returned to the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro for yet another elections campaign. voteeff2021 Vote4Change VoteEFFOn1November VoteEff EFFTshelaThupaRally LandAndJobsManje EFFRedFriday nutters they sell you to the slave takers of old, the yellow rats

It's not a mistake 😂😂😂😂😜😜 MbalulaFikile admitted that it was a mistake Mhlambi ebebudlele ebhodleleni umphathiswa.Yimpela veki kalo into zininzi. “An error is an error if committed once and an error becomes suspicious if committed twice and thrice. But the minute it becomes more consistent, then it is deliberate.” - Steve Khomphela

Mbaks is EFF at heart! Spindoctor54 🤡😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣. Spindoctor54 His love & passion is with EFF 😂😂 He mean it VoteEFF Build Schools. No Don’t build schools

Bayatyhilwa ooMbaks.... his secret desire 🤣🤣🤣 VoteEFF MyAnc lomntu wena ingathi akathembakali😂😂😲😁 Look, we're not stupid. We all know that the EFFSouthAfrica is nothing but the evil, twisted Hyde to the same MYANC Dr. Jekyll... Same animal, same M.O. just younger, smarter and more ruthless. This is supposed to be ANC head of elections💁💁💁

😂😂😂 ALETTAHA racinefleur VoetsekMoron VoetsekANC Because he knows they will give their votes to anc after. Botik61945648 😂😂🤣 Is he not fired? Why not? There is no excuse!

aaaaaa🙊🙊🙊🙊 is anc Loosing it? People of South Africa, it is time for giving Action SA one term and then we will Decide then. Is this a BIG ask? eff is a small anc Peple Don't forget the looting of government funds. He loves the EFF shem 🤣 🤣 🤣 That's why he was not in any position in Thabo Mbeki tenure

He betrayes Ramaphosa for the second time. Expected? It's not a mistake it's intentional VoteEFF Yaaaaaawwwwwwwwn. Intentional EFF is living rent free in his head.