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Ace Magashule, African National Congress

ANC eThekwini branches want Magashule reinstated immediately - The Mail & Guardian

ANC branches in Durban want all accused of corruption, and not just the criminally charged, to step aside

2021-05-09 03:32:00 PM

ANC branches in Durban want all accused of corruption, and not just the criminally charged, to step aside.

ANC branches in Durban want all accused of corruption, and not just the criminally charged, to step aside

 RELATED According to Khuzwayo, the NEC had only gone after those who were being “targeted” by state security organisations, which he claims are being manipulated to fight factional battles in the party.“The NEC cannot willy nilly suspend or amend conference resolutions to suit its internal fights,” he said.

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Khuzwayo said the resolution stated that only those who failed to give an acceptable explanation to the integrity commission or refused to step down voluntarily, should be summarily suspended. A process should also be followed.Khuzwayo said the NEC had failed to consult branches on the guidelines and had “rushed” to implement guidelines that were “lacking”.

The branches, he said, called on the NEC to “immediately consult and convene structures of the ANC to discuss these guidelines that have a potential to divide the ANC”.“The NEC must not deviate, amend or suspend any conference resolution. The NEC must not be selective in implementing such resolutions but holistically implement conference resolutions without deviation,” Khuzwayo said.

“To suspend any of the ANC officials requires a process, but doing it in a factional manner will have the potential of dividing the organisation,” he added.Should the NEC not comply, the branches would push for the NEC to stand aside in terms of the party’s rule 29 and force the party to hold an early conference.

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The problem is our media houses who are deliberately pushing one narrative that protect Cyril Ramaphosa. That's why Ace Magashule was busy telling SABC journalists that must read all the Step aside resolution clauses. It goes further than ' those who are facing serious charges' Well, sorry kids . Some clauses in the ANC constitution have been removed to protect Cyril & his camp. Clause that talk about buying of votes and step aside are missing.

It's all about intelligence, may the corruption supporters enjoy their lives of poverty and starvation which their leaders guarantee. The resolution says ' those who are accused, implicated, and facing serious corruption charges in court, should step aside '. But CR camp misrepresenting the step aside by only saying ' those who are charged ' they're trying to protect themselves and Ramaphosa.

Reinstate your brains.....🤡🤡🤡🎪 CoruscaKhaya Breaking 👩 Mothers Day News ANC Top Leadership is Holding Firm ANC Centre is being Removed ANC Bottom is Supporting the Leadership They don't want youth to be employed that is why there is a high rate of drug addicts in our country because youths thinks it is the only option for them because they are facing Anxiety, if they can employ us there will be a change that day❤️🕯️🔥🖇️

How many branches How much have they been paid? 🤣🤣 What a time to be alive..

Can someone who has the ANC conference resolutions put them out here. Maybe and only maybe that can clear the air about who should step aside. We hear so many stories. There’s a camp in the ANC disguised as corruption fighters yet they are the kingpins of corruption....the real enemy of the movement The smell from Durban’s rot can be smelt all over the country

There would be no one left. Shoo , that’s everyone 😂 Criminally charged leaders would attend courts frequently than do their job, I would never vote for such leaders . It becomes worse if found guilty. Maybe in ATM Means the entire ANC must step aside then... Good for us🤷‍♂️ Kushiyeke bani kengoku kwi ANC after that?😂😂