Lge 2021

Lge 2021

ANC candidate councillors publicly pledge to serve South Africans | Citypress

#LGE2021 | ANC candidate councillors publicly pledge to serve South Africans

2021-10-20 04:15:00 PM

LGE2021 | ANC candidate councillors publicly pledge to serve South Africans

Almost 10 000 ANC local government candidates have made a solemn pledge to the people of South Africa that they’re committed to doing better and being better as public representatives.

He said he expected them to take nothing from the people, accept no inducements, commit no fraud and disavow any form of nepotism or patronage.We will not protect any ANC leader, public representative or member who faces allegations of corruption or other serious offences.

Cyril RamaphosaRamaphosa said councillor candidates must ensure that the country was clean from corruption and from the garbage littering the streets.“These candidates have, this evening, pledged to serve the people with honesty and dedication, and to do so humbly and selflessly. They have undertaken to be responsive, inclusive and accountable,” he said.

In making this pledge, he said, they undertook not to rest until all people had proper housing, clean water and reliable electricity.READ: Left in the dark for nine months, some Soweto residents vow not to vote“As part of our renewal and our rebuilding, we have chosen candidates who have the support and confidence of the communities they are expected to serve. We have sought to involve ordinary community members in our candidate selection process, so that our candidates understand that their first responsibility is to the people they represent,” he said. headtopics.com

Ramaphosa said that, by taking the pledge, all candidates had committed to availing themselves at any time of the day.President Cyril Ramaphosa at the inaugural roll call event for councillor candidates at Alberton Civic Centre. This is a first of its kind, wherein all candidates signed a pledge ahead of the 2021 local government elections. Photo: Papi Morake/Gallo Images

He reminded them that their cellphone numbers should not only be publicised but should be answered when community members needed them.“As the African National Congress, we undertake to do these things, not only because it is what our people expect and deserve, but also because functioning local government is vital to the recovery of our economy, to investment and to the creation of jobs,” he said.

Ramaphosa conceded that there were areas where they had disappointed them, where services had not been delivered, where corruption and mismanagement had taken hold, and where infrastructure had not been properly maintained.We know that there are councillors who have not listened to the concerns of people, have not explained the problems, have not offered solutions – councillors who have grown distant and who have appeared unconcerned. This is what we are determined to end.

Cyril RamaphosaEarlier on, former president and head of the ANC’s electoral committee, Kgalema Motlanthe, said councillors should expect people to knock on their doors at any time of the day or night when they were confronted by problems and disasters. headtopics.com

“In council, you will be expected to know every problem and every plan that affects your ward. You will have to be a strong voice for the people of your ward and work tirelessly for the services they need.”READ: Hits and misses of coalition governments in metros

He said there was no higher honour than being chosen to represent the people they came from.“You represent the people of the specific ward you come from; if you win, go and work and govern for everyone, even those who voted against you.”Motlanthe assured members and communities that any outstanding disputes regarding the candidate selection processes would be resolved by November 15 this year.

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Just like we do during interviews - I will work overtime but leave at 15h30 Lies. Mxm what happened to the minister handbook we still have have people tell us Bosasa corruption is the loan in his cabinet so nothing new in this pledge who's going to monitor is provincial we still have people take 450 000 from funeral to make their house beautiful

Will be conveniently forgotten by MYANC LGE2021 come the 2nd of November Too late On Nov 18, ambassadors of Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, New Zealand & the USA issued a joint statement called for a just & speedy resolution to jailed philanthropist Osman Kavala's trial on trumped up charges in Turkey. SA was absent.

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DA to bring record of excellence to all South africansWe clean up a town, stabilise its finances, plan and invest for the future and improve service delivery, creating jobs in the process.

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I wish my ward counselor was also therep Tsek 🤮🤮🤮 Poor councillors, what about the top brass🤣🤣🤣. I wonder how many had their fingers crossed behind their backs So they have done so before? Only enriched themselves? So will now not enrich themselves? What shite Hahaha

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No one is buying this nonsense. Corruption doesn’t end because they read a pledge. A leopard can’t change its spots! Not worth the paper it's written on! Theu clearly do not know what they are reading Aww, that's so sweet. I remember even JacobZuma making pledges and swearing an oath to uphold, defend and protect the Constitution 😂

What a fucking joke!😂😂😂 Yeah that should do it 🙄🙄 Did Jacob and Cyril also not pledge to uphold the constitution? Look how well that worķed. Hahahahhahahahahhaa. Hahahahhahahahaha. VoetsekMoron VoetsekANC Recite after me… ‘Pay me the money…’

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racinefleur And I believe in Father Christmas 🎅😉 Yeah right! 24 hours and we still do not have water. What a load of crap ANC pledging to serve South Africans! Take a bow to, fuckers ..💩🖕 Movie time fuckers ..😉🤣😂 via kfxnando I would like to know who they served before they took this pledge. Means nothing in reality.

April fools Absolute Bollocks. Dont know the meaning. Rentseekers Such a farce. There is no discipline within the ANC. That pledge is an insult to people of SA The journey to your success begins now by clicking he has done a lot for me, choosing him to trade my bitcoin was a good choice, your profits is secured with him no additional fees follow DanielC1sa

Drama as ANC councillor turned independent candidate tries to counter Ramaphosa campaign rallyThere was drama on Monday when the ANC elections campaign trail — led by its president Cyril Ramaphosa — landed in one of Free State’s most dysfunctional municipalities. The 1st dream of Qiyamah: I was talking to Allah while he was above his throne. Allah told me 'Qasim do all your work before 6 p.m. so I can establish Qiyamah'. I believe Muhammad Qasim is the awaited Imam Al-Mahdi.

Would be great if they were to put their faces on posters like the DA do, instead of using Ramaphosa. How can i vote for a faceless councillor or mayor. Never. I vote for who have nothing to hide with their face on a poster Criminals Who were they serving all along? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 🤣😂🤣😂 Witch South Africa are u talking about

Hahahahahahahaha And in two months time they'll be publicly fleecing the public. Again. Sure. Come little frog 🐸 (voters), jump on my scorpion 🦂 (anc) back! Amasela Amasela Just like the cabinet has for the past 27 yrs and look what happened there 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Malema mocks people attending his EFF rally in ANC T-shirtsThe EFF leader also had some choice words for police officers who happened to be keeping an eye on proceedings in the Northern Cape. Malema is leadership MT Malema mocks people attending his EFF rally in ANC T-shirts LGE2021 I don't trust your version.

Pledge to loot yes Window dressing again I see. Then what were ANC counselors doing before if they pledging now only Mxm... Ha ha ha! Ba maka gore!!! Ema pele. so they believe that pledge will stop corruption. They must be fit first. There's no point to pledge if you're not a fit candidate to be responsible for people a governance!

Oooh please... All ministers and presidents preceded the present took oaths as well .but look at us now. Mxm. Rubbish.

Deputy president Mabuza begs Tshwane voters: Don’t abandon the ANC’ - The Mail & GuardianDeputy president Mabuza begs Tshwane voters: Don’t abandon the ANC’ - Angry Atteridgeville residents hurl insults at ‘dysfunctional’ ANC full of ‘corrupt individuals’ as Mabuza fails to placate them with party T-shirts and doeks

...most of them they will never see the day in the councilors office because 'NGEKE BAWINE'😂 I pledge to believe them when I see something useful done. (Will be a long wait though). So, City Press is a mouth piece of the ANC. They have been pledging since 27 years ago to date. It means fuckall to them. They will still eat!

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Some cannot read. Lol. LMFAO Corruption happens behind closed doors. There will be those who can't keep their fingers out of the till. This pledge that the MYANC is throwing at the media will not change the perspective of many South Africans; it happened for too long while the ANC did nothing.

Whole lot of 🐂💩

Oh please Kunani pho lokho they've been at it for sooo long nothing will change, kahle man This is nonsensical pledge without tough provincial government authority they will continue with graft new comers are hungry “it is our time to eat” pledge is a scam. Nothing will come of this. This is all electioneering. For 27 years they had all the resources of SA at their disposal and could do nothing with it. Nobody forced them into anything. All their own doing.

Again, but they never keep the pledge.... Liars 🤮 🤣🤣🤣 For this election, vote DA & ignore other parties. The DA has put forward bright candidates from all races for this election. South Africans are sick & tired of low talented ANC/EFF morons destroying our future, bankrupting our economy, stealing state & private wealth. Renew RSA

What's new since 1994?

Lies ahead The corrupt MYANC ANCParliament regime already tried this, they ALL took an OATH, yet delivered StateCapture JunkStatus TechnicalRecession. Mxm They must go and LIE to the communities like Cyril Ramaphosa!!!👀🔥🔥 What have they been doing for the past 27 years? 😁😁🤣🤣🤣 There is surely another different, maybe a second pledge that the ANC candidates also have to make which is not made as public! The pledge as published yday tells SAns all the 'warm & fuzzy things' we want to hear! The other 'secret' pledge seems to be more used bcoz corruption🤑

The issue was never the absence of a pledge, it was absence of ability, and in absence of this, they turned to criminality. A pledge is meaningless as they could be blood oaths and they'd still not be suitable for any sort of governance. To serve our Comrades n fatten our pockets.

Lamasela lawa‼️ Let me remind you that Jacob Zuma took an oath of office, and he proceeded with corruption with the Guptas! 😜😜😜😜 What's new? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣... we need a new country seriously!, ANC can keep this one After 27years then boom they want to act like they care. ANC, give other parties a chance. You have enriched yourselves and your friends but the voter remains hungry and humiliated. You must be ashamed of yourself.

At the rate the government is going all of them will be in jail soon... Joke! Pledge to eat more money and never be caught

Haa, you trust anything ANC out of your own Risk, they've taught even their Youth League how to steal and young women candidates will turn sleeping coaches without a doubt They think we are Popeyes these ones… Don't think they understand the meaning of 'To serve' Pledge Should be in the pledge :: if I am caught looting then u can lock me up for 10 years and freeze my assets and pension ,, so help me god

Really You have been here before and I don't expect any change soon. Zuma took oath and .... Again. Mxm...Criminals are criminals, pledge or no pledge to me it doesn't change anything. Too late for pledges, suffered a lot under your leadership.

Didn't they pledge in the past years? For the sake of the votes🤣 Pledges will never change character Connected south Africans 😂😂😂😂😂 Anc Presidents, ministers, premiers, MECs have made pledges ... And even held bibles on some “so help me God...” this is a joke! Isn’t that what public servants doCant believe this isn’t getting the difficult it deserves

Don't be fooled. They are pledging for more looting. There is nothing as depressing as the ANC government that is free for all... Illegal foreigners, violent crime, junk economy, looting of state funds without any consequences, lies, anarchy, lawlessness... The NP was way better than this rubish..We will all die of depression..

This Candidate didn't sign so what's next😶😶😶😶

Here are the SAns they want to serve. Sicilian mafia members pledge not to commit anymore crimes. Does the Pledge weigh more than an Oath?...Are they improving or what?....enlighten me please... PR stunt 😂 What the use of that pledge because they will still anyway its in their blood Only their own blind followers will believe this looters.

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😆😅😂if they are not even afraid to lie under Oath, what is a pledge For this election, vote DA & ignore other parties. The DA has put forward bright candidates from all races for this election. South Africans are sick & tired of low talented ANC/EFF morons destroying our future, bankrupting our economy, stealing state & private wealth. Renew RSA

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Pledge is one thing, implemetation is another. As seen with H.E President. Lying under oath you mean?