Ace Magashule, Cyril Ramaphosa, Humility, Step-Aside Rule

Ace Magashule, Cyril Ramaphosa

ANALYSIS: Ace trapped in a vice of his own making

ANALYSIS: Ace trapped in a vice of his own making

2021-05-10 11:58:00 PM

ANALYSIS: Ace trapped in a vice of his own making

The decisions of the ANC NEC, as announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday, appear to mark a crucial defeat for the party’s suspended Secretary-General Ace Magashule .

The ANC’s suspended Secretary-General Ace Magashule may now be caught in a trap after the National Executive Committee (NEC) decided he must apologise for his actions of the last week. At the same time, his allies might be in further trouble after the decision by the NEC to investigate who is responsible for the leaks of its meeting over the past few days.

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Magashule could now be in more danger than he was before this meeting, with his suspension merely an opening gambit. He can’t blame others as the predicament he finds himself in appears to be the result of his own actions, bad strategy and avoidable mistakes.

Ramaphosa was calm, measured and appeared every inch presidential in his address on Monday. Reading from his iPad (from which a charging cable dangled off his desk and presumably went into a charger) he slowly went through the NEC statement. There was no sense of triumphalism — he was careful not to appear to enjoy what must have been a great political moment.

It seems impossible to avoid calling this a victory for Ramaphosa. The very symbol of those who oppose him, Magashule, is now suspended and is in for more pain. His supporters appear to be on the run, while Ramaphosa may now have ushered in a massive organisational change — that those who are criminally charged have no choice but to step aside.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the statement for Magashule was not just that he is suspended, but that the NEC agreed that his “letter of suspension” addressed to Ramaphosa last week “had no authority or mandate from any structure of the movement”.

It went on to say that the NEC “agreed that such conduct was completely unacceptable and a flagrant violation of the rules, norms and values of the ANC”. It “advised” him to apologise publicly within a set time frame, or face disciplinary action.Magashule seems to be trapped in a vice.

Either he complies and grovels for mercy or he faces further — possibly severe — action. This is a person in a senior position in the movement attempting to suspend its president, all on his own. It is entirely possible that a disciplinary committee may feel that he should be expelled from the movement outright for this abuse of trust.

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ANC tells Ace Magashule: Apologise or face disciplinary actionThe ruling party told suspended secretary-general Ace Magashule to publicly apologise for the letter he wrote to party president Cyril Ramaphosa 'suspending' him without the authority to do so. He must apologize or kiss his memberships My advice to Ace is: Take the Anc to court if you feel hard done by the former liberation movement We know he will not he rather appeal the decision then eventually drag ANC to court

ANC tells Ace Magashule: Apologise or face disciplinary actionSuspended ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule has been dealt another blow after the party’s national executive committee (NEC) resolved that disciplinary action be taken against him over his defiant behaviour if he does not make a public apology. We are still waiting for him to apologise for killing Marikana miners. I'm just wondering what that DC will be based on or what will the charges be , they must come with some shit like bringing the party into disrepute, or sowing divisions in the party cause that has got nothing to do with sending ramaphosa a suspension letter. Just a matter of five years comrade

ANC NEC shows its hand as it says Ace must apologise, or elseMagashule will face disciplinary action if he doesn't say sorry for ‘completely unacceptable’ letter ‘suspending’ Ramaphosa Ncono ngangingekho nivotelana nodwa. Athi ngthule🤐🤐🤐 LordofTheMedia samkelemaseko I see this letter on social media. Are you aware of it and can you confirm it in terms of authenticy

Reinstate Ace Magashule, say ANC branchesThese were some of the views aired at a meeting in Durban by the ANC eThekwini region branches in support of former president Jacob Zuma and suspended ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule DailyNewsSA They just keep getting more dumb 😂 DailyNewsSA ibambe ngakho DailyNewsSA Ace Magashule is useless for blacks like everyone in the ANC, why would people fight for Ace?

ANC NEC: It's done, Ace is gone - Ramaphosa says suspension stands | The CitizenRamaphosa was delivering the closing address after the ANC's national executive committee meeting at the weekend. Gone? Ace is not yet gone. Where are the RETs who said Ace is going nowhere?

EDITORIAL: Power, the glue that kept the ANC together, now slipping out of Ace Magashule’s graspAs the governing party enters an uncertain period of many new crises, an assessment of suspended ANC Secretary-General Ace Magashule ’s moves since becoming a national officeholder offers a fascinating opportunity to understand what his prospects are for the future. The ANC is a corrupt political party! If you've money you lead, votes are sold to elect a leader. Not merits or love for the country & it's people! Shame on you who are bought to influence your votes! Look what that has brought you! Strife and derision.