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Almost 200 000 government officials receiving social grants

Almost 200 000 government officials receiving social grants

2021-09-25 12:58:00 PM

Almost 200 000 government officials receiving social grants

Almost 200 000 government employees are receiving social grants, Social Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu has revealed in a written reply to a parliamentary question.

In the written reply to a parliamentary question from IFP MP Liezl van der Merwe, Zulu said there were 177 108 officials receiving social grants, as at the end of July.Zulu also said there were 3 400 Social Development Department employees who were getting social grants and another 153 officials from the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) getting grants.

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“All social grants received by Sassa employees, except for the foster child grant and the combination grants (a combination of foster child grants and care dependency grants which are not means tested) have been suspended with immediate effect in accordance with Regulation 29(1)(a) of the Social Assistance Act, which allows for suspension without prior notice, in cases of suspected fraud or misrepresentation,” said Zulu.

“Processes are now under way to determine the amount paid which should not have been paid, as well as the date from which these employees started being employed by Sassa, to determine the amount to be recovered. In addition, documents are being prepared for disciplinary processes to be implemented,” said Zulu.

“As a preventive measure, all Socpen data will be checked against the Sassa salary system on a monthly basis prior to the payment extraction,” she added. Read more: IOL News »

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And just like that you have a tax revolt. They must take their pension fund this is disgusting Fighting corruption S.A is a land of Corruption urgh and how many are involved in dubious businesses? Corrupt anc voters Here in Canada everyone gets social grant And nothing will happen to these 200 000 oxygen thieves!!!

Fire them. You know there are 200k, fire them, create new opportunities

Mining industry vaccinates over 200 000 workers, mandatory vaccination not on the cards for now - The Mail & GuardianMore than 203 000 mining employees and contractors have been fully or partially vaccinated as of Wednesday at 52 workplace vaccination sites and temporary facilities, Minerals Council South Africa chief executive Roger Baxter told media on Thursday.

200 000 public servants and also these foreigners who cross the border every month to milk the grant system.. The ANC govt has mismanaged every aspect of govt institutions ANC steal in every possible way. What level of greed is this ? This is actually disgusting R350 x 200 000 = R70mil The President must establish a commission of inquiry into this matter. It's not the matter to be taken lightly because of its potential detrimental impact on the poorest who need the grants seriously. We subsequently need very sophisticated systems to monitor the corruption.

Make them pay back every single bloody cent. Sick of this nonsense 🚮 Tired of being woodwinked and lied to by this government. Change must happen now. Aii this ANC government must resign once Surprise surprise My goodness! 😳😳😳

Mining industry vaccinates over 200 000 workers, mandatory vaccination not on the cards for now - The Mail & GuardianMore than 203 000 mining employees and contractors have been fully or partially vaccinated as of Wednesday at 52 workplace vaccination sites and temporary facilities, Minerals Council South Africa chief executive Roger Baxter told media on Thursday.

Cruel Corruption corruption corruption is killing the South Africans making COVID19 a walk in the park magicdan60 When you control the system it's just too easy The temptation just too much People wonder why the ANC keeps on getting votes. Here's your answer, we are a corrupt country. Miss 12% is just in over her head... Her own employees know she is stupid and can't do anything... That is why they have taken a chance to help themselves to the social grants... She is probably collecting the social grants herself and don't even know it. The height of Stupidity

Mhh soft Life. Must be nice. I know someone who benefitted from a similar scheme. What was sad to see is how he spent the money on alchohol at shebeens with 'speed points', meanwhile, didnt even own a fridge... And they can't be punished? fowardbow The ttl is probaby double once the audit is complete. fowardbow I doubt these people just took a chance in applying to see what happens.There is a crime syndicate within Saasa and they need to investigate the persons who approved these grants

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miraaikie Every single government official who is receiving a social grant should be fired. They are taking food out of the mouths of the destitute! Well that doesn't sound very legal Just 200k I'm sure it's dubble that !!! Why not say 'ANC officials'. Time to call a spade a spade. It is so bloody simple: ID nr vs UIF details and voila! You must be really stupid to not be anle to do this simple cross reference. We are in deep 💩 if our government can’t even get this simple data sorted. Curruption is top qualification of officials.

Nothing wrong with government officials stealing from government. Its the ANC culture. Its the ANC government. ANC benefits. No system in place to prevent corruption Ayicha senehlule shame PelisaS Sassa has no intention of fixing this anti poor system. My unemployed brother has been rejected despite having no income for the past 3 years, I’m sure there’s plenty qualifying ppl who’ve been rejected & yet gov officials were paid.

If CyrilRamaphosa GovernmentZA are serious about corruption all of this double dipping should be dismissed with immediate effect. We can't continue to live with thieves whereas there's young people starving and unemployed meanwhile thugs masquerading as people servants looting All government officials are corrupt including cyril ramaposa and Pravin

Unemployed child grant caregivers without an ID can apply for the R350 grant – here's howUnemployed child grant caregivers who do not have identity documents can apply for the special relief of distress grant, the agency said on Wednesday. Foreigners you mean? South Africans only? or open Why make it easier for people to receive grants instead of getting a job, soon we will be giving grants to illegal aliens.

LindiweZulu6 kanti i oversight into enjani And someone will be shocked as ever 😏🙄 Thixo wam 😱😨 kabelodick What about the ladies that work at Shoprite, Pick 'n pay at al, who also earn grants, despite the fact that they earn above minimum wage? Disgusting. They will never be suspended because they get employee by their malumes and aunts.

Blah blah. It's a norm They must loose their pension Is there anyone who's going to be arrested Blame this on the system. Just privatize that there can be strict control otherwise this ain't going stop...

Constitutional triumph on matrimonial property rights - The Mail & GuardianWhen Elizabeth Gumede’s husband sought to divorce and evict her from their marital home, she consulted LRCSouthAfrica and set in motion a process that would end in a high court finding that the laws under which she was married are unconstitutional. LRCSouthAfrica Appreciation they say is an application for more. If I fall to acknowledge you Michael_Jeff_ it will shows how ungrateful I am. i am really grateful to a man who God has used in blessing me and my family in general, guaranteed,trade with him now and thank me later

This country maar 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤗✌👐😎 Everyone in government is implemented in corruptions and frauds. I don't think this will stop until Anc loses the elections. This country is becoming a joke Is there no end to the grifting greed of the ruling party's members & employees? I guess that's a rhetorical question. Absolutely sickening 😡😡😡 And what does it say about the process? My mom had to go back 4-5 times over a period of months before she got her grant.

These government officials and Iqbal Surve are on the Whatsapp group. Both are allegedly stealing from the public purse 👛 Just bcz has colour in it.okay sharp bantubophela I'm not surprised. But nothing said about criminal charges, or is it no longer a crime when you work in government How can this be possible? What it means simply is that 200 000 civil servants are corrupt. The question is simple. Why are they still in the government’s employ?

Isn't it normal with the anc? Trillions of taxpayers rands have gone missing over time WITHOUT ANY CONSEQUENCES TO THE ANC COMRADES THIEVES Untouchables Above the law

Caregivers without ID documents now eligible for SRD grantsThe South African Social Security Agency ( Sassa ) on Thursday announced that unemployed caregivers who did not have the 13-digit barcoded identity document were now eligible to receive the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant. How will they varify them

... and they know very well they do not qualify No doubt President Cyril Ramaphosa is shocked. MagnusHeystek Cleaning corruption Bogodu bo mo mading jaanong! That's gross! How greedy can one be? Everything For Free Talk about greed, selfishness and inhumanity 🤮🤮🤮 🚮 🚮 🚮 lindo_mrich 11:11 👀🤷🏽‍♂️

This will never stop under this Corrupt regime, this Country will never prosper under this Corrupt regime, I'm surprised because Hawks nd Police are useless, themselves too are Corrupt,a lot of thugs have been mentioned in Zondo Commission were they arrested nd prosecuted,no why? How do they pass the system Inside job for 200 000 individuals?

I swear I'm not going to vote for current ruling thiefs Fire them and that will create 200 000 job opportunities for others. And they wont stop And they will keep on getting it. Hence I have no sympathy when their anc fails to pay them....they are all evil thieves How is this Possible Lol Then Somebody says to You he is Fighting Corruption; and he Expect You to believe him and Still Vote for him. Mxm.

Wow why mara? abantu abadeli... typical, thieving is in their blood. tendencies. Oh my God 😞☹️ mara guys why this so much greedy from people in the government? 💔 Fire them. Absolutely criminal and RonaldLamola does nothing