Ailing oceans in state of 'emergency', says UN chief | The Citizen

2022/06/28 00:06:00

Ailing oceans in state of 'emergency', says UN chief | The Citizen

Ailing oceans in state of 'emergency', says UN chief | The Citizen

Covering 70 percent of Earth's surface, oceans have also softened the impact of climate change for life on land.

Competitions WORLD ","category_class":"child-of-news","time_ago":"1 hour ago","premium":false,"gallery":false,"excerpt":"Some airlines, such as Ryanair, and countries, in particular Greece, have already recovered or even exceeded their 2019 daily flight numbers.HCR/Jean-Marc Ferré U.27 June 2022 - 07:01 By Francois Murphy “The proportion of people with psychiatric disorders and suicides associated with regular cannabis use has increased., after almost a week of difficult talks in Nairobi.

","format":false,"media":"","oovvuu":"","oovvuu_div":"","external_link_url":""},{"id":3128183,"name":"Enyobeni tavern tragedy highlights issue of unlicensed outlets in SA","permalink":"https:\/\/www.citizen.Secretary-General Antonio Guterres (file photo).co.Various US states have legalised non-medical use of cannabis, starting with Washington and Colorado in\/news\/south-africa\/3128183\/enyobeni-tavern-deaths-alcohol-consumption-27-june-2022\/","image_src":"https:\/\/media.N.citizen."Most of the time was spent on technical bickering, with major decisions left unresolved and postponed for the COP," said Brian O’Donnell, director of the Campaign for Nature.

co."The war in Ukraine has compounded problems that have been brewing for years: climate disruption; the COVID-19 pandemic; the deeply unequal recovery," Guterres said by video message to the Uniting for Global Food Security ministerial conference in Berlin.“Cannabis legalisation appears to have accelerated the upwards trends in reported daily use of the drug,” the Vienna-based UNODC's report\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/06\/Enyobeni-Tavern-Eastern-Cape-alcohol-300x200.jpg","image_src_hero":"https:\/\/media."All harvests will be hit, including rice and corn - affecting billions of people across Asia, Africa and the Americas," Guterres said.citizen.” The report said roughly 284 million people, or" He warned that no country would be immune to the social and economic fallout."We need to continue with the dialogue with the intention to simplify and reduce the brackets (on the disputed issues) and alternatives," said Vinod Mathur, head of India's National Biodiversity Authority.

za\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/06\/Enyobeni-Tavern-Eastern-Cape-alcohol-825x550.jpg","image_src_narrow":"https:\/\/media.The United Nations says more than 36 countries get half or more of their grain supply from the Black Sea region.“Periods of lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic drove increases in the use of Kremlin has also held back some of its own grain and fertilizer production from global markets, claiming Western sanctions are obstructing their\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/06\/ 2020,” it said..

jpg","image_src_square":"https:\/\/"And only one country is blocking food and fertilizer from leaving Ukraine and that is\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/06\/Enyobeni-Tavern-Eastern-Cape-alcohol-300x300.jpg","category":"."Despite this, Russia is spreading disinformation to the contrary," Yoshimasa Hayashi said.Behind the scenes, Argentina and South Africa were also getting the blame.

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Thanks to man. Only we can change this and try and reverse the damage. But some covid deniers will tell you this is all nonsense. Avoid conspiracy theorists at all cost. Life is too short for their tedious lamenting.

Africa: UN Chief Says World Faces 'Real Risk' of Multiple Famines This YearU.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told an international conference on food security Friday that the world is facing the "real risk" of multiple famines this year and that 2023 could be even worse. The UN system need changing because it's no more working. You system need radical people capable of doing the change required because we are tired of colonialism, imperialism and slavery governance system because it's leading the world to quick extinction Call for a reverse of the UN system now because you can take that action right now. If not, you will be held responsible for not acting where you can and refused and killed the people of the world. You know your leading can't bring that change that will save

Cannabis use has risen with legalisation and Covid-19 lockdowns — UN reportPlaces including US states that have legalized cannabis appear to have increased its regular use, while Covid lockdowns had a similar effect, raising the risk of depression and suicide, a UN report said on Monday. Investing and getting the returns is what i have ever wanted finally found it In BencyDanie Yes kids go during school hours to smoke it at their friend's houses.

Long road ahead to hammer out UN biodiversity blueprintDelegates from almost 200 nations have made little progress towards hammering out a blueprint for a global pact to protect nature from human activity

Drug use high in West and Central Africa, trafficking funds conflict: U.N.Opioid and cannabis abuse are above global averages in West and Central Africa, while cocaine trafficking through the region is financing militant violence in the Sahel, the United Nations said in a report on Monday.

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UN warns Ukraine war could boost illegal drug productionUN warns Ukraine war could boost illegal drug production UN warned Monday that the on-going war in Ukraine could boost illegal drug production, drawing experience from Middle East and Southern Asia