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Ace Magashule, Ace Magashule Suspension

Aced: ANC secretary general suspended from the party for the duration of his corruption trial - The Mail & Guardian

Magashule is barred from carrying out his tasks and cannot talk on behalf of the party

2021-05-05 06:24:00 PM

In terms of the suspension letter Magashule is barred from carrying out his functions as secretary general and from representing the ANC, either publicly or in any other forum.

Magashule is barred from carrying out his tasks and cannot talk on behalf of the party

— which Magashule had defied — informed Magashule that he “may not make public pronouncements on matters related to the organisation”.It also warned Magashule against engaging in any mobilisation of ANC structures or any other individuals or organisations on any issue, including his suspension and the instruction to step aside.

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Duarte told Magashule that he wouldduring his period of suspension, which would end when his trial was over. Until then, he was expected to update the secretary general’s office every month to inform the ANC on progress in his corruption trial.Magashule’s suspension came after he had resisted the implementation of the

step-aside guideline, adopted by the party’s national executive committee (NEC) in line with a resolution of the ANC’s 45th national conference in December 2017.On Sunday, he refused to step down at a meeting with the party’s top six officials, arguing instead that he should be given time before the resolution was implemented.

Magashule’s suspension is a major blow to the radical economic transformation faction in the party, which he leads, and a number of whose key leaders also face suspension after being charged for corruption.It also means that the faction goes into this weekend’s special NEC meeting, called to finalise the step-aside process and the list of those who will be affected by it, without him. 

Magashule hasto include those who are accused of corruption but not charged, and had been expected to lead the fightback on this at the NEC.ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe did not respond to calls from theM&Gat the time of writing.Subscribe to the M&G

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Sadly AceMagashule's temporary suspension from tge Party does not mean that ANC is free of corruption. If this is CyrilRamaphosa's version of 'cleansing' MYANC, then there's more skeletons in the closet. But he can still collect his 133k per month salary Out on bail with Full Pay, Bonuses, Expense Accounts, Medical Aid, Pension, Free Housing, Vehicles, Transport Etc. up to and when he is in jail? When he is in jail does the above cease or carry on as normal. Another daily laugh for the world's educated leaders.

Man just go please. I bet it was a bitter pill for Duarte to swallow in terms of sending the suspension letter to her buddy Imran Khan’s Self-Interest & Focus on Opposition will lead Pakistan to Destruction. How will Pakistan prepare for the events of the future in its current form and stature? Muhammad Qasim saw this dream in 2021, which today we see happening in reality.

BLF and ATM will offer him their platforms...🤷🏾‍♂️

Coming soon: ANC vs ANC in court over step-aside rules | The CitizenIt appears that those likely to be forced to step aside by the ANC due to their implication in corruption already have their ducks in a row as they fight for survival. If you are corrupt, just fcuk-off, man! And paying the Bills will be the Tax Payer. James 4 1 Why do you fight and quarrel? It is because your feelings are fighting inside of you. That is why you fight. 2 You want something but you cannot get it. Then you kill. You want something very much and cannot get it. So you quarrel and fight.

ANC vs ANC – Busy start to special NEC meeting | The CitizenWe take a look at some of the developments from the special ANC national executive committee meeting taking place this weekend.

Unity & re-evaluating ANC candidates: 6 key takeouts from Ramaphosa's ANC NEC closing remarksThe NEC meeting was held from Saturday to Monday. Good idea, but we think that's too little too late. We are done with ANC, 27 yrs of patience,hoping that you would change lives for better, instead you intrrtained Guptss....and black people's lives got even worse in SA, except in Western Cape....ftsekanc It's an election year tell them we don't take them for granted they will believe us. They still believe our promises anc ruling elite took their voters for granted 27 years

Unity & re-evaluating ANC candidates: 6 key takeouts from Ramaphosa's ANC NEC closing remarksThe NEC meeting was held from Saturday to Monday.

Suspension letters to be sent to ANC members who refuse to step aside - The Mail & GuardianANC secretary general Ace Magashule allegedly asked for his lawyers to be part of the NEC meeting in an attempt to convince the officials that charges against him would be thrown out of court within the next few months. Comrade Ace step aside He must leave So you believe this hogwash from Stratcom. It is at your own peril. The NWC and officials cannot take such a decision

ANC resolute over its step-aside decision: Duarte - The Mail & GuardianThe ANC is “hopeful” that secretary general Ace Magashule — currently on temporary suspension — will apologise to the party and the rest of the country as instructed by its national executive committee . A leadership that is 'hopeful' that's it's members will toe the line - no wonder ANC corruption and looting continues with such toothless wonders. We are lead by the most ildisciplined party in SA. Even EFF and PAC are way better than ANC Malema is the only one talking there, the rest follows him. Just dont ask me where to.. 🌚 There are many witty people in the EFF, their only foolishness is to follow a blind man Local government elections.. after that, business as usual.