A Kenyan journalist convinced world media that a South African student conned his way into free KFC – even though it wasn’t his first dodgy story

The journalist stands by his tweet saying he got the information from reliable sources


A Kenyan journalist convinced world media that a South African student conned his way into free KFC – even though it wasn’t his first dodgy story | BISouthAfrica

The journalist stands by his tweet saying he got the information from reliable sources

Business Insider can confirm that Otieno, who is verified on Twitter, is a news journalist for the

"He tweets in his personal capacity and has nothing to do with us," she said.

Under South African law, arrested individuals are supposed to appear before court no later than 48 hours after their arrest.

This is not the first time Otieno has tweeted highly questionable stories – to much attention. In one instance the country formerly known as Swaziland trended on Twitter after he said that, by decree of eSwatini King Mswati III, men there faced jail time if they did not marry two wives.

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BISouthAfrica ...Because journalism is on Twitter nowadays. Don't blame the man, blame the lazy journalists that took the tweet and took it for fact. Unfortunately this is what the profession has been reduced to. BISouthAfrica Common sense... Which international business would allow someone(with no proof of authority) to taste food everyday at different branches and the restaurant manager won't find it strange also that no proof of headquarters stating someone will be coming to taste 😂?

sidin BISouthAfrica He should join IT cell of some political party. BISouthAfrica I like the direction were journalism is going. BISouthAfrica So the Kenyan journalist ran a con....... He conned ppl into believing his fake con story.... BISouthAfrica That worse but this is the worstest😂😂 BISouthAfrica They should send his contact details to SundayTimesZA mail&guardian, these guys are always on the lookout for someone pushing fake news stories.

😂😂😂 BISouthAfrica Lmfao so people ran with the story even though it wasn't confirmed? BISouthAfrica So proud of the lad


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