Hawks, Fbı, American Secret Service, Online Dating Scams

Hawks, Fbı

8 foreign nationals arrested for online dating scam targeting widows, divorcees

8 foreign nationals arrested in CT for online dating scam targeting widows, divorcees | @BrandtKev

2021-10-19 01:07:00 PM

8 foreign nationals arrested in CT for online dating scam targeting widows, divorcees | BrandtKev

The suspects allegedly preyed on victims, many of them vulnerable widows or divorcees, who were led to believe that they were in a genuine romantic relationship.

In a joint operation involving US agencies, the suspects were tracked down in Cape Town early on Tuesday morning.The international probe involves the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), US Secret Service, Interpol and the Hawks and Special Task Force, among others.

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Instead, they were scammed out of their hard-earned money.The suspects used social media sites and online dating websites to find and target their victims.The FBI estimates that more than 100 people lost more than R100 million in these scams over the past decade.

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The Human Rights Commission hearings into the July unrest continues on Friday.

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Nigerian syndicate victims lost R100m: HawksSuspected members of a “transnational organised crime syndicate originating in Nigeria” arrested in SA are believed to have scammed lovelorn victims to the tune of R100m, the Hawks said on Tuesday. who is lovelorn 😂Im waiting for South African Key Board warriors😂 They will soon be here typing nonsense, And forget about daylight armed robbery gang ANC I am very proud of the work that Hawks have done not too many often we celebrate their hard work, but criticize their shortcomings. Hopefully this lead into prosecution. We want our country to be free of this syndicates.

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Modise to investigate military veterans’ budget after hostage dramaSome of those arrested were reportedly public servants with full medical and housing benefits What I deduced from her is that money was paid to take care of MK military vets but it didn't reach the beneficiaries. Maybe Msholozi and his cabinet can have some explanation to do.

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56 military veterans due in court for holding ministers hostageThe group of disgruntled military veterans were arrested last Thursday and charged with kidnapping.

Thabiso Zulu charged after allegedly assaulting a pregnant womanPolice confirmed Zulu was arrested and released on bail last week. You'll find she was insulting and swearing at this guy big time and challenging him to do something so that she can have him arrested. But then as we all know, once you are a man and you respond physically nobody cares about your side of the story - case closed.