Anc War Veterans

Anc War Veterans

56 war veterans arrested for holding ministers hostage

56 war veterans arrested for holding ministers hostage #eNCA

2021-10-15 07:55:00 AM

56 war veterans arrested for holding ministers hostage eNCA

Police say no shots were fired and the ministers were not injured.

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When are they gonna imprison the Somalians in Kosteen? But cant arrest a few somalians arsonists nd illegal foreigners who are using military weapons to attack our ppl An MK military veteran with bleached hair, really? Their claims are mathematically justified Mfs ..🤔🙄 Do the maths.... & VoetsekANC VoetsekEFF via Desiree_Laverne

This countryYhoo 🤣😂🤣🦄 What war? What veterans? I think they’re a bunch of bullshitters. Young War Vets in skinny jeans😂😂 Whats very concerning is the increasing violence in SA. July riots, kidnapping, gang warfare, assassinations. Anc not seen to be actively doing much to stop it. SAPS too busy with easy targets. Cuts in budgets but vip security costs increased. It really is time to vote them out

Do you call these people war veterans? .... i give up. Which war did they fight

Police seek parents of a baby abandoned outside a Durban hotel in JulyAnyone with information about the parents of the abandoned baby is urged to come forward.

How old are these veterans & which war did they participate in jiggsauce 🤣😂😂😂😂 They'll be on the streets by 5pm today.. R200 bail each.. Just like cic they all have struggle envy. They wish they were born 20 years earlier Alamba kabi lamadoda, they should have gone to school and worked, what were they doing during apartheid because there was a lot of employment then, aren't they supposed to be pensioners, hai sadikwa. RET forces are a curse in SA. Fock man.

Argg man those are not the veterans Bafana nyana bah ai they must apply 350 like everyone we don't have money to pay them Just throw them in jail and don't bother. War veterans... Which war did they fight by the way👀👀 The police must provide their ages after having been charged. You might find that it's small boys who are sent by someone to provoke the government using the 'Combatants name'.

Second suspect nabbed over killing of Umlazi K9 police officerThe Hawks said a second suspect has been nabbed for the murder of Sergeant Siyabonga Radebe who was gunned down in June.

Many of them are younger than Mbalula kabelodick Lol nilalisa amasosha kanje WAR veterans? Which war did these people fight ? Everything is a joke nje in this country If government cannot meet demands of housing, electricity, taking care of minority groups. What makes you think you can get R4 million each. How naive!

'WAR veterans' ROTFLMAO Pep store worriers Biggest battle ever was Clicks These vets ran away to Mozambique and left the youth to fight alone here in SA today they wanna show muscle and strength,why didn't they show it in the struggle,Mkonto yamasimba,they don't deserve a cent War veterans? Niyanya. These are laaities

The ANC is out if control. How old are these war veterans, if I may ask ? Which wars did they fight, we have people who remained here and fought the White Regime head on, some paying the ultimate price, have they been paid by Luthulihouse. Ziyanya nyi, lezingane. MYANC stop this anarchy once! Eh which war?

Zimbabwe police round up unvaccinated pub crawlersThe police in Zimbabwe are rounding up nightclub and pub patrons, owners and employees who fail to provide proof of their Covid-19 vaccination. Don’t you dare try to condemn it because you yourselves journalists in S.A are pushing mandatory vaccination. You are no different from the Zimbabwe government. Your reporting on vaccines is propagandist and manipulative😡 Leadership. Pure evil...

The Minister of Defense is held hostage by War Veterans and Terrorist are rooming around Gqeberha armed with War riffles and the Unrest in KZN was not picked up by the Intelligence,The Security of South Africans is at risk! Abase bancincj They will be out (on bail) in time to vote for the anc. Again. Angrily... 🤦🏻‍♂️

Could these war vets be foreigners? 'war veterans' what war enca? what king of news reporting is this? The sign of our times😌 Ur journalist Jones Letshwiti is incompetent. He is also biased to that toys mk soldiers. The two guys he is intervieng are below 50 yrs old. They are Zuma paramilitary. He is failing to ask simple question. How old are this toy soldiers? Where were they trained?

Just a reminder that factionalism and tribalism is the biggest threat to the future of SA, not racism. A sad event. Glad nobody got hurt. But people open your eyes... these are members of the party holding their own leaders hostage... to me that says a lot. If they can't find commen ground with their own. How can they govern a country and take care of its people.

“War Veterans” you giving those anc thugs too much credit.

Police make nine arrests as they raid abalone processing facilities in Cape TownAccording to Hawks Western Cape spokesperson Zinzi Hani, the arrests were the result of an operation involving the Hawks' serious organised crime investigation team...

ancMoron took the money of a veteranMoron, now the VeteranMoron is standing up against the ancMoron resulting that the VeteranMoron was arrested whisked away in a white van with blue lights & the ancMoron whisked away in a black BMW with blue light. The war veterans send their grandchildren to represent them🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this mambo jumbo of a SA really a damn circus.

Where were the other members of this Army... some onw should be court martialed Foreign nationals are carrying dangerous weapons in Gqeberha, they must go and arrest them. Bt this anc is always the news for the wrong reason lately🤦‍♂️ Yabona lento yokubukela amaMovie to much🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ MoneyHeist Where was their VIP protection? What are we paying millions for? and then the government tries to tell us that we're not a BananaRepublic

ANC is not solving the problem by arresting them they neglected them n empty promises, no maan😠😠 “Veterans” 'war veterans' ...

WATCH: Police on high alert in Gqeberha after 8 taxis set alightPolice have opened a case of public violence. No arrests have been made yet. Utheni umashaba ? 🙆🙆🙆 Babalayile,basile onotaxi,you won't know that if you never get into confrontation with one

War veterans. Which war are they veterans of? What is their average age? Domestic terrorists would be a more apt description. Oh how we long for media that will report things as they are. War veterans indeed CR-17 Media narrative War veteran with dyed head and skinny pants nxa these idiots are chancers nje

What war? This loose rabble of miscreants are being elevated by you - why? ANC members must stop using state resources to fight their battles, they should sort out their internal issues Blockatwit Which War did they fight on to be called Vets ? I don’t recall any of them confronting or fighting any single bullet to then SADF & SAP beside bombing civilian areas. The real exiles were integrated into now SANDF & SAPS post 94’. These are just broke, poor & hungry clowns 🤡.

Why are these people called war veterans in the first place? How can those boys be war veterans when they were born in the 80s and 90s They didn't they aline them ka smell the ass style... UBheki Cele akaxoshwa ngani vele

Police make nine arrests as they raid abalone processing facilities in Cape TownRaids on various illegal processing facilities across Cape Town on Tuesday led to the arrests of nine people and the seizure of more than R20m worth of abalone. I guess all of them are illegal in the country. Why arrest? Why not do something permanent? There is no greater joy than having financial stability and a life free of debts, that’s why I keep tweeting about lisamiaBTC it has been a pleasure collaborating with you...there is no other way I can show my appreciation other than tweeting the good deed you have done

They keep on using the word 'veterans'. I don't think they know what the word means. Anyway. Watch how the police's VIP budget doubles. Scam Makes You Wonder about These Attacks with Military Precision The Cash In Transit Heists The Breakins at High Security Government Institutions The Failed Coup-Insurrection in KZN-GP The Now Treasonous Hostage Drama of Ministers and Deputy Ministers with Demands like Terrorists

Is this really the country we're living in right now? Seriously? Riots & Looting in July... Somalians & Taxi's up in flames in Gqeberha.. Prayer sessions for criminals in eThekwini while most of the country still lives in squalor. But MYANC will say all is fine vote vote vote ANC have turned the whole country into a shit hole including its own alliance. If you continue to support this. TEN YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

Kamogelo_Mabuse Just say it's somalians not war veterans 26 year olds as veterans? Law abiding citizens are arrstest meanwhile Somalians are walking free. Wtf is going on in this shit whole country? But police are failing us when we open I did open a case against a known 2 guys who robbed my young brother in Attridgeville on his way to Library 2 months back still today we never heard anything. ATTRIDGEVILLE POLICE STATION

Are you sure south Africa 🇿🇦 is not realising Movie 🎥 😂🤣😂😂😂

But the anc spends billions on VIP protection with our tax money.... shows you, a waste of money, they probably to fat to run and protect. The anc falls on its own sword. Aren't we sending them to Korsten?...somebody have an ask The ANC is a circus and the voters will keep this SH*T show going 🙂👍 NO BAIL!!

They dnt look like they from 60-70s. Look very young for war veterans. Arrested?.....Lets send them to Korsten I wanna see something fast