230 000 people arrested for lockdown crimes – Cele

Police Minister Bheki Cele said almost 230 000 people have been arrested for contravening level 4 lockdown regulations.

2020-05-23 11:58:00 AM

Police Minister Bheki Cele said almost 230 000 people have been arrested for contravening level 4 lockdown regulations.

Police Minister Bheki Cele said almost 230 000 people have been arrested for contravening level 4 lockdown regulations.

“When we were still on level 5, we had about 107 000 cases opened with 118 000 people charged for the contravention of the lockdown regulations. In just over a month, this number has more than doubled and is almost at 230 000,” said Cele.Most people were arrested for crimes related to liquor, cigarettes, fraudulent permits and cross border travelling. The Western Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng had the highest arrests, he said.

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Cele warned that many people were using the lockdown to expand their illegal businesses.“We know criminals are opportunistic, so organised crime syndicates have taken advantage of the lockdown, especially the ban on alcohol and cigarettes. They have expanded their trade in illicit and counterfeit alcohol and cigarettes,” said Cele.

The police and the SA National Defence Force had confiscated more than 2.6 million contraband from illegal businesses.With the lockdown continuing, the illegal traders are prospering selling overpriced alcohol and cigarettes. However, Cele said that many were being busted by law enforcement agencies.

Read: Bheki Cele: ‘I wish alcohol ban could be extended beyond lockdown’He said that many were also caught transporting drugs. He commended police in the Eastern Cape who confiscated drugs worth R4 million.“Police in Eastern Cape on Wednesday confiscated drugs [Mandrax and dagga] worth about R4 million during a routine inspection at a health checkpoint outside Middelburg in the Eastern Cape,” he said.

According to Cele, domestic violence cases have decreased by 68,4% between last year and this year.“If we compare the period from March 27 2019 to May 21 2019 with the lockdown period from March 27 to May 19 2020, there is a sharp decrease from 21 033 cases last year to 6 651 cases of domestic violence during the lockdown, giving us a percentage decrease of 68,4%,” Cele said.

Cele clarified that there was a difference between gender-based violence and domestic violence. He said that domestic violence includes assault, rape and murder by partners and gender-based violence includes all crimes against women.We know criminals are opportunistic, so organised crime syndicates have taken advantage of the lockdown, especially the ban on alcohol and cigarettes. They have expanded their trade in illicit and counterfeit alcohol and cigarettes

Bheki Cele“When we refer to gender-based violence, these would cover ALL crimes against women and children as well as the LGBTQI community. For instance, if a woman walking to the shops is mugged and robbed at gunpoint of her personal belongings by a random suspect, that incident is recorded as a crime against a woman and therefore falls under gender-based violence,” he said.

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Cele urged neighbours of domestic violence victims, who are aware of abuse to alert the police and for victims to approach the courts for protection orders.Referring to an incident in KwaZulu-Natal where seven young men were killed by unknown suspects, Cele was unhappy that such incidents were still occurring.

Despite these issues, Cele said that there had been a notable drop in the rate of crime since the national lockdown began in March. Some of the most notable declines were seen in “contact crimes”, which include domestic violence, robberies and hijackings.

“Although the lockdown figures for serious and violent crimes are still lower compared to last year, we have noted an increase in hijackings, especially if we compare the first two weeks of level 5 to the first two weeks of the level 4 lockdown. Most hijacking incidents were recorded in Gauteng followed by Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape,” he said.

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Wear you mask properly. Arrest yourself now Who killed Senzo? They preaching to us but not following there own rules 🖕🏻 Wear your mask correctly. Or you may have to arrest yourself 🤠 They are our heroes!! Our freedom fighters!! CRIMES? These have been gazetted as CRIMES? The irony, releasing 19 000 prisoners only to arrest 230K more. He is competent, in safe guarding those who are mad for not fully capitalising more during the Lockdown. He is fighting submission to the systematic approach to sky rocket profits. Not COVID19SouthAfrica

It would be better if all those 230000 people were drug dealers,human traffickers and scammers. They release hardened criminals from jail to make space for those who arrested for contravening the Lockdown regulations! 🤐 How about terrorists who burned our schools, how many are in prison today? Drug dealers, I mean drug should've self rehabilitated by now but they still get their stuff. The focus and obsession is misplaced

How many were arrested for state capture and looting public purses? This man was fired once he must not think it can't happen again Is that a correct way of wearing a mask.....wow we are being led😏 We are all very proud of you! Now give more criminals parole and let the rest of South Africa sit in jail please.

And Cyril is letting thousands of convicted criminals out of jail. The clowns are truly running the circus And he’s SO proud of himself. At last he’s found a way to be productive in policing... arresting ordinary tax paying citizens, not genuine criminals like rapists, murderers and thieves. Police minister and alleged criminal

Uya bangena UBheki Wow, impressive. 230 000 arrested vs 10 who received the special R350 COVID-19 grant.

Lockdown violations have soared to 230 000, says CeleThe number of cases opened by the police for lockdown regulation violations has more than doubled in May to 230,000, with the Western Province proving the least compliant province, Police Minister Bheki Cele said on Friday. CyrilRamaphosa 230 000 people charged due to covid rules😱 and the outcome is wash hands, social distancing and wear masks that's what will save us but we gave 230 000 people criminal records! For breaking ridiculous rules that have nothing to do with spreading covid 🤷‍♀️ What did he expect? 10?

Trio arrested for theft of Eskom transformers worth R500,000Three man were nabbed by police in Diepsloot in the north of Johannesburg for the alleged theft of ten Eskom transformers worth nearly R500,000, the power utility said on Friday. Release them before the contract covid in prison, please. Good job , but and on going cycle the arrested criminals gets pardon then do more worst crimes get arrested bailed back on the street more crime and on and on like a merry go round, which attracts new recruits. Common sense is no longer common anymore.

Over 40 000 Africans have recovered from Covid-19As the coronavirus pandemic ravages health facilities across the globe, killing just over 334 000 people worldwide, and with many health analysts saying that the worst is yet to come in Africa, the continent has recorded just over 40,000 recoveries as of Friday. I hear now and then about the false positive covid-19 test. 80 - 70% false. Is this not the recoveries? People who have been tested but was not sick? Please this is just a Question. Good news,media is focusing more on number of infections and deaths,they don't give us updates on recoveries and that undermine the good work done by health workers and volunteers We are a resilient bunch ✊🏿

BREAKING NEWS: 28 more Covid-19 deaths, SA now has over 20 000 casesBREAKING NEWS: South Africa now has over 20 000 confirmed cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus and 28 more deaths, Health Minister Zweli Mkhize said on Friday night. | Day57ofLockdown And breaking news more than a 1000 have died from TB over the same period Yet we still wanna move to level 3

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