Zuckerberg stands firm in refusal to moderate Trump despite employee walkouts and resignations

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday told employees he was standing firm in the company's decision not to moderate a post in which President Trump said 'when the looting starts, the shooting starts.'

of employees, many of whom argue that the post from Trump violates Facebook's community standards, which prohibit language that incites serious violence.

Aside from criticism of the decision, at least two Facebook employees posted on social media that they were leaving the company as a result of the refusal to moderate Trump. "Your CEO refuses to do anything about the hate speech and violence glorified by our 'president' on Facebook," she wrote.speaking with Zuckerberg and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg on Monday

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Are we heading to communism? Instead of government screening and watching people, private companies will screen free speach. Do you know how communist China does it? P.S. social media isn’t design as source of factual information, but scholarly journal is

Well, he was right again.

Well done facebook!!

Well what he said was accurate at least. Very sad, but it turned out to be true to f Facebook employees who’s feelings were hurt

Free speech. Liberals hate free speech.

Time for Facebook’s executives and shareholders to take a stand and get rid of Zuck. He has too much power. He is allowing Facebook to be used as a tool for oppression. Connecting people? All they want to know is your data. cancelfacebook

Piece of poop

Can't believe majority want censorship. Or this is just another mind control.

His company. You don’t like the policies, find another job and shut up? Vote with your feet. But no, ya’ll will bitch but keep dem dollars following in. Hypocrit!

Which by the way, is exactly what happened...

They will be condemned at the time of judgment.

He is correct. 10, 20 years down the line it could be a dem president who could .be shut out of a media platform.

Take the counter-point here: Would you rather NOT know that the president of your country is a lunatic?

Yes the people started looting and shooting, But fake news wont report the innocent dying at the hands of looters. FUK YOU CNBC, EVERYTHING YOU SAY AND DO HAS BEEN BULLSHIT! Who still believes you, really ?

If they edit they become publishers and are responsible for content.

An open platform should never edit any post.

Kina vil bli den siste stormakt i verden, etter at USA må gi tapt, men bare for en kort stund, inntil hele det politisk/økonomiske pengespillet kollapser.

Social media is not a news paper or scholarly journal. SM is designed for real time exchange of opinions by anyone who has an account (low, avg, above average IQ). If you need a factual information please read a newspaper or scholarly journal.

I deleted my Facebook today. fuckerberg is the original Incel.

I stand firm in boycotting that shit

As a liberal from the 60s, you’re damn right - free speech - you can’t learn without it. You can’t know who hates or who loves. noprison

Fire this MF!

Time to walk out Facebook employees

Since when 'looting' justified for any reason! Hope the protesters loot houses of Face Book employees since they are so generous about 'Looting'! And don't call police! Let's make addresses of you and your employees public specificaly for looters, ... so looters can visit them!!!

Because he was correct. Look how many police officers, and rioters have been shot.

Shame on him, he alwayd want get some Political status

if they are dead they cant vote? ... if they vote and the dems have power gain, he has a higher chance of having his company broken up

'We won't be fact checking' says child molester Mark Zuckerberg.

Suckerberg needs to go.

Calling out lies do protect free speech - it’s not to censor what was said. Some countries now have fake news legislation which even Facebook had to follow in order to operate in those countries


Zuckerberg knows what's coming. He doesn't want to be the example for the rest of tech when the regulatory hammer comes slamming down. He's a shrewd businessman, that's for sure.

Good. If the FB employees hate the idea then find a better job. FB is not judge and jury.

Vampire stands firm in decision not to stop other vampires from sucking blood.

ArmstrongOhio I thank him.

The Winklevoss brothers would never

Well hindsight being 20/20 turns out the statement was accurate so what's there to censor or 'fact check'? How about this one; It's not the skin color it's the behavior.

🖕 Facebook 🖕 🖕Mark Zuckerberg 🖕

Thanks Mark !!

Fucking hell CNBC! I thought I was repetitive. If you only employ robots instead of humans and the story queue empties, just tell the robot to run some ads will-ya!

People really want him to be a gatekeeper on acceptable social media posts?

Mark could not woo a regular caucasian woman. Cause he cant socially. He is an eunuch. Looks like one. Total sidey.

Fck Zuckerberg!!! CNBC SUCKS ANYWAYS

Prescient observation! Hardly disinformation. The shooting of Captain David Dorn by rioters in the midst of looting attests...

He is a disgrace to America.

Good let the people decide for themselves

I actually applaud his actions. He’s not going to let someone bully or threaten him into changing his views or policy. I don’t support the post in question but when a hand full of people start moderating our social media we all lose.

its called free speech, look it up. You or I may disagree but he has the right to say it.

If others do the same and if their posts are removed, then the same should apply to all. President or not, the rule should apply to everyone.

I hope world peace now we are suffering from COVID19 ,they will try to kill human race pls dont fight each other respect our races

If some other platform offers a social meeting place just as Facebook, I would leave Facebook without looking back!

This guy is terrified of the possibility of having to moderate what’s on FB bc it can’t be automated away. He’ll allow anything on there in the name of “free speech” before taking any responsibility

Note to self: I refuse to work at Facebook

Suppressing speech is freedom

Zuck is the ideological norm. He accepts all the false premises which saturate our culture: collectivism, altruism, materialistic mysticism, social subjectivism. The whole package. The culture is a mess. Thanks profs.

I’ll be quitting facebook


He should stand up to Trump. Trump is destroying America . The America that allowed for FB to exist. Trump and his abuse of power and constant lying on FB if allowed to continue will also destroy FB if given a chance.

Of course not; Zuck needs Kim Jong Don's army of Russian bots to artificially inflate user growth.

It makes no sense but it’s clear he can’t be trusted

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So he should. When the moderating starts... The Schmoderating starts... (I might have made up that word 🤔🤔🤔)

As I said before. I’m with Zuck, don’t censor ppl. I want to see them for who they really are.


I like him! It is true freedom of speech!!!

Look...the guy who lifted facebook idea and deleted that freind who developed it with him! Who wants to listen to him!

Package him out, and send him packing! $FB could be so much better without this weak man!

Zuckerberg is right, let Trump destroy himself and his whole community. Today he cannot assume not to be racist anymore, this is the outcome of his public speaches and tweets.

Glad someone cares about the constitution.

He is a cold hearted bastard. I don't even look at Facebook. Lousy platform

Bye bye Twitter. You have been fun. I’ll miss El Prez, and all those dating offers from chicks from Maine. Lol. Favoritisms in politics on a social media platform is a big No No. So this is my last one. Hope Mr. Investor isn’t still sitting on 12 percent cash.

Anyone using Facebook needs to walk away...

That guy is a fing child



It's not his job to control freedom of speech but the states

because Jarred told you to do so or ...

Facebook is only used by old people now the young have gone to another platform

Board of Directors? What happens when all that remains of his user base are the bots?

One person quitting is one opportunity for someone else.

Money Money Money

First amendment. Stupid people say stupid things, smart people say smart things, but it’s still free speech. Like the ol saying goes “if someone tells you to jump off a bridge are you going to do it?”, no.... well, at the rate things are going, I’m probably wrong.


Let them resign. I’m sure there are plenty of others ready to work with such high unemployment right now

There is a huge difference between free speech and the leadership of this nation inciting and exercising violence against it's citizens.

If we don't believe in freedom of speech for those we despise we don't believe in it at all - Noam Chomsky Probly one of the dew times, Zuckerberg is actually right

Fuck him sell fb

I don’t think he cares. He is worth billions even if Facebook shuts down which it might eventually due to the government. In our humble opinion

Excellent. Fire them all and hire level-headed people.

Good job Zuckerberg! 👍👍👍

Good on you Zuckerberg

He is absolutely right, if you moderate one persons posts you then have an obligation to moderate everyones posts on the platform, you cant pick and choose who to edit out. Facebook is a platform not the police. Users can use discretion.

Trump about to beat that ass. I’m sure he has some heavy on Zuck


A raging POS but at least he's got bigger stones than BunkerBoy


Good for him. He's grown into the CEO job well.


Zuckerberg has some moxi.

Buy those stocks bitches - buy buy buy. It’s all good...equities only go up when there are 40 million unemployed and rising, a trade war, a democrat controlled house and senate, Biden as president LMFAO

Greedy coward DeleteFacebookNow

Zuckerberg is cut from the same cloth as Donald J. Trump, although with a much higher IQ than that of the Orange Menace.

Mark Sucker Berg, FacebookWalkout FacebookDown, you are missing the real issue here. I misspelled in purpose your last name.

'It is not that humans have become any more greedy than in generations past. It is that the avenues to express greed had grown so enormously.' Testimony of chairman Alan Greenspan, 2002.

If you still use Facebook, then now is a good time to get rid of it.

Bravo Zuck!

Fine then just don't use his apps FaceFuck and instafuck

I’m sorry this happened to you. Idiots

Bc he already sold his soul.

The death sentence of the hi-jacked Democratic Party is very near. The worst people in this great nation have shown looting, property damage, hurting humans. I see an incredible mandate victory for President Trump & the Republican Party as Americans watch this evil!

Hahahaha people walking out over free speech who are the fascist again


This is surely a sign of end times!! zuck with a backbone although I'm sure there is an hidden motive for his stance.

Time to boycott Facebook


They are lazy millennials anyway. Let them walk!

I like how CNBC keeps asking, 'why isn't Facebook stock down more' due to Zuckerberg's decisions...YET, when it comes to riots, looting, and civil unrest, they state the market is forward looking and sees past issues like this. Pump up the stonks!

Good. Social Media companies should never be the arbiters of truth. They are supposed to be open to free expression and opinions and beliefs.

Zuckerberg is nothing more than a Trump lapdog!! So sorry he has taken that road!

If we don't believe in freedom of speech for those we despise we don't believe in it at all - Noam Chomsky


Sadly, this is a time in America where lines are drawn and sides are taken. markzucky has chosen the wrong side.

If POTUS says or writes something incendiary it SHOULD be shown to everyone. I don't want ANYONE at Twitter or FB to tell me what I can read or see.

pretty sure there are others that will take the jobs, let em walk, its not easy out there

He’s right. It would be a mistake. The President is running a foot in mouth campaign that will turn original voters for him, against him. Just keep talking.

Fire the assholes

Liberals do hate free speech.

Kind of surprised. Guess the Trump campaign spends a lot of money on Facebook. Guess he doesn't want any investigations.

Free speech.

Golden opportunity,to poach some POTUS supporters from Twitter!

He's absolutely right! He had a platform, not a media company

Showing himself to be a find leader -stand up to the bullies and bigmouths.

Not a fan of him!

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