Zuckerberg posts 'Black lives matter' and pledges to review Facebook's policies

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Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will review its policies concerning the state use of force, voter suppression and content moderation, as the company faces a backlash from many of its own workers over its inaction on controversial posts by President Trump

Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will review its policies concerning the state use of force, voter suppression and content moderation, as the company faces a backlash from many of its own workers over its inaction on controversial posts by President Donald Trump.

In a note to employees that he later shared on his Facebook page on Friday, Zuckerberg acknowledged that the decision about Trump's posts"left many of you angry, disappointed and hurt." The Facebook cofounder and CEO also addressed the protests that have erupted across the United States and around the world following the death of George Floyd."To members of our Black community: I stand with you. Your lives matter. Black lives matter," he wrote.


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Freedon of speech? Mever did exist on Facebook

Class action remove suckerberg from his own company

That's good.Never give the devil d platform to win in Nov

Facebook employees playing politics.

Moving kinda slow on this issue, there, Mark.

Policy isn't the issue... Fair treatment is. I cannot post the things he does without repercussions, he shouldn't be able to either.

Zuckerberg wont change anything

TrueFactsStated He should cut ties with Trump first and foremost -- that symbiosis is the danger.

Fb is Censorship, Block Americans but not China on media

F. K. Zuk

It’s happening

Shsme on him

The warning Trump gave was rope to hang themselves.

Zuck has agreed that hiring an adult to babysit him would be a strategic tactic...

Ur a joke zuckerberg.

Dropped FB ,can't be trusted ,in my opinion

I permanently deleted my Facebook account and survived. Birds are chirping and skies are clear. Good riddance.

Yea, now he’s serious? We need a new type of Facebook and destroy this man’s platform for supporting misinformation and using our data to drive these types of campaigns.

it's not backlash from workers of Zuckerberg's company,but from his Chinese Wife😆

InformedSmart Fuck zuck

Your support of Trump does not help healing we so desperately need. Trump is fueling Apartheid and you support him

Yeah, Right!

'Promises to review' is meaningless lip service.

fakebook is trying to help Donald Trump get re-elected, filling their platform with misinformation to confuse voters just they did did in 2016. DeleteFacebookNow

He is either a platform for free expression or a publisher it’s that simple.

You gonna talk about it or be about it?

Facebook Madness ! You want to start censoring Facebook post ,so you can collect money from the Democrats and The zoo called Nigeria to remove news content that reveals & exposes the evil & atrocities of Nigeria Gvt and USA Democrats.Trump’s re-election is sure!zuckerberg is evil


He sold out ruleoutfacebook sellout peoplematter

I guess he's getting pressure from a bunch of liberal employees. What about the conservatives. Its too bad that the liberals are a pity if bullies.

Zuckerberg is part of deep state and pissed Trump has cut US off drom China. Zuckazz is just like Gates another theif of someone else's idea. Funny how both the theifs are in the Deep State with insider traders Buffett and Soros. 4 rich theifs.

I don't buy any of this M.Suckerberg

so they're not a platform moving forward then?

Yeah, and they'll make a decision by Nov 4.

Mark Zuckerberg is a coward, afraid of Trump’s executive order to shut down his life’s work & source of wealth. Russians easily manipulated his platform to bring Trump to power by spreading propaganda & influencing votes for Trumo. Facebook’s breach of user privacy is more epic.

Is he an albino?

He needs to do something!

Word soup FB has outlived its usefulness.

Time for a change

Shut Facebook down

facebook = 4chan


'They are beyond the pale many of those people, beyond the pale,' Biden continued. 'And it's a sad commentary on society. We have no choice but to take them out of society.'

What a weasel.

If he doesn’t start calling 45 out I’m done with FB.

FB ban.

He is a disgrace MF.

What he says is one thing. We'll see what he actually does. Still, I wouldn't be holding my breath if I were You.

Facebook never heard of her

finkd use facebook resources to lobby in States & Washington against systematic racial injustice & police brutality. Remove your financial support from politicians who don't act on it. Donate directly to K12 EDU predominantly black schools for STEM programs BlackLivesMatter

The party of tyranny is at it again. Censoring speech and thought is textbook nazism and sadly these days Democrats.

The fact that facebook only reacts when something happens shows that Zuckerberg is only interested in profit maximization. Facebook = more money matters Nothing else

I believe if social sites such as Facebook ALLOW President Trump to PUBLICLY EXPOSE HIS ignorance, hatrid, racism, lies, lack of compassion, selfishness, foolishness, bad judgment, narcissism, etc. A Little Longer, it will be enough to Quickly FIRE HIM=Good for our Country + ALL.

He should be ashamed.

It seems that we enter a new political era.

Too late. Your platform is gone from my life.

Trump loyalist...How Dd trump got to himI thought white man ar his age ain’t taking crap from their racist parents and fellow racist leaders...!!Twitter need to investigate him I sense his parents own kkk membership

Not holding my breath DeleteFacebookNow

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