Zlatan Ibrahimovic Says LeBron Should Stay Out Of Politics, 'Do What You're Good At'

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Says LeBron Should Stay Out Of Politics, 'Do What You're Good At'

2/26/2021 4:44:00 AM

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Says LeBron Should Stay Out Of Politics, 'Do What You're Good At'

Zlatan Ibrahimovic wants LeBron James to stay in his lane when it comes to politics ... saying star athletes should let politicians handle politics.

Zlatan clearly thinks it's best he keeps his opinions to himself."Do the category you do," Ibrahimovic continued."I play football because I'm the best at playing football. I don't do politics. If I would be a political politician, I would do politics."

"That is the big first mistake people do when they become famous and they become in a certain status. Stay out of it. Just do what you do best because it doesn't look good."Of course, it's not the first time LeBron has been criticized for his involvement in politics -- remember, TV host

Laura Ingrahamtold the 4-time champto"shut up and dribble" after speaking out against Trump. Read more: TMZ »

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Is he talking about the Man that Created his own school? Continues to strive to help his Community and this World a better place? He couldn't be Lebron James on his worse day. Lebron James keep Speaking Your Truth. Maybe zlatan should stay out of LeBron’s business & take care of his business 🤫😀 Ohhhh. So we can only be “good” at one thing. I did know that. Lebron sets examples for many young people. It’s also his job to teach them that they have more than one obligation to our world. TMZ... build a couple schools and teach kids to vote!!!

Politics shouldn’t be in sports. I don’t mind lebron talking about it outside of basketball. Don’t bring all that dumb shit into the sport though He can eat a bag of D— and I don’t know who he is anyways Ibra_official Imagine believing that politics should be left to the politicians. Haven't they f'd up enough?

Who? Who is this chick? Everybody had a right to their opinion including Ziatan and LeBron let’s focus on the issues Maybe he should stick to soccer and stfu about players that don't play soccer Fuck him, he should stay out of LeBron's business. He is using LeBron to get in the spotlight It’s true he must've 'borrowed' that 'opinion' from Laura Ingraham

Well Zoltan, the way I see it, LeBron is speaking for a demographic that mostly appreciates what he is doing for them. Now, if they overwhelmingly said 'No' I would agree. Why is it only the opposition ever wants ppl to stay in their lane? Ask yourself that first, Zoltar A tax paying American voter should stay out of politics says a European? So you jumped out of your lane to tell someone else to stay in theirs. 🤔 Got it.

When LeBron wakes up in the morning hes a Black man first before he's anything else. He, and every other black and brown celeb compelled to use their platform to raise the volume of awareness on social injustice and racial inequality should and thats what LeBron does. Bye Z. Zlatan should do the same ... if he is good at anything.

The best part is half of these people in the comments goin on about how he should “stay in his lane” were probably in the comments last week bitching about censorship 🥴 selectiveoutrage is cute Zlatan Needs To Mind His Business! Zlatan is a shittong. MYOB GimmeSkinsMain So white guy makes a political comment to tell black guy to stay out of politics... ..and that's OK?

His platform is exactly why LeBron should be speaking out! He has influence and should use it in this battle against injustice! Who? Why? FOS🤨 I don’t like entertainers in politics, but I had seen some of his sufferings. Racists live on TMZ so I’m sure they’ll all be here saying he’s right. Apparently no one is allowed to talk about anything outside of their job ever! I don’t even like LeBron but off the court he seems like a good dude trying to do good!

Labron needs to stfu and bounce a ball. 😒 Don’t tell Americans what they can do in their own country. Make comments about your own country. Zlatan is a BUM, mans is not affected by the politics LeBron is talking and his privilege is showing Politics needs to stay out of sports. Like why the national anthem is only at sporting events

They hate when ur great!!! People who DON’T make history just stick to what they do. Keep doing you King Lebron. Who is that guy poppin shit anyway? 😂🤣😂 Who? & why does LBJ live rent free in his head? And it sounds like this Zlatan person should *become* good at minding his own business... rather than sticking his nose in Bron's. 🤷🏾‍♀️

Is this the Eastern European version of “shut up and dribble” from a soccer player with his foot in his mouth? Why are we giving this man any attention? He’s a Swedish soccer player. All up in grown folks business. So a white dude telling a black guy what to do , yep classic. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

Who or what the fuck is a Zlatan Ibrablahblah? It’s funny how powerful lebron has become in which people from all walks of life try to shut him down after he exercised his right of freedom of speech I guess it’s only for certain people 😂🤣😂 good job Lebron keep doing ya thing He needs to sit down..Lebron get at him-

I agree thank you sir !! I think the public generally agrees. We turn to sports more often to take a break from all the politicians and their bull Who is this clown? Don't send links I won't click them. Just sum up his irrelevance in a few words. Zlatan shut the fuck up😡how bout that ..🤬🤬 Shut up and dribble -European

Anyone can discuss politics. Tf Is this dude an American Citizen If not, he needs to stay out of American Politics and Lebron’s business. He has the right to speak on whatever the heck he wants! Dear Zlatan, Who? If he is good at it, why not give him the privilege! Zlstsn has been in the USA for 6 years already a conservative

Agreed Zolton should stay out of Lebrons business and do whatever hes good at. Before them Lebron ass kissers attack him. He didn’t say LeBron ain’t good at politics. Zlatan did not say LeBron should stop his involvement in politics So this is a soccer players political opinion on a basketball players political opinion...🤔

I had a feeling that all of you saying Zlatan was more famous was wrong.... I am right to think that... Yep White man tell Black man what to do again. King James ain’t listening. 😒 Only Zlatan can tell Lebron to shut up. I love the posts of people who think Lebron is more known than Zlatan. Who said that? Oh wait a nobody, move along...

Agreed 100% Why do even yt foreigners feel they can boss, and dictate to Black folk? That weirdo needs to stay out of Lebron's business and become 'good at' minding his own, with his Laura Ingram-esque bullshyt commentary on King James. Amen!!! Zlatan is too white to understand. Who is this guy to say what someone else shouldn't be doing? Plenty of players (globally) past and present has spoke about injustices in thier perspective nations ( Manute Bol, Hedo Turkalou). Tell this idiot to mind his business

🐐🐐🐐🐐Lebron keep using that platform. He’s correct know one gives a crap about his political stand view Agreed! Thinking how most Americans will say who’s Zlatan 🤔 😂. He’s a football star, wondering which football team he plays for🤔, nope I mean world football not American. He’s from Sweden (have you heard of that country?)🤔 it’s in Europe.😂

No ur definitely not d best playing football, it’s not about flying kicks Maybe Zlatan should stay out off LeBron's business. Zlatan don't know LeBron's story, discrimination he and his type has and still going through and how he got to where he his. When is challenging the politicians to effect change a problem. Zlatan acting like he knows it all

Agree 💯 'Shut up and dribble' they want to make sure that no melanated people, especially men become jurists!!! using this logic should most politicians stay out of politics since it seems they are not very good at it either 🤔 JustSaying He pays the highest tax in that country and he has a the rights to speak his mind! Unlike some facsit sheep

Idk know who he is sooooo... 🤷🏾‍♂️ Who? LeBron is great at many things, he can and should voice his thoughts. ReezyIsMyName its always your faves Who? Maybe he's not familiar with a thing called the Constitution Zip his mouth Lebron James can be in whatever he wants! Get away from that “stay in your place” attitude!😤

The god has spoken FACTS .. no one gives a shor about his far left opinions Who? Americans don’t watch soccer, what a shamr He’s right tho That's what privileged people say 🙃 he only cares about his own pocket while LeBron also cares about his community. Keep doing you King Bron Lebron is not gonna back down to him or anyone.

I disagree Y'all crazy!! Mfs don’t even know this is the kind of attitude that makes Zlatan an unstoppable force you fucking weebs Ibra_official maybe just maybe Lebron is good at more then just entertaining ignorant pail faces. He builds schools and actually helps snd gets involved with domuch as a community member and father and mentor! We cant even say that about any president ten Obama.

This one sounds a bit racist Not sure many people IN politics are doing what they are good at. Zlatan stays out of my yard fo sure Free fucking country!! Come through lebron!! Zlatan is always right 💪 💯 Americans really don't know Zlatan tho, cuz if you did you would know Zlatan eats controversy for breakfast...

What a foolish thing to say. I hate when people say stupid things like this White previledge at it's best. True, LeBron really showed his lack of intelligence and showed how much misinformation got to his brain this year. Sad to see such a talent go down a dark path. Who? As long as you pay taxes you can speak on politrics...

So. There’s politics in sport Interesting how Zlat’s status make his comments Lebron & his civic action as an American citizen go viral 🙄😤. Who we R doesn’t stop when we go 2 work, school, driving or wherever. Until being BIPOC in the USA doesn’t lower UR life expectancy more we MUST bring awareness.

That is true Imagine being so ignorant. Shut up old man LeBronJames Net Worth - $500 Million ZlatanIbrahimović Net Worth - $190 Million Zaltan you need another $300mil then you can give advice to KingJames He really should go back to his bridge scaring Billy goats...😒 Zlatan ibrahimovic is an IDIOT! There...I said it!

They both chase balls for a living. Everyone has an opinion in politics. LeBron can speak his mind about politics just like anyone else. So you boy. Bye!! LeBron James is a PROFESSIONAL BASKETBALL PLAYER WITH HOW MANY RINGS. FAT CHECK!!! Ok Agreed He’s good at being a douche bag... From a Bosnian Croatian lols

He’s a nobody. Boy trying to get clout and fame from KingJames Zla who? Pass I’m sure he hasn’t said this to LeBron’s face .. never will 🙄 But why wasn’t he screaming for ✊🏿? But he never called Lebron's name. You don’t know what he is good at at all all your trying too do is piss on someone try yourself son

Like not talking about people who are oppressed Who do you own ? Answer not one anybody ! Speak Lebrun 100up A lot of you are mad that someone told yOuR kInG to stay in his lane. 😂 And music too ! Who? It's good advice 👌 👍 Who? drhowardpsyd Who Ok..here we go again!! Don't we all have our opinions about politics that we decide to let others know ? Why shouldn't LeBron?

Leaving politics to the politicians is what got us into this mess we’re in right now. American government is by the people, for the people. That means every American citizen has a right to speak up & get involved in the political system. Can’t pronounce his name however Zat , LeBron has the capacity and arena to utilize free speech! Duh!

Never heard of you. Stick to what your good at. Whatever that is. Sounding real high school musical. He can stfu and not be in politics in his country. Easy to say cuz he's not black. No matter the politics Asstan ImmarealBitch will never suffer like a black person in just about any 'western' country. The irony he does not get is him telling LBJ to not speak up is just as Political.

Who the fuck is he? THANK YOU! 🤣🤣🤣 💯 This the same shit as shut up and dribble 🤭 It’s because of Zlatan understand and knowledge about life,you need to think beyond yourself. You can try to make a positive change in your environment without being a politician. It’s just education. Whoever the f*ck he is better get over it quick cause I'm gonna need Lebron and other athletes/artists/etc with their platforms to speak out on my behalf.

These two have the same features all except the nose. Zlatan should be quiet he might find some African or African American in his blood. He's not even an American citizen but thinks he has the right to voice his opinion but Lebron doesn't. I don't believe he ever mentioned (or responded to) a question regarding LeBron specifically.. Lots of athletes speak their minds. TMZ is just doing their job, throwing gasoline on a birthday cake.. NBA

If i may, i think he wants to meet LeBron SO baaaaad! I think any citizen should have a right to say what they like about their country and politics. I’m pretty sure that’s why countries protect rights to free speech. Maybe it’s not the same where he comes from? Ah, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, great knower of all things political. 'Stay in your lane!' yells the man as he drifts into oncoming traffic.

Who 317slim Who? Who gives a fuck what zohan says!! Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions.. he pays his fair share! Who the fuck people think they are to tell anyone what to say!! If you don’t like it don’t pay attention.. plain and simple 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ Uh oh! Every person in the US has right to their political opinions & right to free speech.

I agree with zlatan not because he is my favorite player but why should you do a politicians job, might as well become a politician instead.Everyoneisentitledtotheirownopinion I bet Bron would be good at beating the living fuck out of Zlatan. Is he wrong Nope..... 👀 Who? Zlatan mind w own business at first

Listen at MaZZah On the surface, I agree. But...does LeBron just NOT ANSWER all non basketball questions?!?! Most media ask questions (not out of sincerity) but to stoke fires and controversy for clicks and clout and self gain. NBA truth Telling people to vote isn't the same as telling people who to vote for. I swear some people look for any way to put others down. It's okay for this guy to use his platform to call out another athlete yet other athletes can't use their platform for whatever they so choose? Wow!

He should stay out politics. America is not a dictatorship. It's actually sad and a bit racist to assume an athlete(BLACK)can't be educated in more than just sports/their professions. “Do what ur good at” ok well ur ass aint good at winning ucls but u still keep tryin Athletes are rich slaves Why do people keep telling people to just stick to what they do why can’t people have an opinion actors and athletes pay taxes votes and live in America they have every right to say what they feel just like a secretary and a janitor do

Telling people to stay out of politics is getting involved in politics. Kind of a catch-22 plus he’s from Europe so he can stfu It’s true. Everyone shut up about politics. We’re too divided as it is. It helps nothing. Why? Zlatan is just looking for press! Idiot. YES!!!!! Put the ball thru the hole and shut up

He looks like his parents are related so he might as well shut the hell up and make me my kebab 🖕🏼 Never heard of him so I don't care. LeBron can do what the hell he wants and who is this nit wit to tell someone what to do!!! Who cares what the fish KingJames thinks!!! No way! Thank God for professional athletes that have the courage to get involved. He’s an American Citizen and it’s his right and responsibility to get involved. I thank him and like him more because he does stand up and make his voice heard. I wish other athletes would thesame

Lebron should get out of basketball too. He killed the sport, having to get all the help in the world to win easy rings. NBA sucks cuz of him People asking who he is🤡 LeBron says 'Who?' Zlatan mind w own business pleas freedoms of speech Zlatan will say anything to stay relevant who? I wonder if his family had stayed in Bosnia instead of moving to Sweden; how would his opinion be then I wonder?!

what make you good at politics? Stand off And exactly who tf is ZlAtAn IbRaHimOvIc? Notice how this type of thing is usually directed at black athletes... Zlatan is a washed-up has-been who SHOULD focus on just soccer; unlike Lebron, he’s not good enough to do both 🤡 Zlatan must be a soccer or a cricket player.

I'm sorry Unproblemattic Ooooooooh Bro who? 😂😂 Who is Zlatan ? He should stay TF out of LeBron’s business 🤡 Did he tell Tom Brady the same thing? Who I'm sure the hillbilly Ridiculous Why don't he keep his stupid pointless opinion to himself! I concur He makes sense! You’re good at basketball not at critical thinking! So now your turning basketball fans into sheep! Stick to basketball fo sho!

This is too stupid to continue typing Zlatan should mind his muthafuckin' business and not worry about American problems And who is he ? That’s why Lebron James will keep speaking on what he wants to , cuz y’all are bothered by a Black Superstar speaking his mind . No one told him to listen or anyone else , so what’s the problem .

The goat have spoken ....sit down lebron, not you ? Just Zlatan being Zlatan lol 👊 Rare L by zlatan Zlarakzbwjz Ibruhwtfmovic said what about Lebron now! What is a Zlatan Ibrahimovic and why does it think its opinion matters? 🤔 Sorry......Zlatan who GTFOH Good suggestion.. Isn't politics the public's business?, probably my boy zlat headed to many balls.

politics is the governing of human lives . every human being has a right to speak on politics . a person who says another person shouldnt speak on politics is giving a political opinion .. Just wants the spotlight tmz don’t give it to him Zlatan should only speak after reading the U.S. Constitution. Then he can speak to what he understands.

I mean he was asked for his opinion so there ya go. Love it or hate it, have to respect it. Zlatan needs to stay in his lane wtf 🤬 tell that mf’ka to mind his own country’s business. KingJames votes and pay taxes. He can do whteva the 🤬he want to do. Hater WHO THE FUCK IS HE? ZLAOWISIS IBSUEIWU? Who is this guy?

Yes they want us to be silent but didn’t have a problem when we was whipped for speaking out during slavery A racist telling LeBron what to talk about or don't! Zlatlan basically said, “Shut up and dribble Lebron.” Not only that but he’s freaking ignorant to it Huh? But he just responded to something that was ....wait for it .... POLITICAL! Political and American and Black and yeah ... Something 'you don't know about'. Translation ...LeBron had BETTER say something ...because he HAS a platform. Exactly . Fool!

Oh no Ibra_official would never say this .. he’s way too wise .. EVERYONE CRY MORE HES SO RIGHT AHHHH HAHAHA the world mocks l3-6-1 everywhere That’s definitely a white guy statement it’s always political when it comes to black people 😂 Does he think he is good at politics? Because by making that statement, he is engaging in politics. Not sure where Zlat is from, but here in America, everyone is allowed to vote, so it is LeBrons responsibility to be engaged so he can vote intelligently

Wasn't he in that Adam Sandler movie, Don't mess with the Zlatan or something like that.. Same reasoning, dT should have stayed out of politics. Too bad only thing he excells at is being a bankrupt bully. Could be another form of shut up and dribble. Do your research Zlatan. Lebron has done a heck of a good charity off the court

Did he say what qualifies him to say who should & who shouldn’t “stay out of politics?” THATA THE MF 🐐🐐🐐 Not sure why anyone other than the bigoted republicans can have opinions regarding politics. Agree 10000 percent For all the people saying he's more popular worldwide than Lebron is, I'll just say this. WHO CARES. Your level of popularity doesn't dictate how correct you are when you speak. Zlatan is wrong. Enough with this 'shut up and dribble' mentality. That's weak.

MayheMMonkey420 Metoometoo No we won’t stfu So shut up and dribble, huh? Zlatan is correct! Last time I checked, he doesn’t pay my bills or put food on our tables! He’s entitled to his opinion, doesn’t give him the right to use his platform to tell others what they should believe in. Name didn't sound familiar in the least, so I'm guessing he's a NOBODY! 🤷🏿‍♂️

Damn that’s tuff Say it to his face. Well said 👍🏽 I dunno who is but , facts He’s a dunce LeBron is not into politics he’s fighting social injustice Why do some white people feel they have the right to tell a grown Black man what he should or should not do? Who the fuck is Zlatan to tell LeBronJames what to say? I guess this guy who isn't from America doesn't realize LeBron has a 1st Amendment right to voice his opinion.

maaaannnnn *uck zlatan 🖕🏾 🧐While he may be Swedish, he’s Bosnian. I tell you what Zlat, THIS is America and we are free to speak and engage in politics. Now hush it and kick the ball around! In other words, stay out of something you know nothing about! For the ones who don't know, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a well known football/soccer player in Europe, Asia, Africa and S.America. he is possible more famous than LeBron. Oh and he played for the LA Galaxy like 3 years ago

Zlatan the real 🐐 Zlatan, Lebron can do whatever he wants I call bullshit, Zlatan is the only person Zlatan cares about He didn't give up his right to have and voice opinions because he can play. Who is this 🤡 It takes guys like Zlatan to show the way to the sheep. More need to follow his example. Maybe Zlatan should refrain from giving advice or commentary and “Do what he’s good at”... kicking balls 😝

Damn, Z been losing all year.... Zlatan, you have won nothing. Study winning a World Cup because clearly you are not good enough. So Soccer players so just never use their hands.. ever? I never liked Zartan. I don't understand people who think your job dictates your level of civic engagement. LeBron did a great job opening arenas as polling locations so that people with long voting lines could avoid such crowded gatherings during a pandemic. I’d say he’s pretty good at that. And maybe foreigners should stay out of OUR politics unless they play to win us a World Cup

Can someone explain to me who this is in relation with basketball players? I won't even google who the f**k 'Zlatan Ibrahimovic' is... Trump should stay out of politics then. Stick to bad reality shows. Did this idiot just say “political politician” 😂😂😂 All athletes should because they don’t live in the real world with normal everyday working people just like Hollyweird should keep quiet.

When you pay as much in taxes as KingJames does you can say whatever the fuck you want. Who is dude maybe he should mind his business like he tried to tell Lebron Zlatan is right 💯 👏