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Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown Band Wreck Trucks, Smoke Weed in New Song 'Fun Having Fun'

“I looked fucked-up in the mugshot/But I’d do it all again,” Brown sings in the troublemaking tune from The Comeback

9/17/2021 7:38:00 PM

Zac Brown Band sing about wrecking trucks and getting arrested for weed in the lively bluegrass-influenced new song “Fun Having Fun”

“I looked fucked-up in the mugshot/But I’d do it all again,” Brown sings in the troublemaking tune from The Comeback

.Set to a speedy tempo and propelled by choppy mandolin, Brown and his mates recount instances of finding trouble that would get most kids grounded for life. “Well I had a big old pair for a boy just 8 years old,” he sings, before recalling how he wrecked his grandad’s prized Ford truck, burned down a hayloft, and, as a teenager, got arrested for smoking weed in a van with his buddies. When confronted in cartoonish fashion by a stern-voiced authority figure, Brown simply shrugs.

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“It’s fun having fun/There’s only so many trips round the sun,” he sings, with the group adding their trademark layered harmonies. The instrumental breaks take a wild turn through the middle section, with the tempo picking up dramatically and an acoustic guitar evoking the frenzy of a chase scene. When Brown sings about his encounter with the police, he does it with a sly grin: “I looked fucked-up in the mugshot/But I’d do it all again,” with the F-word neatly bleeped out.

The Comebackwill be released October 15th and includes the tracks “Same Boat” and “Stubborn Pride” with Marcus King. The group is currently headlining shows on its, which plays back-to-back gigs at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre in Englewood, Colorado, on Friday and Saturday.

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What about the J6 protests ? We want more reporting on that. You only have 2 articles on IMO, maybe it’s just me, but, I think I would have named the song something that is opposite of FUN! So cool that country's trying something different🙄 Cute fun song

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