Yuga Labs Confirms Discord Server Hack; 200 ETH Worth of NFTs Stolen

6/5/2022 12:14:00 AM

The company behind the Bored Apes NFTs made the disclosure 11 hours after word of the exploit surfaced on Twitter.

The boredapeYC Discord server was hacked Saturday, with the attacker making off with 200 ETH ($360K) worth of NFTs, according to yugalabs, which made the disclosure 11 hours after word of the exploit surfaced online. elitanjourno reports

The company behind the Bored Apes NFTs made the disclosure 11 hours after word of the exploit surfaced on Twitter.

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) Discord server was hacked on Saturday, with the attacker making off with 200 ETH ($360,000) worth of NFTs, according to Yuga Labs.In yet another breach, 32 non-fungible tokens were stolen because the Discord servers of the Bored Ape Yacht Club and OtherSide were compromised.Twitter: @jarule Linnik, 26, has been involved in crypto and NFTs since 2017, and appreciated the layers of irony with Goblintown.The “saga” that unfolded (and still is continuing to develop) when the world collectively learned that Seth Green’s new series White Horse Tavern was under threat because its main character, a Bored Ape NFT Green named Fred, was stolen via a phishing scam has made for a good laugh.

The hack took place after the project’s community manager, Boris Vagner , had his Discord account compromised, which the attacker then used to post phishing links in both the official BAYC and its related metaverse project called Otherside’s Discord channels.News of the hack was first reported by Twitter user NFTherder, who also estimates 145 ETH (around $260,000) was stolen along with the NFTs, tracing the stolen funds back to four separate wallets.The community manager going by the Twitter handle BorisVagner had his account hacked , which enabled scammers to execute a phishing attack, leading users to a fake website under the premise of a giveaway exclusive to BAYC, MAYC, and OtherSide holders.Yuga Labs later confirmed the exploit occurred in a tweet of its own, saying it is still actively investigating the incident.“He said, ‘Damn it! I can do the same!’ and drew the ass collection overnight.It did so 11 hours after NFTHerder's tweet.The total value of the stolen tokens amounted to 145 ETH.Vagner ​​is also the manager of his brother, the Grammy-winning multi-instrumentalist Richard Vagner, who co-founded an NFT fantasy football club called Spoiled Banana Society (SPS) with Boris.But that doesn’t make Green’s assertions about establishing new parameters regarding the structure of IP rights of NFTs any less wrong.

The attacker also posted a phishing link in the SPS Discord channel, though the message was subsequently deleted, Richard said.These included 1 BAYC, 2 MAYC, 5 Otherdeeds, and 1 BAKC.“We turned it into a little challenge to make a collection from idea to deploy in three days,” Linnik said."Hey @everyone we were hacked an hour ago hopefully no one clicked any links,” Richard Vagner said in a Discord message at 09:00 UTC.“We’ve got back control of the discord and Boris’s account thank god he didn’t delete the whole server.” It is unclear if anyone in the SBS channel was affected, though Richard has requested information from the Discord members related to the attack.One is that someone found their semi-public website, which had some of the images and metadata already up.“We’ll be getting all the tabs back up in the following days & let us know if there’s anything else he messed with,” he said.As Wired points out, the traditional art world has safeguards in place that protect an author’s IP ownership in the event that a work is stolen, but those don’t necessarily extend to NFTs due to how rights are linked to the NFT itself.

The Vagners also run a record label called Metaverse Records.In the same SBS Discord message Richard independently confirmed that the BAYC and Otherside Discords were also “hacked.In his haste, Linnik posted the whole Goblin Ass collection, leaving it vulnerable.” “pls stay safe,” he wrote.This is the third time a bad actor has been able to impersonate a Yuga Labs-run account to steal users’ funds.The first was on April 1 when Mutant Ape Yacht Club #8662 was stolen through a phishing link posted in the project’s Discord, with the second coming on April 25 after Bored Ape Yacht Club Instagram and Discord accounts posted a fake link to an Otherside minting.).Despite the absolute deluge of scams present in both crypto and NFT spaces, there still remains very little in the way of protections for those affected by bad actors.

Last week, actor Seth Green became a prominent example of the type of phishing schemes that run rampant in the NFT sector, when someone successfully scammed him out of his Bored Ape.In response to the incident Saturday, one BAYC founder blamed Discord for the lapse in security."Discord isn't working for Web 3 communities," Gordon Goner said in a tweet."We need a better platform that puts security first." However, another crypto project founder blamed the users themselves for compromising their wallets.This is the system that Green endorses when he makes a TV series that only appeals to people already bought into the NFT craze or when he promotes his own NFT project, PizzaBot.

"You lost your NFT because you signed a malicious transaction with your key," Steve Fink wrote."Stop blaming Discord, another client won't save you from repeating the same mistakes." The Festival for the Decentralized World Thursday - Sunday, June 9-12, 2022 Austin, Texas.

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32 NFTs Stolen as BAYC and Otherside Discord Servers CompromisedThe Discord servers of BAYC and OtherSide were compromised. 32 NFTs were reportedly stolen.

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