YouTuber 'Omi in a Hellcat' Charged With Operating $30Million Illegal Pirate TV Ring, Faces Life in Prison

'I found a loop hole; I ran through it, and I did great.'

9/25/2021 7:42:00 AM

'I found a loop hole; I ran through it, and I did great' (via toofab)

'I found a loop hole; I ran through it, and I did great.'

outside his New Jersey Mansion, littered with several of his high-end cars, he insisted his business was completely legit."I don't think I ever did anything wrong," he said."Obviously, I was running businesses wide open in the public. Now, we are going to have our day in court."

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"I found a loop hole; I ran through it, and I did great."When asked if he was"completely innocent" of the charges, he replied:"Um, not completely innocent would be a false statement... now, ignorance of the law is no excuse for the law..."

He insisted his activities fell into a legal"gray area", adding:"There is other colleagues in the same business I was in and they never got in trouble with the FBI." Read more: TMZ »

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TooFab The IRS is legal extortion nothing but modern slavery 💯⚖️💵 TooFab 'Loophole' = Criminals way of breaking the law to make money. Yo azz will be a loophole in prison.😆 TooFab He deserves time but not for life cuz many whits collar people screw people out of money and their retirement and they don't do that much time in prison if any. So apparently it's okay to screw people but not corporations.

TooFab If you are smart enough to do something illegal and becoming wildly successful then you are smart enough to do something legally and become successful. Probably a bad choice to play on the illegal side. TooFab Congrats ur holes about to get looped TooFab He didn't run nowhere TooFab Life in prison? Dumb. For $30 million in 'piracy?'

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Former Louisiana State Police Trooper indicted for federal civil rights violationThe trooper also faces charges in two other violent arrests of Black motorists, including one he boasted about to other troopers saying the suspect is “gonna be sore.” I'm not sure what to say. Such crimes are just hideous. I hate to see a person suffering so, though.

Former Louisiana trooper indicted in beating of Black motoristAn ex-Louisiana state police trooper has been charged with violating the civil rights of a Black motorist by pounding him 18 times with a tactical flashlight during a traffic stop. Enough of this racism & violence. What I don’t get is that the People can change this. Congress has Bills to protect & stop this but are blocked by Republicans & block police reform, voting protection & even a womans body right to chose. Street justice is required Probably a. Trump neo Nazi white supremist idiit

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Jurors in R. Kelly federal trial are done for the day after deliberating for about four hoursJurors on Friday began their deliberations in R. Kelly's federal trial in Brooklyn, where he faces racketeering and sex trafficking charges. Imagine your poor mask protocol exposing your naked nose in a courtroom drawing for all posterity. The orange🤡in FL will help him get away with it. Or he could call pudding pops cosby... just saying. Smh they gonna draw this out I see

PG&E charged with manslaughter in California wildfire last year that killed 4Pacific Gas and Electric charged with manslaughter and other crimes after its equipment sparked a Northern California wildfire last year that killed 4 people and destroyed hundreds of homes, prosecutors say. The US President got distracted by a silly tweet about a football game. The media is not the problem. The people of this country need to get better educations. They are not educated to know that everything is a conspiracy and that there is a conspiracy to destroy the planet. To all those Bitcoiner’s working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick with her lisamiaBTC Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success I hope the entire state of California turns to ash so it can be rebuilt beautifully once again like it was in the 1950s.