YouTube suspends OANN for violating its Covid-19 policy

YouTube removed an OANN video for violating a policy prohibiting the posting of content that spreads coronavirus misinformation.

11/25/2020 1:31:00 AM

YouTube suspended the right-leaning One America News Network for one week on Tuesday for violating its policy by posting a video that contained coronavirus misinformation.

YouTube removed an OANN video for violating a policy prohibiting the posting of content that spreads coronavirus misinformation.

ByAhiza García-HodgesYouTube suspended the right-leaning One America News Network for one week on Tuesday after it posted a video that contained coronavirus misinformation.YouTube removed the video for violating a policy prohibiting the posting of content that spreads coronavirus misinformation. The one that One America News Network, or OANN, posted contained claims of a guaranteed cure for the disease.

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The suspension means OANN cannot post new content for a week and will be blocked indefinitely from the YouTube Partner Program, which means the network can no longer make money off its existing content. OANN can reapply for the YouTube Partner Program and be readmitted if it fixes the issues that led to the suspension. The network did not respond to a request for comment.

“Since early in this pandemic, we’ve worked to prevent the spread of harmful misinformation associated with Covid-19 on YouTube,” said YouTube spokesperson Ivy Choi. “Due to repeated violations of our Covid-19 misinformation policy and other channel monetization policies, we've suspended the channel from the YouTube Partner Program and as a result, its monetization on YouTube.”

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Maybe our President realDonaldTrump can suspend you permanently after the election is overturned, and shows that you have reported treasonous fake news like he's said all along... It is your choice to access YouTube. I certainly don’t use as an unbiased news source, as users choose what they view. What information was misleading?

They should have to correct their misinformation on you tube, then take a suspension. Forever. Good bye OANN Thank you sooooooo much Now I know who to follow! From now on? its OANN For me. Why can’t we as a nation pass a law or bill that requires all news agencies to report 100% the truth instead of pandering falsehoods and lies to their base? I get freedom of speech and press but when reporting the news it should be truthful and fair. restoreTheFairMediaAct

Right leaning? It’s basically nonstop propaganda. It’s like saying the Titanic was taking on just a little bit of water on the right side. I thought all the shitheads went to Parler. Makes Fox News look like the pbs newshour Good. It’s Communist propaganda What the hell is one week gonna do?! Wow. So America really knows how to tackle actual fake news.

I don’t get it. Misinformation is all they do, so what’s the surprise? I wish all news that reported misinformation was terminated and banned. There would be no more Fox, CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, ect.... All of you media frauds do it. OpenYourEyesWorld AON is out to kill people - pass it on! You guys are abusing.

lnsus2 disinformation not misinformation “Right leaning” is an understatement About time. Coronavirus is a biological weapon used by Mongolia around the world! Coronavirus used by Mongolia in my home! This pandemic is not to joked with Censorship is the tool of the weak minded. YouTube should be ashamed.

So that means they were spreading the truth and the left media doesn’t like the truth!!!’ CENSORSHIP Anyone who is any direction other than the Left is at risk of suspension, shadow ban or deleted. List left-leaners who spread actual misinfo/lies that get the same treatment. Freedom of speech is being jeopardized.

What you mean to say is OAN's right to freedom of speech was infringed upon by leftist propaganda and dissemination efforts known as the DNC. Where is the page on YouTube that list their scientists on payroll that determined any info was false? Until we can see who is making these decisions & what are the facts being used to make these calls it’s all BS. This is controlled content based on the State (ie Big Tech)

A Right Wing outlet posting misinformation?!! I’m sure that has never happened before. All news companies need to do this. Rumble is much better anyway! OANN Put them on Rumble! In other words, One America News Network is not an official source of disinformation like NBC and CNN. The tyranny of big tech.

Tech tyrants. More virtue signalling to try to avoid impending regulations. Trumpers are so pathetic Good. They are tougher on individuals, permanent ban usually, no profit incentive to keep them, but $$$ to extract with OAN, thus the tolerance for lying. the crazy thing is that feeds into their batshit conspiracy lunacy.

So this is what happens when you don’t follow the party line. Only 1 view is allowed only 1 point of view is valid, who cares if your a doctor, say what we want or else Leave it to the MSM to refuse to you the FULL STORY. There is a reason OANN is being CENSORED. One of YouTube's most prominent shareholders, Philip Enis-Soros, is the step son of George Soros. Is it any surprise George Soros (I mean his step-son) wants to censor the truth?

Maga will just circle the wagons and support them more. It like scientology or NXIVM. Anyone who says anything different than cult teachings or heaven forbid the leader is instantly the enemy and out to get them. Right leaning?!?!!! Stop. That's not their job. Shame on NBC for helping trash the first amendment. I hope Youtube dies.

This is a good and necessary move. “Right-leaning” is an awfully generous characterization of “swimming in the deep end of the cesspool of far-right internet bat-shittery.” Good for You Tube! Stop misinformation. In four short years, President The USA is the only nation with vaccines, he revived our economy, cut taxes, rolled back regulation, fought for free and fair trade, unleashed American energy, and created more than 7 MILLION good paying jobs! And today the Dow Jones hit 30,000

You’re. FIRED IGNORANTS!! Right leaning? Please they only go in right hand circles. “Right-leaning” might not be the most accurate descriptor. Hyper-conservative or crackpot journalism might be more apropo. Lawsuit coming your way youtube. Good: Enough lies and conspiracies already. Let the Truth have it’s 4 years now.

censorship is so cool WisePaxCat Hip Hip Hooray! 😃 😀😁 How funny. Where on earth will we get real news from now? Seems like such a trustworthy news source would have a website of their own? Awwww are Trump supporters sad they can’t hear their propaganda on YouTube anymore Ky71Matt They should be ban for life

A reminder to all the vein popping 'MY FIRST AMENDMENT' folks, a PRIVATE BUSINESS (youtube) is allowed to allow or disallow whatever content they want. It does not violate your freedom of speech. Sorry. You lost your internet court case. OANN is straight up propaganda Of course, with You Tube censorship, we have no idea what was said......You tube is a publisher and should be treated as such

ha Wish Twitter would suspend some of these crazy accounts. Such as Trumps, Lindsey, Ted Cruz, Rubio, and others that don't know the truth if it bit them in their nutz “Right Leaning”, how about full on Q🤦‍♀️ EXCELLENT! This is the kind of approach Facebook needs to take. Zuckerberg is no better than a Trump, kiss ass!

Good job, YouTube. How about you, Facebook and Twitter? Would the OANN supporters consume the product promoted? Some might and that is a danger. The first amendment right is false. YouTube is not a right, the promoters of the “cure” can still promote it; not on YouTube. I would call OANN quacks, but NBC isn't much better.

“Right leaning”? NBC is such a cuck for Trump. OANN is far right fringe. It's rare YouTube seems to do the right thing, but... thank you, YouTube. OANN corrupt Twitter, now it’s your turn! I’ve never heard DT call OAN or Breitbart fake news. 🤷🏾‍♂️💩 Stop spreading lies and you there won't be a problem.

All this censorship is gonna have the opposite effect. Who are they to say it is misinformation? How does YouTube know more about whether a report is true than a news organization? Censoring the news is blatant partisanship. They clearly don’t fear Congress or any regulatory action by senatemajldr That should be a permanent BAN ! They are nothing but a right wing propaganda cult ! Zero relivants.

OAN is a joke anyway. right leaning,,,,, ah yeah,, just leaning But that's one of Narcissist-in-Chief Cheetolini's favorite outlets. They always send a hot young blonde to his press conferences. Good!!!!!!!! 'Right-leaning', aka literally Russian state media on their payroll ... so yeah right leaning is about right

Nice Welcome to China folks ! 🇨🇳