Tech, Youtube İs Suspending President Donald Trump's Channel - Cnn

Tech, Youtube İs Suspending President Donald Trump's Channel - Cnn

YouTube is suspending President Donald Trump's channel

YouTube is suspending President Donald Trump's channel for at least one week, and potentially longer, after his channel earned a strike under the platform's policies

1/13/2021 7:21:00 AM

YouTube is suspending President Donald Trump's channel for at least one week, and potentially longer, after his channel earned a strike under the platform's policies

YouTube is suspending President Donald Trump's channel for at least one week, and potentially longer, after his channel earned a strike under the platform's policies, the company said Tuesday evening.

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What ? B Some people are so poor that all they have is money. Good!! Why is it that Tech Companies are suddenly suppressing Trump. First Twitter, then facebook and now youtube? The guy only has a few more days in office what is the point? Suppression of views/beliefs etc is supposed to be what the left are fighting... NOT

Just 1 week?🙃 Got Trump like a caveman 秀儿 ☀️Like ✨Share 💫Subscribe ⚡️ (open link the click 🛎️ for reminder) Permanently Even Qaddafi Was A Better Man Than Trump. Counting all three wars before the civil war, maybe slightly more than 10,000 people died under Gaddafi’s rule. He Did A Lot Of Great Things For His People And Country. He Is Still Revered In Some African Countries. Trump Killed 381,000.

Over 40,000 Presently In Prison For Non-Violent Marijuana Offences. Some Received Up To 2 life Sentences For Selling Marijuana. Yet, Traitor Trump And His Ignorant Insurrectionists Have Already Caused 5 Deaths And Plan On Killing More! MAKE AN EXAMPLE OF THEM! LIFE SENTENCES! 😳😳😳 Be Hero be Trump Man who explored and dumped Pelosi notebook killed by... try to finish this sentence-)

Right on This is so wrong! This censorship will be your downfall. Yo home Mr.Lier. Censorship Suspend trump PERMANENTLY! Don’t give him the tools for another deadly riot/attempted coup! Bravo 🇨🇦🙄 I didn't even realize President Donald Trump HAD a YouTube channel. As if ANYBODY would CHOOSE to watch that assclown who's been plastered all over television & social media platforms for over 5 years now! Yet another reason YouTube is no longer appealing.

Trump wants to buy Greenland and declare himself emperor. YouTube- new company TrumpTube Twitter- new company Trumpster Facebook- new company FaceTrump2024 Dudes his own worst enemy. Destructive big ass 5th grader.... 🤦🏽‍♂️ If they want there business to suffer, that is their choice. I had never heard of Rumble till now, but it is now on my computer. 75 million supporters have an influence on economics.

Good the man is dangerous Anyone notice the blossoms on the tree in, wait for it, December. The circle in narrowing and we can see the aim clearly . The masks are falling apart, now they show their true faces. Hey YouTube why don’t you suspend and remove all the porn from you network. Hypocrisy at its best!

Leave Mr. Trump alone let him talk. want to be a pop star 🤣🤣The politics are not for me🎶🎶📞☎️ CNN👎👎 People that defend Trump and his rhetoric do not understand the definitions of treason and sedition. He would have been executed for this a century ago. Today he is just being told to leave private businesses. His followers need to wake up to the truth

Perfect, forget that sick person. Move him forever!!!! Such a well orchestrated move by all platforms. Wonder how this will impact on them moving forward. What goes round, comes round! A pity that they will overplay their hand just for hating someone. Resume his channel!!This is violation of freedom of speech!!

Free speech is under attcak for the big-tech. Sad that the whole world have to notice that. How do you feel? China News Network! I wonder if he use TikTok 🤔 Please continue to limit is availability to media and the movement will die. They are shameful and disgusting. START CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST TWITTER, FACEBOOK, AMAZON, AND YOUTUBE NOW!! IF THEY CAN DO THIS TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, THEY WILL DO THIS TO YOU.

He can always use Tik Tok oh the irony.. He’s such an embarrassment. It amazes me that it had to take 4+ years for social media platforms to grow a spine. Little people (ALL OF YOU) Tell YouTube to ask Twitter how it feels like being banned in Uganda right now...then and only then will it make an I formed choice...🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

whatever 🤣🤣🤣...doesn't stop him from being the most Amazing President in American history!! Awesome be aware that he doesnt touch the red button...... Will we be. Able to laugh again BREAKING NEWS- H B LAPTOP PICS HAVE BEEN RELEASED worrying, these platforms are not gov, quite funny when they act like this. embarrassing.

Why would they do this crap YouTube parent company suspended Trump but the can only doit it temporarily just so they get their ads money double ads I'm looking for va serious relationship This guy is shaking the world How on Earth can the American people take Trump serious. Us Danes Lauge Our ass out. The man is brain damage and a tread to man kind!!

Delicious In galera! So did twitter but I just saw an account on twitter for Trumps wife and below it was an account for D. Trump that claims to be a parody. Trumped UP Youtube This big guy is slaying Ripley's Believe it or Not records. Best ever reality show host, worst ever leader of the free world, most defeated (60+) in a court of law for the same case, largest following of white supremacists in the history of the world...

He had a YouTube channel? Well whatever. I love it, finally large institutions are opening their eyes to the reality that our country and in many ways the world is living with the NEGATIVE impact of this Monster 👿. He belongs in Jails. More and more companies cutting ties with Trump. How many still think his RHETORIC and UNTRUTHS can be true? Big Biz et al must have the facts and know right from wrong. The fall must be near.

They had to do it earlier. 👍 LOL YouTube is suspending Donald Trump's channel for at least one week, and potentially longer, after his channel earned a strike under the platform's policies 👏👏👏👏👏 get out fucker Traitor fox news politics NBCNews CBSNews wolfblitzer jaketapper ChrisCuomo COUNTDOWN TO SANITY:⤵️ 20⏬ 19⏬ 18⏬ 17⏬ 16⏬ 15 ⏬ 14☑️☑️☑️-Voters/States/Congress 13⬇️ 12⬇️ 11⬇️ 10⬇️ 09⬇️ 08⬇️ ⏬YOU ARE HERE⏬ 07⬇️ 06⬇️ 05⬇️ 04⬇️ 03⬇️ 02⬇️ 01⬇️ 00 🔚TRUTH IS TRUTH AGAIN 🇺🇸

Ah yes, more censorship They ought to have done it earlier than this... Is this normal for a channel to be suspended for a week or longer after a strike? America fired Trump....Twitter fired Trump chung tinh , ko can dep trai menly miễn hieu nhau la duoc goy YouTube can't suspend Trump, They are only closing their own account

They're fashionably late? I am sure you are celebrating 🤷‍♂️ Hooray! Another smack!! Stop the madness block him from YouTube. Whooho. JFC this will change things. Cowards But in Uganda, be sure YouTube demands free speech This is censorship. Its illegal and frighteningly close to a dictatorship. That's crazy

One week? YouTube I think it’s better at least till 2025. But I think his son Donald jr will take over🤔 This is not the right time to start saying Donald Trump this Donald Trump that may we allow him heal What a joke social media policy should just be one line : dont anger the ruling class Take away his toy's form the old child !!😪time to move on

Or they will Talking about the Malaysian missing plane. Because I’m pretty sure they’re not gonna say shit about Biden🤮 Long Live Trump! Trump go CNNGo down too🤮😂😂😂 Should be suspended indefinitely! It is really scary so many are applauding these actions. So blatantly obvious what's going on but the hate is blinding people. If you believe they are conspiring to silence one man to 'protect the country' you are certainly heavy a chromosome. This is scary stuff

This is very wrong DV2021 DV2020 FamilyVisa NoBan noban Yup I don’t wanna hear or see this man on my tv or phone ever again after the inauguration We all need to have étics and respect for everybody! Yesssss Can I come stay at your place? El que tiene el poder es el dueño del cable o de la red... I didn’t even know he had a YouTube channel.

폭력 no FINALLY Bravo YouTube but why just ONE WEEK! HAHAHAHAHA This will be his only outlet soon Nice...STOP THOSE FOOLS!!!! MOBboss and his organizations OrangeBanMad it is a Witch-hunt to Trump YouTube one week is not nearly enough. He needs to be permanently banned. Can we just have one blanket need statement all cuck social media sites are banning the dude? SVe us some reading time

I can't even imagine the lunacy that was the video...InvokeThe25th ImpeachTrumpNow In USA'THE DEMOCRACY' IS a Lie Has always been that. A LIE USA Kills their population, kills Children, Pedophile has the Power Corruption is its miserable means. Declares Wars Kills Civilians+CHILDREN Their GREED is their CAPITAL Sin=CAPITOL Assault s just the beginning of WAR