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Your weekly horoscope revealed for 18 to 24 October

Your weekly horoscope revealed for 18 to 24 October

10/18/2021 3:20:00 PM

Your weekly horoscope revealed for 18 to 24 October

Princess Diana's astrologer Debbie Frank reveals your weekly horoscope for 18 to 24 October

ARIES The ultimate luminous player in your life this week is the Full Moon in Aries which raises your emotional receptors and creates meaningful moments in your storyline. What comes next reminds you that the wisdom of the heart is more powerful than the grab of the ego.

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TAURUS As Mercury comes back on-line those unavailable people get back in touch. Yet you're not ready to go full-on yourself as the Full Moon falls in the retreat angle of your chart throwing you the equivalent of a cashmere blanket which encourages a little extra dream time.

GEMINI The last few weeks have presented those awkward Mercury retrograde dilemmas, which are now getting resolved. You're in no mood to juggle between twins. Instead you're going for the 'take-no-prisoner' type of decisions that are typical of an intense Mars/Pluto clash. headtopics.com

CANCER You've been pondering and playing a waiting game whilst Mercury's retrograde has taken you for a loop. Now the Full Moon brings a call to action and you're absolutely ready to go for it. Of course, you know some people are not in agreement. But you feel it's now or never.

LEO It's not your style to play it small. However, in recent weeks you simply haven't been able to make much headway. Here comes your chance to take the dramatic lead and forge a pathway out of a challenging situation. You've always had it in you but now is your moment to shine.

VIRGO You love an opportunity to have a clear out but think of this one as being primarily mental and emotional. There's no doubt that something that you've been holding onto is way past its sell by date. Letting go at this point is an act of power. It's counter-intuitive!

LIBRA The Aries Full Moon is likely to bring up a few old chestnuts in how you relate or a relationship itself. It's not as if you can sit on the fence forever as Mercury moves forward in Libra and Mars in your sign is due to make a heart- felt power move. What do you really want? headtopics.com

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SCORPIO Whilst Sun, Mercury and Mars remain ensconced beneath the radar in your silently esoteric, magical and mysterious 12th house it's hardly surprising that your inner life is taking up more attention than the outer one. Yet Saturday signals the start of Scorpio season. You're on! So bring it to the table.

SAGITTARIUS As both Mercury and Jupiter pivot forwards on Monday, you're firing on all cylinders again. It doesn't take you long to pull off a master-stroke that defies all resistance. People count on you to make sense of what's happening and show them the bigger picture.

CAPRICORN It's remarkable how you're able to find your way out of a situation that has made you feel boxed in or crossed out. In fact, it's a testament to your powerful nature that any kind of challenge makes you stronger. This is why you should silently whisper to yourself – 'bring it on'!

AQUARIUS You could find yourself in a highly charged environment this week – amongst those who are sabotaging the greater good with their self-seeking. It makes no sense to you so this is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate your own values and vision which frankly speaks for itself. headtopics.com

PISCES A tighter grip on finances is all-to-the-good whilst the Full Moon spotlights what's coming in and what's going out. Yet as Pisces you know that money is only energy and responds to your own vibration. For this reason, cut out any negative self-talk and get into the flow.

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