Your Horoscope for the Week of September 9

Your Horoscope for the Week of September 9

9/8/2019 12:11:00 PM

Your Horoscope for the Week of September 9

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.

Sep 8, 2019Katie BuckleitnerDon’t believe everything you think! Tuesday’s Sun-Neptune opposition scrambles our brains a bit, and we may lean on assumptions. A full moon in dreamy Pisces on Friday kicks off the weekend with compassion, emotion, and fantasy. And Venus and Mercury join romantic Libra, meaning cuffing season arrives a little early.

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~*~ARIES~*~GETTY | ESTHER FACIANEEven if you’re tired, urgent tasks need to get done on Tuesday. A sensitive full moon on Friday helps you release what’s no longer serving your highest and brightest self, and then Mercury and Venus enter your relationship sector on Saturday, beginning a flirty season.

~*~TAURUS~*~GETTY | ESTHER FACIANEYou’re a leader among a group of people on Tuesday, and a expect a social, joyful weekend under the full moon this Friday—connect with your friends, and enjoy each other. On Saturday, Mercury and your ruling planet Venus enter your wellness sector, inspiring you to be the best Taurus you can be.

~*~GEMINI~*~GETTY | ESTHER FACIANEHow's your work-life balance? Whichever needs more attention makes itself known on Tuesday. A full moon in your career zone on Friday pushes you toward your professional dreams. Venus and your ruling planet Mercury enter your confidence sector on Saturday, inviting fun, glamour, and romance.

~*~CANCER~*~GETTY | ESTHER FACIANEAn opportunity for straight talk arrives on Tuesday, so use your words deliberately. A full moon in your travel and education zone on Friday inspires you to explore a new country or campus, and on Saturday, Venus and Mercury begin beautifying your relationship with emotionality, family, and home.

~*~LEO~*~GETTY | ESTHER FACIANEKeep it real—you need to cut through the fluff on Tuesday. A full moon in your sexuality sector on Friday makes for a sensual weekend and helps you discover a deeper truth. Venus and Mercury enter your communication zone on Saturday, helping you be more open with your emotions.

~*~VIRGO~*~GETTY | ESTHER FACIANEYou need to balance the “me” and “we” parts of your life on Tuesday carefully, but you can do it! A full moon in your romance sector on Friday invites a new relationship or deepens or transitions a current one. Venus and Mercury enter your income sector on Saturday, so welcome the financial abundance!

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~*~LIBRA~*~GETTY | ESTHER FACIANEOn Tuesday, commit to a dutiful morning routine that sets you up for success. Friday’s full moon in your wellness sector continues to improve your health and organization. Venus and Mercury join your sign on Saturday, shifting any recently sluggish energy to invite more romance and joy.

~*~SCORPIO~*~GETTY | ESTHER FACIANEYou may be triggered by careless remarks your friends make on Tuesday, but let it go—your confidence and happiness are about to get a big boost thanks to Friday's full moon. Venus and Mercury enter your dreams and closure sector, inspiring you to begin wrapping up loose ends in your life.

~*~SAGITTARIUS~*~GETTY | ESTHER FACIANEYou can showcase your genius at work on Tuesday if you manage to remember both the small details and the vision for the future. A full moon in your home and family sector on Friday may make you feel vulnerable. Mercury and Venus enter your community zone on Saturday, helping you reconnect with friends, lovers, or both.

~*~CAPRICORN~*~GETTY | ESTHER FACIANEOn Tuesday, you'll be reminded that opportunities for success are always on their way to you. Speak intentionally on Friday under the full moon, which wants you to use your words. Both Venus and Mercury enter your career sector, where they’ll beautify and mentally uplift it!

~*~AQUARIUS~*~GETTY | ESTHER FACIANETuesday motivates you to dig deep to understand the realness. A full moon on Friday in your income sector could transform your relationship with security and finances. Venus and Mercury join your expansion zone, inspiring you to travel and/or consider higher education for success.

~*~PISCES~*~GETTY | ESTHER FACIANEFind balance between your own identity and relationships on Tuesday, and then your annual full moon on Friday helps you share your heart in a big, brave way. Venus and Mercury enter your sexuality zone on Saturday, so connect with partners you feel comfortable with.

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