Your Free Guide to the 40 Best Accommodations for Children with ADHD or LD

As a new school year approaches, think of the common issues your child has faced at school and use this download to learn about potential accommodations.

7/27/2021 7:00:00 PM

As a new school year approaches, think of the common issues your child has faced at school and use this download to learn about potential accommodations.

Help your child succeed in school by using this free downloadable guide to pinpoint problems in the classroom — and request the 40 best accommodations in his IEP or 504 Plan to remedy them.

.Does your child act up in class, or get so distracted that he can’t finish his daily assignments? If he has ADHD or a learning disability like dyscalculia, it’s likely that he faces problems like these. Luckily, in many cases, tailored accommodations can help him get on track. But for a lot of parents — particularly those who are new to the often-confusing accommodations process — it’s hard to know what classroom or after-school tweaks will help your child best.

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You can increase the odds of your child succeeding in school by zeroing in on his problems in the classroom and including effective accommodations in his IEP or 504 Plan to help him manage his challenges. This free downloadable guide includes a list of common issues your child may face during the school day, like:

defiant behaviorrestlessnessand more……along with specific accommodations to overcome each one. Talk with your child’s teacher about implementing these ADHD/LD-friendly strategies — and start to see your child shine in school!NOTE: This resource is for personal use only.

40 Winning Accommodations for Your Child with ADHD or LD Read more: ADDitude »

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