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Your Delta-variant COVID questions answered, from booster shots to returning to the office

How great is your risk of getting sick if you're vaccinated? Is it still safe to eat out? When can kids get the shot? As the Delta variant spreads, here's what you need to know.

8/4/2021 1:00:00 PM

How great is your risk of getting sick if you're vaccinated? Is it still safe to eat out? When can kids get the shot? As the Delta variant spreads, here's what you need to know.

How great is your risk of getting sick if you're vaccinated? Is it still safe to eat out? When can kids get the shot? As the Delta variant spreads, here's what you need to know.

Q: Is it safe to go back into an office to work?Safe is a relative term. It depends on an individual's health, circumstances and tolerance for risk. In an office where everybody is vaccinated and virus levels in the community are low, the risk is small. In an office where many people are unvaccinated and virus levels are high, the risk can be many times higher. The risk for an unvaccinated person is always higher than for a vaccinated person. Vaccinated people who are immunocompromised or are caring for someone who is vulnerable at home may want to keep their potential exposure to the virus as low as possible—which means avoiding crowded, poorly ventilated rooms and wearing masks when indoors with others who may not be vaccinated. Because the Delta variant is so highly transmissible, the CDC now recommends mask wearing for everyone in indoor settings in regions where virus levels are high.

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Q: In light of the Delta variant, should we be rethinking resuming regular activities like going to restaurants, sporting events, concerts, flying on planes, etc.?Most vaccines still offer excellent protection. However, the risk goes up with exposure to the virus—and the Delta variant, with its high transmissibility, has ratcheted up the risk for all activities. Risk tolerance varies from one person to the next, but in general it's a good idea to be aware of situations that are likely to bring you into contact with high levels of virus. Crowded, stuffy bars are riskier than spacious, well ventilated restaurants. Airplanes usually have good ventilation, but you have to worry about that unmasked, unvaccinated person sitting next to you. If in doubt, wear a mask.

Delta is prompting many people to rethink plans to resume activities that involve large crowds of unmasked people—but not everyone. Here, an Ironman competition in Hermosa Beach, California on July 4th.PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP/GettyQ: If you've already had COVID-19 with mild symptoms, what are the benefits of getting the vaccine?

One big benefit of vaccination is that it reduces the overall level of virus in a population, which makes everyone safer. Some studies also suggest that vaccines provide better protection for longer than natural infection. For instance, a study in China, recently published in

The Lancet, showed that only 40 percent of people who had gotten COVID-19 carried antibodies to the coronavirus months later.Q: If you've already had COVID-19 and are getting the vaccine, do you need to get both shots?Yes. A recent study in the U.K., published in Nature, found that a single shot of the Pfizer vaccine reduced illness from the Delta variant by 33 percent. Two weeks after the second shot, that protection rose to 88 percent.

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Don't prolong the 'WORLDWIDE' pandemic: 1) Wear a double-mask for the foreseeable future or until we're all safely out of the woods. 2) Get vaccinated; it's better to be safe than sorry. 3) And, it's far from being over! But, when it's finally over you'll know. 4) Stay safe.

Infections Increasing In L.A. Skilled Nursing Facilities Again As Delta Variant Breaks Through VaccinesIn the earliest days of the Covid-19 pandemic, nursing homes were ravaged by the virus as it spread among staff and closely grouped elderly people with compromised immune systems. Those communities… Not sure why I liked this ☹️

Utah will give KN95 masks to children as the Delta variant fuels Covid-19 hospitalizations nationwideGOP Utah Gov. Spencer Cox said he's fed up with people who can get vaccinated but choose not to. So to help protect kids too young for Covid-19 shots, he said he has 'instructed our teams to provide a KN95 mask for every child that wants one in the state' VAERS Do people not understand numbers? I just don’t get it. If you’re under 15, your chances of dying from the flu are 1 in 155,000. Your chances of dying from COVID are 1 in 1.2 million. Shouldn’t this end the discussion? Can’t make it up. ChrisCuomo opens his show tonight by talking about vaccine hesitancy. Cuomo’s brother, the embattled NY governor, literally said “I don’t trust the FDA” and “I’m not gonna trust the federal governments opinion” on the vaccine.

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What it means to get infected with the Delta variantSen. Lindsey Graham has taken his place in the rare group of fully vaccinated people who then get infected with Covid-19. Dr. Céline Gounder explains to Lawrence O'Donnell what Senator Graham's infections tells us about the threat of the Delta variant for vaccinated people. It means the PCR is set at 45 (too high) this is terrible news mean ya buy more tissues, suck it up, get over it.

Delta is a 'big threat' to unvaccinated people, says NIH directorNIH Director Dr. Francis Collins is encouraged by a rise in vaccinations across the country but says there's still a long way to go, and that enough Americans need to get vaccinated so the country doesn't have a variant that can get past the vaccine. wonder why the figures don't support this lie The Delta variant just flew over my house. ✈️ The Summer of ‘21 has become the Bummer of ‘21. GetVaxxedNOW

A doomsday COVID variant worse than Delta and Lambda may be coming, scientists sayDelta has shown how destructive new strains of COVID can get. Scientists fear future mutations of the virus could be even worse: 'Delta on steroids.' 😰 We've been facing a real nightmare... Don't worry. The virus will run out of Greek letters. No words. I'm actually speechless... 💔🤬