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Your Coffee Maker Is A Breeding Ground For Mold And Germs. Here's How To Clean It.

Your drip coffee maker is one of the grossest objects in the house. Here's how (and how often) to wash it.

6/10/2021 1:45:00 PM

Your drip coffee maker is one of the grossest objects in the house. Here's how (and how often) to wash it.

Your drip coffee maker is one of the grossest objects in the house. Here's how (and how often) to wash it.

The best part of waking up is certainly not mold in yourcup. But if you’re not properly cleaning your drip coffee maker, there’s a good chance that mold is what you’re going to get. If not mold, then at least germs and other unwanted lurkers.Coffee makers are among the germiest objects in the house, according to a 2011

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study by the National Sanitation Foundation. That’s because coffee reservoirs are warm, moist environments, which makes them an ideal breeding ground for mold and yeast.Want to enjoy that cup of coffee with peace of mind? Here’s the best way to clean your coffee maker, according to an expert.

How to wash a drip coffee makerAfter making a pot of coffee, Portland, Oregon-based barista and Califia Farms partnerMorgan Eckrothtold HuffPost that it’s a good idea to hand wash your carafe, especially if it’s made of stainless steel.“Most coffee carafes for drip coffee makers are double-walled, so if you put them in the dishwasher, that can end up damaging the insulation ― so I always recommend hand washing,” Eckroth said.

She advises using hot water and a nonscented soap to get it extra clean. “I prefer nonscented just because I don’t want any leftover flavors, even though I’m doing a good job rinsing. I don’t want to risk any lavender coffee when I don’t want it.”Remove the coffee grounds and wash the basket.

Each time you use your coffee maker, hand wash the basket with lots of hot, soapy water, Eckroth said. “Generally, the coffee baskets on most home machines are going to be some sort of hard plastic, which can ultimately over time start to hold onto some flavor as coffee ends up sticking to it. So, use lots of hot soapy water. Having some sort of sponge or even some sort of scrubber is also super helpful because sometimes grime can build up if it goes for too long without a wash.”

If your grounds basket is made of metal, make sure you thoroughly dry it. “I’ve definitely had rust buildup happen when I forgot about them and did not dry them off,” Eckroth said.Do a soft clean every 10 days.People should do “soft cleans” of their coffee makers every 10 days or so. This entails using a product like

Urnex cleaning powder, which helps to remove coffee oils and residues. “I will put some of the cleaning grounds into my coffee basket, like it were ground coffee, and then I’ll run a water cycle through it,” Eckroth said. “That way, all of that cleaning fluid is getting pushed through the pot. It’s getting pushed through the basket and you end up with a really nice clean machine overall.”

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Descale your coffee maker every 1-2 months.Finally, don’t forget to descale your coffee maker. What you see when you make coffee is delicious hot java with an inviting aroma. What you don’t see, though, is the accumulation of minerals like calcium and magnesium that pass through your coffee maker’s heating element. According to

Urnex, this buildup of mineral scale can prevent water from reaching its optimal brewing temperature, which can block water flow and also prevent your coffee from heating properly. “Generally, descaling is recommended every one to two months,” Eckroth said.

The process of descaling is a bit time consuming — plan on running water through your coffee maker three times to fully flush it out — but it’s worth it for a clean cup of coffee.You can, but Eckroth finds that it’s easier to buy one. “There’s a decent enough range of products, and usually if you look at the brand of your coffee maker they’ll have a recommendation,” she said.

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Only if you're nasty and don't know what vinegar is for...😉 You don’t own a toilet brush or toilet plunger? Or diaper pail? Unless you share a house with mtgreenee The water here is so hard it'll tear a coffee apart within 3 months if we don't stay on top of it. Shower heads, kitchen sink, laundry, rinsing the dishes... we go through a lot vinegar to keep hard water from ruining everything it touches

Seriously? People have to be instructed to clean their coffee makers? That's just pathetic. The 'article' is just a thinly veiled ad pushing you to buy cleaning products & descaler & promotes one brand multiple times. Why pay $15+ for a descaler when vinegar & water works perfectly fine? This article brought to you by the guys who make expensive coffee machine cleaners.

Restaurant trick: fill carafe about half full with ice cubes, cut a lemon into six or eight pieces, squeeze lemon juice in carafe then drop the pieces in there, add a heaping tbsp of salt and a swirl it around for a few minutes and then rinse it out. Betting that Heidi Cruz has grosser objects in her house, when he's not in Cancun.

Isn't this 'article' a paid promotion for Urnex coffee maker cleaner products? So they're trying to get people to pay $15 for a cleaner instead of using vinegar 😑

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Uhoh. I'm scurd We know. That’s why we make WRITER’s FUEL Superior Single-Serve Coffee French press and chemex all the way ☕️☕️ I clean mine with half white vinegar & half water. After that, run fresh water through it twice & your ready to go. You'll be surprised how much gunk there was. Your cell phone is far worse 😂

Ugh. I seriously wasted time on this article. Please tell me people are smart enough to wash the carafe and basket in their coffee machines? That's EXACTLY why we switched back to a drip machine (along w/ environmental concerns) from one of those pod machines🤣 So I'm supposed to wash out the basket EVERY time because it can hold on to the coffee flavors...the only thing I'll ever use it for?

🤢 The only way 🙌🏾 cafecito

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I need the mold and germs to start my day. ☕️ One cup at a time is my motto. I use my little black plastic cone with a new filter every time, the best quality control there is, without yukyuk residue. Tried every other gadget known to humankind, this is still numbero uno! Isn't that part of the appeal?

KeepFightingFwd Just wait until you study biology and realize all the stuff growing on your body. While obviously good to clean and descale in time frame recommended wish article something more recent than a 2011 study. kurigs are so gross and dirty I was just thinking about this the other day while cleaning my coffee ☕ maker.

2 words... French Press Everything is a breeding ground for mold and germs if you don’t exercise efforts into proper cleanliness. That’s why I buy 15$ one. Easy to just get new one

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Yes, I know! We don’t use them here in Australia. We all have espresso machines. I don’t even think I’ve seen one sold here thankfully 🤮 É só lavar bem, gente. Another reason to be a tea drinker ☕😊 I wash the carafe and basket every day and run a full carafe of vinegar through the machine once a month. It ain’t rocket science!

That’s why I use a French press.

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