Young men in South Korea feel victimised by feminism

A conservative upstart appeals to them | Asia

6/19/2021 7:54:00 AM

In a survey conducted in 2019, more than two-thirds of young South Korean men said that unfairness towards men, not women, was the big problem

A conservative upstart appeals to them | Asia

.On June 11th Mr Lee was elected leader of South Korea’s main opposition party, the People Power Party (PPP). At 36 he is the youngest person ever to lead a South Korean political party. His election marks an effort to rejuvenate the conservative outfit ahead of the presidential poll next year, though Mr Lee is not himself old enough to be eligible for that job. Among his biggest fans are men in their twenties who feel victimised by South Korea’s increasingly vocal feminist movement.

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South Korea scores poorly on measures of equality between the sexes. The “glass-ceiling index” compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit, a sister company ofThe Economist, rates it the worst rich country in which to be a working woman. Many women suffer discrimination and harassment. Creeps use hidden cameras to snap pictures of them in bedrooms and public toilets. That culture ruins lives, according to a report issued on June 16th by Human Rights Watch, an international monitor.

Many young men take a different view. In a survey conducted in 2019 some 60% of men in their twenties said that discrimination against women was not a serious issue. More than two-thirds said that unfairness towards men was the big problem. They said they felt disadvantaged by South Korea’s marriage culture, job market, and the application of its laws. Compulsory military service, which applies only to men, is a particular grievance. “We have to compete against women after sacrificing 22 months for the country,” says a 25-year-old surnamed Jung. “We just want compensation for our sacrifice.”

Mr Lee has railed against radical feminism. He said the ruling party performed poorly in mayoral elections in April because it focused too much on pleasing female voters and had “underestimated” young males. He has promised to abolish quotas for women in the

PPPand wants to restore “fairness” to the political process by using tests to choose his party’s candidates. This appeals to many young men, more than three-quarters of whom voted for the conservatives in the recent mayoral election in Seoul. “Most of my friends feel discriminated against in some way and that’s why we support Lee Jun-seok,” says Mr Jung. “It’s not about anti-feminism, it’s about fair competition.”

Mr Lee graduated from Harvard and worked for an education startup but has never held public office. He may struggle to find more policies that can unite his young fans with his party’s older and crustier supporters. These include evangelical Christians with a penchant for conspiracy theories whom many in the

PPPfind embarrassing. His idea to make party members compete for nominations by taking exams in skills such as drafting power-point presentations is unlikely to fly, reckons Choi Jin-bong of Sungkonghoe University. His ambition to abolish quotas for women and young people will irk other party leaders, some of whom are young women.

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Yet Mr Lee’s youth and novelty may prove powerful assets. ThePPPhas changed its name twice since losing power four years ago after a corruption scandal toppled Park Geun-hye, the previous president. Until recently it had shown no appetite to renew itself any more than that. A conservative landslide in the mayoral elections suggests voters are souring on the leftish government of President Moon Jae-in, which has been damaged by scandals of its own and delays to vaccinations against covid-19. Mr Lee’s popularity will aid whomever the

PPPnominates to run for the presidency next year—among some male voters, at least. Women may find him less impressive.■ Read more: The Economist »

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LMAO 🙄 Oh boo boo. So do many men in the US. Korea is one of the most misogynistic and sexist countries in the OECD. Korean men are not victims. The problem is Men in Korea are handsome but 'disadvantaged' ... You can check It out, nothing in front of ... But to blame women is non sense! And politicians putting the outdoor to trigger this issue is ridiculous!

Why don't you change the shape and structure of the so-called 'sausage'? Jokes apart, perhaps one of the rare places where men are the victims. Pretty common tbh, feminism is nothing but a divisive cancer Fun fact, men have been the majority of the ruling class in most western and east Asian nations throughout history for varied reasons Feminists are merely breeding a ruling class 20 years down the line that hates them

Well they've been given an international platform to whine about how girls make them feel bad so I'd say they're doing fine So, more fragile male egos? Shocking. Probably because, while they historically have problems with the way they treat women, they are victimized by it. Their whole culture is. To think what can be accomplished in a few short decades by a CIA controlled talent agency.

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Hahaha. They got small bananas then so size matters? good When progress is made for equality, those who feel victimized are the ones who benefitted from the inequality.

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Bless pls highlight this Release_IRMS_Notification Release_IRMS_Notification Release_IRMS_Notification Release_IRMS_Notification Release_IRMS_Notification Reading between the lines as one so often has to do with Economist articles, the party in question appears to be extremely right-wing. Feminism is about ending gender-based discrimination. Period.

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