You Won't See Trump's Taxes Before Election Day, But He Could Face Bigger Problems

Allowing a New York grand jury to mine Trump's financial records could jeopardize his brand, his fortune, and possibly his children.

7/10/2020 12:58:00 AM

Allowing a New York grand jury to mine Trump's financial records could jeopardize his brand, his fortune, and possibly his children.

The Supreme Court's decision means President Trump's financial records will likely need to be turned over to a New York grand jury and could imperil his brand and fortune.

Will I see Trump's taxes?Maybe eventually, but not before the November presidential election. That's for a couple of reasons. Take the congressional case — the Supreme Court said that the case has to go back to the lower courts and that Congress has to better define what it is looking for from the president.

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That could mean more hearings and appeals and the case eventually finding its way back to the Supreme Court. That would certainly not happen before November.The Economy May Be Losing Its Impact On Presidential ElectionsThe other case involves a New York grand jury that is seeking Trump's financial records, including his taxes, from third parties, like banks and accountants, and not from the president directly.

Little is known about that New York investigation, led by New York County District Attorney Cyrus Vance. The only way Trump's taxes or other financial records would be made known to the public is if people were indicted, the case went to trial and the financial records were used as evidence. That would take months, if not longer.

Is this a win or loss for the president?Overall, it's a big loss. Details of his financial dealings are likely to eventually be made public — something Trump has long tried to avoid.Now, he and his allies could argue that it's not all bad, given that none of the information is likely to come out before November and, therefore, won't have an impact on his potential reelection.

But given the country's polarization, unless something provably criminal came out, it's probably unlikely that it would have had much impact on the presidential election anyway. But that may not be the point. (More on that below.)After all, the

Access Hollywoodtape, which showed Trump engaged in a lewd conversation about women, came out in October 2016, and Trump still won. And when it comes to taxes, Trump has said before that it made him"smart" to figure out how not to pay them. His base has never abandoned him.

All that said, look at how Trump is reacting to what were big decisions from the court — and in a 7-to-2 manner — that, bottom line, said a president does not have categorical immunity to block a subpoena just because he's president.Trumptweetedthat it's"not fair" that he has"to keep fighting in a politically corrupt New York" and that, in the past, the court has given"broad deference" to presidents.

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The Supreme Court sends case back to Lower Court, arguments to continue. This is all a political prosecution. I won the Mueller Witch Hunt, and others, and now I have to keep fighting in a politically corrupt New York. Not fair to this Presidency or Administration!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)Setting the record straight, though: The high court has never said a president has immunity from all forms of subpoenas. While the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel has advised that a president should not be

indictedwhile in office, the Supreme Court inU.S. v. Nixonforced the release of secret White House tape recordings that eventually led to Richard Nixon's resignation.Do we know what the New York grand jury is investigating?We don't know exactly what the grand jury is investigating — it's a secret. But it could be anything and everything related to Trump, the Trump Organization and people around him. That was made pretty clear by the reaction from Vance after the ruling.

"This is a tremendous victory for our nation's system of justice and its founding principle that no one — not even a president — is above the law," Vancesaid in a statement."Our investigation, which was delayed for almost a year by this lawsuit, will resume, guided as always by the grand jury's solemn obligation to follow the law and the facts, wherever they may lead."

"Wherever they may lead" is pretty expansive and shows why Trump is so irritated by all of this.Former Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Is Back In Federal PrisonThere are some clues from last year's congressional testimony from Trump's former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen.

"It was my experience that Mr. Trump inflated his total assets when it served his purposes, such as trying to be listed among the wealthiest people inForbes, and deflated his assets to reduce his real estate taxes," Cohen said.That's just one example. A

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mysterious $50 million loanfor a project in Chicago is also under scrutiny.With all that, whether this matters to the presidential election might be beside the point. His financial records being fully investigated has the potential to imperil the organization he built and the people who work for it, including himself — and his children.

Remember, Trump was already ordered last year to payfor misuse of funds from his foundation, and it was in the process of dissolving because of that.How does Biden try to leverage this?Biden Counters Trump's 'America First' With 'Build Back Better' Economic Plan

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has already been trying to make this a matter of corruption and transparency.It certainly helps blunt Trump's attacks on Biden for his son Hunter's role in sitting on an energy company board in Ukraine while Ukraine was part of Biden's portfolio as vice president.

Biden has gone after Trump on his taxes, pointing out that he himself has released 21 years of tax returns.On Thursday, after the court's ruling, Biden tweeted that point again:"As I was saying." Read more: NPR »

Now, there’s an event I’d attend! Doesn’t really matter. We know he’s a crook. Couldn’t happen to nicer people. Lock him up 🤞🏽 come on Vance! As it should be...dismantle the schemes and jail the criminals. Make reparations to all the people who were cheated out of their hard earned money. Good, lets do it.

He’s a criminal they should go through the tax records with a fine toothed comb Shucks. Guess we’ll just have to power though no matter how much we might cry. “Could” “Should” “Would”... and people still love him, but keep singing that same sad song NPR. You got 4 more years to sing it. jamiechung1 Great news release his tax but it probably be bull shit and not the real one

I want to know HOW Pelosi and the Biden’s got to be multi millionaires! Investigate them! jamiechung1 The irs basically does Trumps taxes with Trumps tax people every year, like a team, so going after him like a criminal is dumb. The Democrats want to expose his LEGAL tax breaks. The same tax breaks EVERYONE in America takes advantage of. Yall are being manipulated.

Good I like all of it gut this fish Send a message to repressive and elitists leaders by charging Trump with CrimesAgainstHumanity I don't really care. Do you? wompwomp Do it! DEFUND NPR Oh nooooo /s Delicious. Get Capone on tax evasion again. Considering all the deaths he's complicit in, I can't say that it's better than nothing because it is, basically, nothing.

The impeachment was unsuccessful and came up with nothing. If it was I’d say sure, keep digging, but this is just pathetic and petty Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course it would. Why else would he be spending every available resource to stop it? He's in trouble this time. I really mean it. For kidding. This time its really bad. I guess if you say it'll really happen.

Fingers crossed. He will get His . Jesus will make sure he is Exposed of His Wrong Doing . Can’t out run Gods might Invisible Force just like Covid . Better Get Right with Christ . 🙏🏾 jesustalks Bet if it was your privacy that was being trampled (4th Amendment) you would be screaming bloody murder. Nobody did crap when Obama sealed ALL of his records. Hmmm.

I hope and pray Good, Good and Good Tots and pears 🍐 We can only hope. How could letting out your financial records effect businesses and children, unless their filled with lies and corruption Every President has volunteered to release their records. I have a feeling you have lied about your worth for years. No one broadcasts their wealth but you.

3L3V3NTH You may need pixelation on that picture. What if this was Obama? Republicans would lose their shit. *should. Not could. 👍🏻 Saying his brand, 'fortune,' and children could be harmed by showing his tax returns to a DA means there's a lot of evidence of wrong doing in them. As they should. He has shown himself to be a liar, theif, traitor, rapist, etc...

And the point is? They’re all thieves and made their money lying and cheating. BRING THEM DOWN!!! Meh. Whatever gets you all firm. Hopeful Democrats try attack number 583 on realDonaldTrump. They get so excited and then..... 3L3V3NTH And, hopefully, his freedom. Good. He needs to go down HARD like Al Capone did. For banking and tax fraud. Time to tell them the party is over.

Reading that appalled me, but not for the reasons you might expect. You're framing the story in terms of 'wins' and political leverage, as though it all were a reality TV program with a big reveal, instead of a matter of ethics, transparency, and, yes, national security. For the love of life and all that deserves to exist...may Justice be exact. Delivery w/precise consequences for each/every illegal inhumane corrupt decision lie action cover up collusion self dealing foreign collusion betrayal of oath/ppl by this Admin/enablers/co conspirators

Don’t forget jeopardizing our democracy! Tossing a huge partisan net out against your political enemies should never be allowed! NEVER! With any luck. I'm sure Trump's tax returns are as imaginative as his science. Good. I am curious to see what is found. The best part about this is the precedence this will set for all of the other politicians. I want to see the financial records for all of them especially the ones who came into wealth during their time in office.

Good, we’ll finally see what a bullshitter he is. Cyrus Vance has one job to do... This headline should “read people who have been doing illegal shit for years might be held accountable” A grand jury should comb over the finances of all wealthy celebrities and politicians, with or without suspicion of any crime.

his reputation and his brand have been built on claiming to be something and refusing to let people find out. dude is a total bullshitter, and I bet he's worth less than half of what he claims. he DESERVES to have everything jeopardized after his lifetime of bullshit. Explain “jeopardize” It’s ok Eric can live off the proceeds from his self published book.

Yeah! Go get then Good. Trade them for Michelle's ultra sounds and oDumbos Birth Certificate.... Um, Okay!! And...? Thoughts and prayers. His brand is more jeopardized by NOT releasing them. Transparency is a proxy for honesty in business. Corruption in the 1st degree 'Action Speaks Louder Than Words' Have you met realDonaldTrump lately?! charliekirk11 timkellernyc ScottAdamsSays Well have you?! CorruptAndComplicitGop

And this is a bad thing? The brand is rotten to its core. And his children are crooks who don't deserve to profit from the illegal activities. Another fishing expedition? 🙄 “Lock him up!” I wonder why they dont report on the child trafficking Mr Trump is trying to ERADICATE and CHARGE PERPS...hmmmm? Why not ?

guillotine2020 guillotinesforTyrants guillotinesthreatenscoundrelsbrand I don’t know if this would apply, but didn’t New York pass a law that allowed them to share tax returns with Congress? Unless he is re-elected.Then he’ll just obstruct justice AGAIN & commute/pardon all criminals involved.This is our president! 😳 America especially those in swing states,vote this degenerate out of office in Nov. That is if you survive the pandemic he won’t act on 136k &counting!

I hope he pays for the mess he's made of our country. Good. InvestigateIvanka So what? Let's throw caution to the wind, shall we? Do. It! MURTWITNESSONE 3L3V3NTH Will there be any way to claw back the funds he and his cohorts have looted from the US? Of course, you’re an OutToGetTrump “news” agency. LowExpectationsForTruth

Reporting this tweet for being too erotic Only if they’re criminals. Keep trying Satan ANTI-POTUS BLUES. Would this have been a Berman case and is that why they wanted him gone so quickly? Can’t wait to see all Trumps CAGED. His presidency is almost over. The damage has been done. What good does 'seeing' his tax returns do for the country now He should be held accountable no less than any other citizen for tax fraud. IRS IRSGovernment IRSnews

He is not above the law and if out of office cannot direct his sycophantic goon squad to interfere with due process. Since when is it legal to investigate someone hoping to find a crime? That's what they have been doing to realDonaldTrump for the last 4 years! VoteRedToSaveAmerica2020 Trump2020LandslideVictory POTUS44 TheJusticeDept

Well, if he's guilty of a crime then he should have to face the consequences, including jail, if warranted. We need to make it clear that money doesn't mean you get a free get out of jail pass. Put him and his children in jail if they collectively and knowingly broke the law. I hope they all end up walking around wearing nothing but a barrel. To hell with the entire clan.

Good!!!! He’s a habitual liar who cares only about himself. In a word... he’s a disgrace. 3L3V3NTH A Grand Jury investigation is intended to determine whether a criminal complaint should be brought against someone. If the Trumps didn't take part in criminal activity, it won't jeopardize anything. If they did, then too bad, so sad - if you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

couldn’t happen to a more deserving buffoon. Don’t think the brand is worth what it was before the presidency. With all the problems in the world and this country, this is what the NYDA is worried about. Fools they are. What an odd way of putting a criminal investigation. 3L3V3NTH Not convinced Vance will deliver.

He's lied to everyone, betrayed the people, used the troops as political props, and backstabbed more than I can count.... Pardon me if I don't give a damn about his brand, or his enabling children who are also benefiting from him. 🙄 Wouldn't that be a sweet sight We don't need to mine a multi millionaire who became a politician, we need to mine Politicians who became multimillionaires. Q GreatAwakening wayfairchildtrafficking WheresHunter 🤡 honkhonk

Lock Him Up! 🔒🤡⬆️ Well let’s get started, our Democracy is running out of time! I hope he is litigated into poverty, Ivanka prosecuted for skimming off the inaugural fund, and his sons bankrupted. i’m down with this... So far Trump seems immune to pretty much everything, so I’ll believe it when I see it.

What was trump doing 1993-1995 at the Herbert Strauss Mansion Bull...... Could?.. Possibly?.. If it doesn't it is a waste of time. Yes, think of the truths that will be discovered and crimes his children are party to. Already all we’re guilty of using the fake charity as a front and siphoned off donations. Just the tip of the iceberg IvankaTrump

Anyone but me wonder why DA wasn’t investigating one or more of the kids? Seems like they are complicit in the schemes, and they theoretically do not have DOJ working for them. One can only hope... It’s a shame we won’t see them before the election, but if people need MORE reasons to understand this president is corrupt and inept, no words.

Yea, but if it's true, people need to know about that if they're to do business with them. Why phrase to coddle Trump? The public need to know for sure if they're dealing with a con-artist family. Change the title. This disclosure is in the public interest Oh noes! Cants have our criminal enterprises investigated!!

No it won’t not at all TRUMP 2020 Three words: Crime doesn’t pay. A brand not even good for toilet paper and? oh I fucking hope but he is one lucky mf 137 souls lost to date because of Trump's gross negligence. F...k his brand. 🇺🇸😞😡 Unlike his boastful animated arm waving body language at rallies, while spewing nonsense, whenever Impeached Trump attends a Cabinet meeting or some public policy gathering in which he's clueless about the subject matter he retreats into his protective 'self-hugging' posture.

Motivated = politically motivated terrorist_tRump_administration terrorist_tRump putin_play_toy It might not jeopardize his fortune because it'll turn out he's a broke ass loser who lives on credit and has no fortune But tell us the downside. One can hope.... Yay! Couldn't happen to a nicer family of grifters 🙄

VOTE BLUE 2020! Take them all down. It will be worth the wait. Boy. That would suck!🤣 One can only hope. I say this wholeheartedly.... I do not give a rat’s tiny ass about any possible ‘misfortune’ Trump may face. I welcome every bit of it and hope it multiplies by a million. The left are using the irs again. Biased fools

His 'brand?' Ha! Please, you’re making me salivate. Good. Fuck him and his whole fam damnily I really, really don’t care. Do you? So? I m sorry I didn’t mean that. I meant GOOD! Lol thoughtsandprayers Oh please. NPR is already all over destroying his brand, his fortune, and his children. I can't imagine what you all will do to him once he is out of the presidency. The hate of the love-children knows no bounds.

Maybe dont try for the job with the highest levels of scrutiny if you're concerned about privacy? The man's a life long crook and pervert! DO IT, JUST DO IT!!!! About time And? Good he deserves it. That would be wonderful! Are you kidding? What MAGA Trumpster wrote this headline / tweet? Promise? I’m ok with that.

I certainly hope that it does all of the things suggested in the articles title. “Allowing” better NPR! We all know he & his grifting family have committed crimes that run the gamut from setting up a fake university (Trump U) to stealing from a charity (the Trump foundation). Calling upon a grand jury is a no brainer.

You say this like it's a bad thing. 🤷‍♀️ Good. I'm not seeing a downside to this... Whoopsadaisizzzz Wow, what a headline. In all of media I don't think you could find a more biased headline than this. Who's on the byline, Donald J. Trump? So? Good! LockTheMFUp JUST another sling of poop at our great President..pathetic and revealing y'all

nicole_bertrand It will because everything is in their names 😊 That’s what we’re counting on.👍 What brand? Thank Koch money. No donations, please go out of business. Good. Let’s roll. .... And the problem with that is WHAT?! They are all grifters. nicole_bertrand Too bad it can't make them all disappear.

GOOD it's time for RICO MaxAMaxim Awwww, a pity. nice, the Tramp brand is worth $0.00. Ewhhhhh. HunterJCullen Do it before the five year limit runs out. No one gives a flying fuck about his brand. HunterJCullen Sounds like a perfect plan to me. HunterJCullen We can wait. After the election he should be in custody, if there's any right left in the world.

Good. Good! They actually do belong in prison, according to everything I've read about them. Dirty cheating criminal bastards, the entire clan. Okay, you convinced me it's a great idea Long overdue justice! Awww. Bummer for them. What do you mean, NPR? Should DOJ think about jeopardizing “my brand, my fortune and my family”, should I become subject to legal scrutiny? What is important, idea of USA or “me”?

WTF Good, let’s never let this criminal syndicate of a family ever hold any political office ever again! I'm not seeing any problems here. Let the indictments begin Mark_Sheppard His children? Mark_Sheppard Good. Mark_Sheppard That headline makes it sound like a bad thing Ha! What does he have to hide? Had they gone. Or could they... ...damn.

They wanted Henry Hoover's too. Cry me a river Exactly. Leaks, anybody? Think anyone will go to prison for them? Unlikely. Good. Take them all down. Too bad Ou commit a crime you pay for it No one is above the law Greed always does this But look at all the innocent peoples lives he’s ruined Don’t feel sorry for this crime family

Hi karma nice to meet you So basically turnabout for all the ways he jeopardizes the United States? TrumpTaxReturns TrumpResign Lock em up! Is this a partisan editorial coming from a former news organization, NPR? We can only hope stablegeniusinc Go after his children, especially Ivanka. Could you imagine the meltdown trump would have?

One can only pray🙏🙏🙏🙏 The truth deserves to be known. Don't care. Publish everything. And it now well be able to be used against a democrat... RealKPenceNotSL 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪 What a shame....... I REALLY want Biden to prosecute this guy. No Gerald Ford pardon baloney. We need to squash this MF’er and set an example for all the young trumpers coming up the ranks that they not dare aspire to his antics.

No one but democrats care about Trump s taxes he was rich BEFORE getting ELECTED not from stealing taxpayers money how bout all congressional members disclose where their wealth came from which lobbyists and backroom kick back deals from government contracts HELLO!!!!! Awesome news from the Supreme Court. It’s time to see what he has been hiding for 3 1/2 years.

one can only hope One can only hope! And? The calendar is compressed. GOP convention in precarious status. Watch for desperate measures to capture positive headlines prior to September. Coronavirus, unemployment, Sports cancelations. Too many negatives. Biden holds all the cards now. Name VP pick in Sept. PANIC!!😳

whitehouserogue Excellent. That’s if there is criminal activity. If so, his businesses are corrupt and his children complicit. There are consequences for those activities. We can only hope Who cares about his tax returns. We have bigger things to deal with. I am okay with that Sounds good to me. Are you trying to build excitement for it? Cuz IT'S WORKING! WOOOOO

Good good and good he should have thought of that before being a corrupt jerk. You mean those 'kids' might have to get real jobs? Are any of them qualified to do anything? deesbarbara They have plundered Americans,just like their Austro-German relatives😈 Hunter Biden seems to still be doing fine. Ohhhh, he’s going to face bigger problems alright. You betcha!

Having him as a father has already hurt his children. They are stunted, or as aptly put recently- institutionalized. Good. Lock Him Up New York ! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 Yes please! ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ No one will tell his story I can live with that ..I figure he's more worried about it jeopardizing his freedom. Translates as follows: as the entire country gets to know Trump the way New York knows him, he is going to lose his bid for re-election by a large margin.

It damn well better do all that and more. We can only hope, they all need to be put away. GOOD Oh no. I'm so sad for the Trump family. /s Good. Can’t happen fast enough That's a rather inflammatory comment. Allowing a criminal in the white house to be able e the law, could jeopardize the lives of millions.

I'm cool with that. Because paying off stormy Daniels didn’t? But..he won't. There is the word. 'Hoax' Fuck them kids Let's roll. Time is more than up for the Trumps. The folks on that grand jury are SO vulnerable. I hope someone is making SURE they can't be reached. GOOD! Now I hope he loses everything and has to learn how to survive on a fixed income like many of us do.

EricMGarcia I know Ain't it great? Ya love to see it good Good If the cheating, racism, incompetence, dictator kowtowing, and weaponized general fuckery didn't drive them away but the crap revealed by his financials will, their priorities are fucked. god willing I❤️NewYork. WeAreWaitingForHim ...and? Trump doesnt care about children, his and others.

BS as usual. Burn Trump to the ground 🔥🔥🔥 He did it to himself, his brand, his “fortune”, his children. His brand... Omg , that would be the only good political news of 2020 🤞🏽 KKanner123 Heh, heh, heh. Fantastic!!! I see. Well... Hope so. That’s my fondest hope. Ooops...that’s why it’s called being a public citizen and no longer a private one. Maybe you shoulda have stuck to real estate Donnie-boy🤦🏽

Sounds good to me. KARMA this is a weird headline. Who cares? He's a garbage person and his brand (and children) suck. Awesome news!! How do you know? 'play stupid games ....' Is that what they say As they say in the old country: “A cada marrano le llega su San Martín”. .realDonaldTrump is a con artist whose psychopathic narcissism has been evident for decades. The wealth he inherited has allowed him to evade paying for misdeeds, lies, corruption & crimes. Not much longer.

The point of the case is to drive him out of office so if he loses in November, the case will be quietly dropped. It will no longer have a purpose. dpd25 What does he care? He’ll be in jail. Just to be clear, the problem is what looks like might be found in the financial records. This GIF has never been more appropriate.

sounds promising, let’s proceed Yessssssssss‼️❣️‼️❣️❤️❣️‼️ And....your point? No it won't... but im looking forward to identifying the leaker there. Need them out before the Epstein trials start. Gotta drain the swamp. orange jumpsuits are dancing in my head 😂 I’ll allow it. I see no downside. Ding dong the witch is dead🎶

If you can't do the time...................don't do the crime. who cares...he's going down Good. They deserve it. I hope they lose everything and die destitute. Davidlaz Wow! Thoughts and prayers...not. whitehouserogue And ..... this is a problem? Bloody f*cking better Are you certain that the Grand Jury will have access to any and all records; before page 1 is turned over there will be much litigation. It’s also not clear that today’s ruling will give the kind of access the left thinks it will get.

Seriously? My opinion of him is so low, it's down with fucking dinosaur bones. Good. I hope the name trump disappears into the pits of hell where it belongs Don't get on it 😂😂😂😂😂someone will Leak🙌🙌 Blah blah blah. If you dont want transparency..dont be president. About time. Enough of con and lies.

That ridiculous hair your brand. Bummer, his poor children...😳😳😳😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 If only he hadn’t brought attention to himself he being those incompetent POTUS ever. creepytrump Good. Take them all down Another NothingBurger that the Democrats and their obedient FakeNewsMedia will teist, tyen and propagandize to sully the President. Pelosi was underwhelmed today because she has probably already seen Trumps tax returns, and can't find any problems

The mere fact that he has fought so hard to hide something candidates have openly shared should tell everyone all they need to know about this man. Yet here we are. ‘merica! Good. They should not have repeatedly broken the law, grifters one and all. That's karma. Let's hope it hits him right where it hurts.

I don’t believe the Trump “children” will suffer. Plenty of crooked governments own property & pass thru businesses right here. They won’t even have to leave home. Lock him up I guess the burden for “probable cause” has now been lowered to “gave me the sads”..... From your lips...🤞🏻 Soo what 🤷🏻‍♂️ Well, his moral bankruptcy is enough to end his presidency.

GPWriter Hi realDonaldTrump bye. New York loves you . . . . . in jail. The DA sends his love also. GOOD LUCK or NOT. !!! His brand is garbage and did that all by himself. Law & Order Let’s hope so. Good Yeah, with any luck. And since the lower federal courts have already ruled against him, why proclaim that his taxes won't be seen before the election? Trump has no viable appeals left.

FLOTUS, better find out where the money is! You will be living in a Kushner slum apartment in January! Davidlaz Awwwwww. Sorry, NOT! Ideally there would be a law that each Pres, VP, Supreme Court member, House Rep, and Senate Rep would show their taxes before running for an election. But there is not a law. But there should be.

Only a matter of time .... What financial crime is he alleged to have committed? Womp womp Have everyone in Congress release their tax records. That would REALLY be interesting. GOOD!!! Too bad. Lock him up In the end that’s all the left wanted. They wanted to punish him for Clinton not knowing where Wisconsin was.

Take the bait again, please Why anybody asks Joe, Hunter, to explain their financial connection with China in the last decades ago? Is media or system fair to Trump? Or our country already surrender to an enemy within? TrumpTaxReturns TrumpMeltdown TrumpCrimeFamily will get what they deserved, period!

Keep at it people, the American Public wants answers to how many shenanigans trump has been involved in. He will be the first former president to be indicted and sent to prison. Guaranteed! It depends what is you wants. You can chose a typical guy with blank financial records since he is poor, then suddenly become very rich after becoming Presidents. Or you chose a already successful person to run the country, and he don't need to use the power to steal extra!

Justice Roberts said it best “no one is above the law, this includes the President of The United States “. All normal people know this, but Trump has spent the last four years “I am the law, I can tell Govenors what must be done”. And you cannot tell schools what to do! Sure would like to see NPR books.

His brand? What is he some kind of narcissistic, tweet-compulsive, robotic product? His BRAND (if that should be a goal for a human being) was trashed by his incompetence -- the highest death rate from COVID per capital (by far) in the world! That he called a 'hoax.' 69news Where in the article does it explain how his fortune is in jeopardy? I don't see it but maybe I missed it

Here's hoping. All to the good. Trump has broken families and jeopardized hundreds of thousands of children. Not shedding a tear for his family or his criminal behavior. Sweeeet ZERO FUCKS GIVEN Yeah...and....? That's the goal. Destroy Trump before he exposes the pedo cabal in congress. TheGreatAwakening PaulDereume No we will never ever see them

It would be great if they could flip Jared. Let’s hope so Go for it... we need to end his reign of corruption & lies! Oh Yyyyyyyeeesss!!! His childrens tax returns should have NOTHING to do with this. One can only hope and pray for this. At some time I hope they get it, because it is a fantastic financial statement, a fantastic financial statement. ....frankly, I’d like people to see my financial statement, because it’s phenomenal’ Promises kept, promises delivered!!!

*leans in slowly* g o o d Womp womp “Mine” is another way to say “witch hunt.” Dems should beware of setting a precedent. They wouldn’t be released until after the election. Can’t help but think this is a means for SCOTUS to appear unbiased, but when Trump challenges the election results, will they be so unbiased when it really counts?

The grand jury could indict ASAP and hand down a very detailed narrative indictment. well, all three of those things are $%ed regardless the brand sux, the 'fortune' is a lie and the kids are idiots Good, lets roll! You reap what you sow! Sins of the fathers....... Bummer Who cares Cool As long as he's convicted, I don't care if it hai now or next year. Take his whole family with him.

Zero sympathy. Every iota of this is his own doing. TraitorTrump Good news! Awesome. Can’t wait!!! From your lips...🙏🏼 Thoughts and Prayers.... We all look forward to the day..TrumpTaxReturns TrumpIsANationalDisgrace Ha ha cool.. Good Then maaaaybe he shouldn't have done stuff worth investigating as criminal. Weird, right?

Good lol fuck Trump and anyone that supports him, only one in that family I would feel an iota of sympathy for is Barron Oh, I do hope so!! The whole fan damily belongs in prison! Maybe he shouldn’t have engaged in decades of criminality. How about uncover unmentioned Russian loans? Maybe Trump will appeal this, too.

EnemyOfThePeople TrumpCrimeFamily DumpTrump Yes! Couldn’t happen to a crappier person. Fabulous! When can we start? Shouldn’t be a problem if they have nothing to hide Why do you think we've been smiling all day? Yay! Fingers crossed Burn down realDonaldTrump ‘s “empire” That’s all we want. Just get Bidens!!

He could have continued into his old age grifting away but he got greedy and wanted to be a ruler. No sympathies from me. Here’s to hoping. 🤞🤞 They’re all criminals. I love it! Good I hope he gets what’s coming to him. Justice and prison oh. no. not. that. Awesome! Despicable Democrats still at it! You say that like it's a bad thing.

You reap what you sow. And Trump has sowed plenty of corruption and lies and failure. Four fucking years to get to this fucking point. And still i don’t know shit It’s a big nothing burger again. They just trying to find anything. Hey! I bet when he was a newborn he shit his diapers!!! The horror!!! Yeah, how horrible it would be if a rich white lying grifter was held accountable for breaking the law.

And? Soooo, what are the politicians hoping to gain from his tax returns? That he does or doesn’t donate to a charity or that he owes money or uses tax loops that the politicians put in place? Should've have done all those crimes The country is burning. scores of children are being shot as they play, looters are destroying stores where elderly Blacks walk to shop for their necessities and NPR worries about Trump's tax returns? Pathetic.

I'm willing to wait for prosecutors to get strong cases together. TrumpCrimeFamily Can Congress and Senate be charged with Criminal Crimes? I think that most of them can be charged with Hate Crimes, falsification of documents, etc. Excellent! I really dont care, do you SO I find this deeply satisfying. Womp womp

We can only hope! O As in ... more than he himself has already? Trump was a good guy until he beat Hillary. Amazing. He is scrupulously careful with his taxes, they are under a microscope every year. If NY didn’t find anything all these years they’ll find nothing now. This is meant to somehow embarrass him before the election. Won’t work now.

That is nice and all, but I think I already a reasonable grasp of his empire of depravity Destroy Trump just like Trump destroyed America. Lol!!! Good. Break him. Delightful We can only hope . jeopardize his 'brand' you DO realize he has 5 bankruptcies and several other failed ventures,, his 'brand' never was

Burn it down! Whatever he has to hide must be so incredibly damning that he is willing to tank his reelection for it. Which is why ALL must be revealed. If everything is above the board, he has nothing to worry about. God, we pray this is so! But Trump and his lawyers and henchmen and women are as slippery as an eel in an oil spill!

So what’s the bad news!? If it’s the case, ALL politicians should reveal theirs too AWESOME Its sounding better by the minute.

Traumatized Trump “clown”: scorching tell-all casts Trump as lying, cheating “narcissist”A bombshell new book by Donald Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, reveals Trump’s “life of lies” – like cheating on his SATs -- and gets to the alleged root of Trump’s personal issues. Excerpts of the book leak as key Trump allies warn he could lose the election with new signs of voter enthusiasm for democratic candidates. Former Trump Organization executive Barbara Res says Trump’s father also “cheated and lied a lot.” Political commentator Sally Kohn says the bigger problem is the “Donald Trump we see today” and former RNC chair, Michael Steele says a family member gives a view inside Trump that the public can’t really see. MichaelSteele MichaelSteele I really hope Lady Graham is kicked out as well!!!!! MichaelSteele Her description applies to EVERY politician in Washington & politic hacks like MichaelSteele. Have you walked the streets of SpeakerPelosi district recently.

Lara Trump And Donald Trump Jr. Encouraged Californians To Vote By Mail In May While President Trump Called It FraudulentRobocalls from the Republican National Convention recorded by Lara Trump and Donald Trump Jr. encouraged Californians to vote for Mike Garcia in a special election in May for a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. Lara Trump? Lol... Liberal media is in full desperation mode today .... How disingenuous of them, on the same month sending contradicting messages to voters about mail-in ballots. However, they are never ashame of their unethical practices

East Wing braces for upcoming book by former Melania Trump aideThe East Wing is bracing for an upcoming book by a former Melania Trump aide, a source says. Stephanie Winston Wolkoff's 'Melania and Me' bookends a summer of dishy Trump-related memoirs, including those from John Bolton and Mary Trump. A book about a gold digger and a criminal as a couple becomes a bestseller This could be a 'Wolkoff' victory for Democrats! (Gosh, I miss baseball! ⚾️) Another book?

Trump Promises To Pressure Governors To Reopen SchoolsTrump warned that he was prepared for adversaries keeping schools closed for political purposes. Not only is he killing Americans, American soldiers and your. Hold ten in the fall. Wear a 😷 Yo take this down he smells like shit in this picture Pls ban TIk tok first.

Trump Admin Scraps Plans To Reintroduce Grizzlies To Northern WashingtonThe restoration effort, which the president's first Interior chief supported, called for returning some 200 grizzly bears to the wilds of the North Casca... That's great!!! But how do we stop Trump Jr. from shooting them? New study on Bears and Canada Fines they’ve become more nocturnal as a coping mechanism to avoid people What better place for them? Stuffed in his sons basements?