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You's [SPOILER] Talks Untimely Season 3 End

10/21/2021 7:25:00 AM

You's [SPOILER] Talks Untimely Season 3 End

The burnout of motherhood certainly is real. If You didn't see that twist ending, stop reading. Otherwise, Victoria Pedretti answers all our burning questions about saying farewell to Love.

Netflix"The formula that we talk about in the writers room with the directors is that the plot, the story, can be completely bats––t crazy," Gamble explained. "Joe's life is not progressing along a normal avenue and his behavior is not always normal. But we keep the emotion and the relationships as grounded as we can."

Thecouples counseling sceneswere particularly poignant. "We want you to really feel the feelings, so when we're writing a scene where two characters are talking about how they feel, the job of whichever writer is writing that scene is being as honest as they can," Gamble admitted.

"I always know I've hit a vein when I'm almost a little embarrassed because I feel like maybe people will read it and feel like I've revealed something about myself. That's the standard that we're holding the emotional character life of the show to."

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Watch:Netflix's "You": Are Joe & Love Really Soulmates? The Cast Says...With Love officially dead and presumably buried (hey, we can still hope for a ghost appearance in season four, à la her brother Forty), Joe will start anew, abroad. It's not just Fresh Tarts, but rather a fresh French pastry to look forward to.

"I would love to do a season where Joe stepped outside the United States and was an American fish out of water," Gamble hinted.Well, that certainlysparks

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By Love you was on crazy ass girl- loved it!! I loved it!!!

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