You Might Want to Sit Down — Harry Styles's Beauty Brand Is Here

It's official: #HarryStyles has launched his label Pleasing and we are not OK. 😍

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12/4/2021 3:21:00 PM

It's official: HarryStyles has launched his label Pleasing and we are not OK. 😍

After rumors began to circulate in the Twittersphere earlier this year, it's official: Harry Styles has launched his label, Pleasing.

Harry Styleshad been secretly working on his own label. It had come to the attention of his eagle-eyed fans at the beginning of June that theFine Linefiled a trademarkfor a company titled "Pleased As Holdings." The nature of this business was and still is listed on the government's website as the "wholesale of perfume and cosmetics."

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Naturally, this got Styles' army of fans excited. Many Twitter users (us included) began to pre-empt what exactly would be on offer. A watermelon-scented fragrance, perhaps? Or "Golden"-hued nail varnish? Following those initial rumors, Styles was spotted in "Pleasing"-branded hoodies and sweatshirts, which suggested that this was the name of his upcoming, yet-to-be-confirmed brand. Elsewhere, Pleasing makeup had been used in a W Magazine cover shoot with Emma Corrin, adding fuel to the fire.

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