Best Ski Goggles, Best Ski Eyewear, Good Ski Goggles

Best Ski Goggles, Best Ski Eyewear

You'll Actually Be Able To See In Rough Conditions With These Ski Goggles

Hit the slopes in style, comfort, and protection with these expert picks.

10/22/2021 3:22:00 PM

Hit the slopes in style, comfort, and protection with these expert picks.

At a steal, these inexpensive yet durable and high-tech goggles have anti-fog, magnetic and ventilation systems to keep you comfortable and swapping lenses a breeze. And it even has anti-scratch coating on the outer lenses to eliminate distorted vision. They are ultra-wide in design, UV-ray protective, and comfortable. \r\n\u201cBright and sunny here in Vermont today with fresh snow from the recent big storm so glare is pretty high, but put these goggles on and it just disappears and everything is so much clearer,\u201d says Amazon reviewer, Arnold P. Little.

ShapeSki goggles come in many different shapes, including “deep” and “shallow” frames. “Deeper frames improve your field of vision and tend to mist up less, while shallower frames are more minimal and some people prefer this look,” he says. However, you’re sacrificing protection for aesthetics with the latter, as they offer a smaller field of vision and tend to mist up more frequently. So, keep that in mind!

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Padding“What's most important when buying ski goggles is finding a pair that fits flush against your entire face as well as how padded they are—the more padding the better the fit and comfort of the goggles,” he adds. A nice thick strap also enhances comfort.

LensesLastly, check the lenses. Some models have two different interchangeable lenses. “Broadly speaking you have a reflective lens for sunnier conditions and a yellow or clear lens for duller conditions where the light is flat,” he says. You will need both lenses if you’re an avid skier, so it’s a matter of picking one with both lenses included or buying two separate ski goggles to accommodate changes.

Tons of options, right? These are our 20 picks for ski goggles for maximum protection and comfort.Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowBest for: Color Optimization for Lens Read more: Women's Health »

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