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You Don't Need To Get Your Body 'Ready' For Summer

There's a lot of anxiety-provoking talk around bikini bodies and losing weight right now. Here's how to cope.

4/15/2021 12:52:00 PM

There's a lot of anxiety-provoking talk around bikini bodies and losing weight right now. Here's how to cope.

There's a lot of anxiety-provoking talk around bikini bodies and losing weight right now. Here's how to cope.

.“This idea that one needs to change the way that they move or eat in preparation for summer is just unrealistic.”- Elisha Contner WilkinsUse your voice.At the end of the day, media and advertisers are trying to sell a product. To us. The more we collectively reject their messaging, the more powerful our voices can be.

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“We know that advertising is a powerful mechanism,” Wilkins said. “I would like to see media and ads continue to focus on bodies of all shapes and sizes, as this much better represents the society and world in which we live.”Another solution is to push for size inclusivity within brands themselves.

“Ultimately, what the plus-size community wants is just the same thing as the straight-size community has: We want equal — not different, not more, not less,” Russo said, noting that many brands that include plus sizes often do so by offering more “conservative” clothing, especially when it comes to swimwear and summer fashion. headtopics.com

“Of course, there are people who will always want to dress conservatively regardless of size, but there’s a growing number of people in larger bodies who don’t want that. They want to have fun with fashion,” he continued. “Brands should really rework their narratives to offer everyone the same thing.”

Wilkins also pointed out that parents of small children should be mindful of how messaging around summer bodies might be reaching them, even at a young age.“This is a great opportunity for those of us who are parents to point out to our children ways that a particular commercial, for instance, might be contributing to a negative sense of self or is not representative of ‘real life,’” Wilkins said.

Focus on having the best summer — for you.With the lost summer of 2020 behind us, this year is all about making new memories. After all, that’s what summer should always be about: having fun, laughing with friends and family, enjoying the sunshine and living in the moment — all of which can be done at any body size or shape.

Russo agreed, saying he hopes brands will refocus their messaging on the core appeal of summer.“Essentially, what is the message behind the term ‘bikini body’? It’s about wanting people to feel their best in order to have the best summer experience — especially after the year we all just had,” he said. “Anybody can have that. Remove the triggering language, and the core messaging is still the same.” headtopics.com

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