You Can Use a Magic Eraser to Clean Your Swimming Pool—Yes, Really!

Oh, and there's no scrubbing required in this viral hack.

6/15/2021 9:02:00 PM

How to clean your pool using... a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Oh, and there's no scrubbing required in this viral hack.

. And the technique couldn't be easier."Now mind you, my pool wasn't green but it looked like it was getting cloudy," she wrote on Facebook."I threw one of these in the skimmer basket and the cloudiness left and my sponge looks like this," she said, holding up a photo of the green-tinted eraser in front of her newly-clean swimming pool. Pack, along with hundreds of thousands of commenters, have since been in awe over how effective such a small and inexpensive product is at cleaning a swimming pool."I'm pretty excited to think something so cheap could help so much," she said.

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